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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Earth Cracks MI, Related to Booms Clintonville

Do you folks remember back in October 2010 when a 360-foot long crack of Earth opened up  in BIRCH CREEK, Michigan  ?  See how close that is to the Clintonville area ....  I think these are EARTH CHANGES  and the Establishment is scurrying to figure out how to tell the masses what it is... The USGS at least TRIED.. With the pending passage of Planet X, at SOME POINT, these 'booming' sounds will be occurring EVERYWHERE.... Sheldon

Professor: Earthquake caused mysterious U.P. crack

Quakes rare in Upper Michigan

Updated: Monday, 11 Oct 2010, 5:22 PM CDT
Published : Monday, 11 Oct 2010, 3:30 PM CDT
BIRCH CREEK, Mich. - One expert says a large crack in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is the result of a small earthquake.
The crack is about eight miles north of Menominee, near Birch Creek. It is about 120 yards long and measures about five feet deep in parts. The crevice was first noticed a week ago after neighbors felt a rumble and heard a loud noise.
Over the weekend, Prof. Wayne Pennington, a geologist from Michigan Technological University, went out to the site. He says the ridge that formed around the crack suggests an earthquake that was simply too small for seismographs in the area to detect.
"Twenty feet or so on top of hard limestone. The limestone must have a fault in it and that fault must have moved,” Pennington said. “It moved, it was a little earthquake, magnitude one or two. And that's what the people in the neighborhood felt.”
Pennington says the earthquake would be one of the first ever in the Upper Peninsula.

Source:  Fox Local

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Mar 27, 2012
A mysterious loud boom was heard and felt Monday morning from as far south as Soledad all the way north to Seaside Monday morning. The big boom happened at 10:51 a.m. and rattled residents in Soledad, Chualar, ...
Mar 27, 2012
A town in Connecticut, Moodus, derived its name from a Native American description, “Machimoodus” or “place of bad noises,” because of mystery booms. In his essay, Hill cited a case in which he heard loud noises from ...
Mar 03, 2012
Folks across the Cape Fear say the mysterious booms are back and this time they seem stronger than ever. People say they had different experiences depending on where they were at the time. “It's kind of freaky to me ...
4 hours ago
The yellowstone charts can be viewed here: -------------------------------------- Mystery booms can EASILY be solved if you take these other videos below into account... links to ...

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  1. Anonymous12:49 AM


    This is no prediction, but I thought it important to share in this time of change. I wrote this dream in my Journal number 46, in 1996. In this dream, number 10,315, I am first looking at the central portion of a United States map. Mind you, it was the full portion of the center of the country, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian border.

    Then my eyes begin to move north and closer towards the state of Wisconsin. At this point, the movement stops and looking at the map, which is distinctly showing the shore of Lake Michigan I can only see one city name along the shore line in big clear letters, BEAVER DAM. The name appears over the lake area so I can read it clearly! This is a coastal city in the dream and Milwaukee should be just south of this, but there are no other city names seen. This was the end of the dream. Why was I shown only one unknown city name out of the entire United States?
    Upon waking, I rushed to find a map of the United States to see if there was a city named Beaver Dam. It is amazing how the sleeping mind knows more about our world than the distracted waking mind! I looked along the coast, but there was no such city there. I had to find a map with more details and searching the entire Wisconsin map area I found the named city about 47 miles inland.


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