Laura Schuck waited outside Baptist South Friday afternoon for her husband. He was set to be released after nearly a month stay at the hospital.
It had been three weeks since Laura saw her husband, Carl Schuck; three weeks since he was diagnosed with COVID-19. Minutes later came the moment both Laura and Carl Schuck weren’t sure would come. Carl Schuck, 72-years-old, was wheeled out of the hospital a COVID-19 survivor. Laura Schuck and the health care workers nearby started cheering.
Cancer survivor, 72, who beat coronavirus is met by cheers as he leaves hospital after two weeks on a ventilator
“You’ve got to believe in the power of prayer. My wife started a prayer chain and it went coast to coast, Carl Schuck said.
“That’s all I can say, is when everything was against me, with my age, health status, I pulled a miracle, truly,” he said.
Doctors used hydroxychloroquine, zinc and zithromycin to help him fight the virus, but Carl Schuck is used to fighting. He beat lung cancer, another deadly disease, just a few years ago.
“I think I’ll remember this day as how warm and caring on the way down and by the elevators … they [doctors and nurses] had a whole line of staff that were cheering,” Carl Schuck said. “They made this sign for me. It’s just such an overwhelmingly warm engulfing feeling."
“This hospital is amazing. They moved mountains to get me what I needed. God bless you all,” he said.
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Blogger Dee Note: My niece works in this hospital in Jacksonville, Florida