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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

Yes, we need a thorough investigation.

Just in: A webpage that has been removed showing more recent photos of Trayvon:
Google cache page: 

More recent picture
From Trayvon's own Facebook page which has been REMOVED

It’s becoming more and more clear however, that the innocent appearance the managed, mainstream media is so desperate to apply to Trayvon isn’t at all accurate. The picture we’re used to seeing to represent Trayvon Martin appears to be a far cry from how he actually looked once he was a few years older. 

Reuters) - NBC News apologized on Tuesday for the way it edited a broadcast of a conversation between George Zimmerman and a police dispatcher before teenager Trayvon Martin was killed by Zimmerman.

Last week Fox News did a report in which it presented "before" and "after" versions of the call. NBC had broadcast the edited exchange on its flagship "Today" morning show.

NBC News launched an investigation after the Fox report.
The "Today" show's segment ran as:

"Zimmerman: This guy looks like he's up to no good. He looks black."

The full conversation ran as:

"Zimmerman: This guy looks like he's up to no good. Or he's on drugs or something. It's raining and he's just walking around, looking about.

Dispatcher: OK, and this guy - is he black, white or Hispanic?

Zimmerman: He looks black."

Why was Martin suspended from school?
Did we even know that?

What kind of behavior problem did he have to cause him to be kicked out of school? 

Witness: Martin attacked Zimmerman

Zimmerman was bloody in his face and head, and the back of his shirt was wet and had grass stains.  
Updated: Friday, 23 Mar 2012, 6:19 PM EDT
Published : Friday, 23 Mar 2012, 5:47 PM EDT
ORLANDO - A witness we haven't heard from before paints a much different picture than we've seen so far of what happened the night 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed.
The night of that shooting, police say there was a witness who saw it all.
Our sister station, FOX 35 in Orlando, has spoken to that witness.
What Sanford Police investigators have in the folder, they put together on the killing of Trayvon Martin few know about.
The file now sits in the hands of the state attorney. Now that file is just weeks away from being opened to a grand jury.
It shows more now about why police believed that night that George Zimmerman shouldn't have gone to jail.
Zimmerman called 911 and told dispatchers he was following a teen. The dispatcher told Zimmerman not to.
And from that moment to the shooting, details are few.
But one man's testimony could be key for the police.
"The guy on the bottom who had a red sweater on was yelling to me: 'help, help…and I told him to stop and I was calling 911," he said.
Trayvon Martin was in a hoodie; Zimmerman was in red.
The witness only wanted to be identified as "John," and didn't not want to be shown on camera.
His statements to police were instrumental, because police backed up Zimmerman's claims, saying those screams on the 911 call are those of Zimmerman.
"When I got upstairs and looked down, the guy who was on top beating up the other guy, was the one laying in the grass, and I believe he was dead at that point," John said.
Zimmerman says the shooting was self defense. According to information released on the Sanford city website, Zimmerman said he was going back to his SUV when he was attacked by the teen.

Sanford police say Zimmerman was bloody in his face and head, and the back of his shirt was wet and had grass stains. 

  • Look at Both Sides Completely - 

    But because this was a black victim,  it appears that the public must bend over backwards and hang the white man before another investigation, in order to be "politically correct".

    I for one, am tired of anything politically correct politically correct sometimes means not being objective and facing the truth. 

    New - Just Released Surveillance Video of Zimmerman after Paramedics Cleaned him up. 

    • Why isn't Spike Lee under Arrest?
    • I think the black panthers should pay back all the welfare, wic, food stamps, public housing and so forth if they hate america and white people so much.

    • And where is Eric Holder after the Panthers put out a bounty on Zimmerman? Where is the Justice Department (sic) when the Panthers threaten to burn Detroit. And we now have witnesses saying that it was not Trayvon screaming out and crying out for help but Zimmerman. I am sick of the tail wagging the dog. To be anything but a minority renders one impotent in one's own country when it come to defending one's self. And this man will be tried in the court of public opinion by the news "media."

    Tampa Bay News


    I have been wondering about why Whites are racists, and no other race is....... 
    Proud to be White Michael Richards makes his point..................
    Michael Richards better known as Kramer from TVs Seinfeld does make a good point.
    This was his defence speech in court after making racial comments in his comedy act. 
    He makes some very interesting points...
    Someone finally said it.  How many are actually paying attention to this? 
    There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, etc.
    And then there are just Americans...  You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction.
    You call me 'White boy,' 'Cracker,' 'Honkey,' 'Whitey,' 'Caveman'... And that's OK...
    But when I call you, Nigger, Kike, Towel head, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink .. You call me a racist.
    You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you....
    So why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live?
    You have the United Negro College Fund.. You have Martin Luther King Day.
    You have Black History Month. 
    You have Cesar Chavez Day. 
    You have Yom Hashoah. 
    You have Ma'uled Al-Nabi.
    You have the NAACP. 
    You have BET.....
    If we had WET (White Entertainment Television), we'd be racists. 
    If we had a White Pride Day, you would call us racists.
    If we had White History Month, we'd be racists.
    If we had any organization for only whites to 'advance' OUR lives, we'd be racists.
    We have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a Black Chamber of Commerce, and then we just have the plain Chamber of Commerce.
    Wonder who pays for that??
    A white woman could not be in the Miss Black American pageant, but any color can be in the Miss America pageant.
    If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships... You know we'd be racists.
    There are over 60 openly proclaimed Black Colleges in the US .. 
    Yet if there were 'White colleges', that would be a racist college.
    In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marching for your race and rights. 
    If we marched for our race and rights, you would call us racists.
    You are proud to be black, brown, yellow and orange, and you're not afraid to announce it.
    But when we announce our white pride, you call us racists.
    You rob us, car jack us, and shoot at us.
    But, when a white police officer shoots a black gang member or beats up a black drug dealer running from the law and posing a threat to society, you call him a racist.
    This white person says, 'I am proud"...... But blacks call him a racist.
    Why is it that only whites can be racists??
    There is nothing improper about this.  

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    1. Anonymous11:02 AM

      racism still alive obviously now if trayvon was white and zimmerman was black he would have been hung same night sodont come here talking about zimmerman innocent it just proves you are a racist just like him smh

      1. Anonymous3:17 PM

        So true,for 1,y did the man approach the teen in the first place. The police told him not to follow the teen anyway! If it was the opposite he would hv been tried as an adult,sentenced and all by now! Truth is TRUTH! It dnt matter what he has done in his past,NO1 DESERVES TO BE KILLED! FLAT OUT

      2. Anonymous7:56 PM

        Like O.J after killing whitie? I wonder how the families of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman felt about justice watching all of O.J.'s fans cheer. And who refuses to remeber the Duke Lecrosse lynching? Its obviouse white man doesn't hold a monopoly on racism.

      3. Anonymous1:32 PM

        How does anyone know what Trevon said to Zimmerman when Zimmerman approched him about being in this gated community. The response from Trevon may have ignited the need to follow him. So far this seems to be out of line. How many innocent people are killed by predators up to know good. It's about time people start defending themselves against punks.

      4. Anonymous5:58 PM

        what crap.
        How about the murder of a white couple in TN by a black gang where they poured boiling oil into the womans vagina after raping her and cutting the mans dick off.
        How come that wasn't in the news ?
        You're just angry that yet ANOTHER case of black violence has been highlighted. Maube you're angry that the white man fought back, perhaps you'd prefer that he was the one that died.

      5. Anonymous9:07 PM

        if anyone had the right to act in self defense it should have been Travon he was being follow yes by a 5 ft 6 hispanic man and therefor should have the right to act in self defense to protect himself if that meant kicking and punching to get away from his attacker Zimmeran then he should not be the one to blame I know that most women learn fighting skills from self defense class and that is all travon was trying to do is fight his attacker off so he can go home

      6. Anonymous2:33 PM

        why so color blind there is o white man in this game just the the two races that make up most of the prison population.

      7. Anonymous9:21 PM

        Trayvon was not being attacked...he was simply being reported to law enforcement when he decided to act like a thug and pick a fight. If somebody is laying on top of you, beating you mercilessly and you could not escape, would you pull out a gun to defend yourself?

      8. Anonymous4:48 PM

        This is a crime that resonates ignorance and reminds me how sick some people really are , that they believe walking home from the store is a crime , punishable by death.....There is a song "Pumped UP Kicks", by Foster The People....that talks about people that think and live by the gun...these people would kill their mother and put JESUS CHRIST on the cross, because the have so much fear, hate and inadequacies in their own life. But their is a God and all shall answer.

      9. Anonymous8:05 PM

        white black green or blue . The man had no supreme authority of this young man and trayvon martin was obviously intimidated . So he acted which led to his death. R.i.P

      10. Anonymous8:02 AM

        I have a question. Has anyone that lived in the gated community come forth saying ... "He was in here to visit us"? Regardless of race, size, clothing, ex.. It is dark, it it raining, and someone walking in a gated community IS something that stands out. It is very sad that Trayvon died that night. I choose to wait to judge whom is wrong. I have questions on both sides.. Everybody ask the ones about Zimmerman.

      11. Anonymous9:37 PM

        The bottom line is that Zimmerman, after being told not to leave. left his house with a gun and shot a teen. The fact that he left with the gun showed intent to use it. I don't mean any harm, but if someone just out of the blue start following me at night I would do the same thing. I would ask him what the hell is his problem. Zimmerman's punk ass probably got mad because Trevon kick his ass, and then in response he shot him. What, a black person can't walk the streets without being considered a hoodlum. It is really something wrong when this whole ordeal has been pushed past the bottom line. He shot an unarmed teen and if he was in fear for his life, he would have never left the house. Did Trevon have a knife, gun, rock, or a damn pebble. If he had nothing, then there was no reason to shoot him. And this so called witness timing is just a little to perfect, and they saw a whole lot at night when Zimmerman himself couldn't see. Oh and lets not forget how the witness's story seems to now address every point that the police couldn't answer in the beginning.

        So to the obviously racist person, your argument is whack!

      12. Anonymous8:20 PM

        I have been looking for Travon's facebook page but the only ones that I am finding only have activity after his death. Why has it been redone since his death? What was on there that was so bad that it had to be deleted? Why is there no recent photos of this fine young man on his facebook? No posts or comments from him. All of his friends have been accepted after his death. I am just saying that someone's facebook page says alot about them. If he was such a good kid why start his facebook over after he died? I don't know all of the details so I am not saying who is at fault. But this altered facebook page makes me a little skepticle about him being as innocent as the media and ohers make him out to be... My prayers go out to the Martin family and the Zimmerman family. Both families need our prayers at this time.

      13. Anonymous9:20 PM

        George Carlin put it best:
        “I would never want to be a member of a group whose symbol was a guy nailed to a piece of wood”

        “If churches want to play the game of politics, let them pay admission like everyone else”

        And finally: “I'm completely in favor of the separation of Church and State. My idea is that these two institutions screw us up enough on their own, so both of them together is certain death.”

      14. Anonymous8:10 PM

        All this about Martin being killed by a white guy is so untrue. Zimmerman is Hispanic, but it looks better for the media to say he's white so now it's a hate crime. Zimmerman is being portrayed as white to stir up the blacks. Is it so difficult to see what's going on???

    2. Anonymous1:29 PM

      Racists always defend racists.

      1. Anonymous10:52 PM

        Your answer shows an ignorance that only adds to the point, we never focus on whites being killed by blacks. This is not about race, it is about a person showing an obvious disregard to rules that it caused an extreme reaction. This is not the young innocent boy the liberal media is portraying but a young man, that just so happens to be black, with behavioral issues and a mexican with an over reaction. That is what the law needs to deal with.

      2. Anonymous10:54 PM

        Ok why are you saying he was mexican he wasnt his mom his from pero wayy far from mexico

    3. Anonymous1:40 PM

      Zimmerman shouldn't have been following him in the first place mind his own business and this wouldn't be happening. If u was following me I'd stop in wonder what the hell you wanted. Don't be trying to investigate things on your own thats what police are for

      1. Anonymous5:36 PM

        The reason he was following him was there had been numerous break ins in the neighborhood in the last few days and why was he out walking around a 3am? a 17 yr old has no business being out at that time. He was also suspended from school for 10 days for being where he wasnt suppose to be and had drugs...that is why he was at the complex staying with relatives. I would hope some teen walking around at 3am in my complex would be questioned by neighborhood watch and followed.

      2. Anonymous9:08 PM

        If he wanted to walk around at 3am that his own business. Me personally, im 19, i walk around that late all the time and have been doing so for years. Not because im doing something wrong but because i just want get out house or i want get something to eat, so for you to say he had no business to be out is irrelevant. So if he was out then he was just out.

      3. What was Zimmerman doing up that late? He could have been up all night and paranoid because he'd been smoking crack or crystal meth.

        See how ridiculous it is to speculate about things without any evidence, like how you all are speculating that Trevon Martin is some sort of drug dealing thug because there was a picture of his tattoos and him wearing fake teeth posted on Facebook, and since some of his friends smoke weed.

      4. Anonymous12:37 AM

        @ anonymous that says I'm 19 and you walk around early am cool. but there is a thing called curfew for under 18 and no at 17 he shouldn't be out a 3am.

      5. Anonymous8:47 AM

        what the hell are people talking about...this was during halftime of the nba allstar game. it was nowhere near 3am...more like 8-9pm

    4. Anonymous4:57 PM

      Questions for those seeking truth:
      Where was missing persons report when Tray didnt get home that evening?

      Why didnt he call 911 himself if truely being "chased?"

      Why has media removed the statement that his girlfriend told him to put his hood up when Tray claimed being followed?

      Did he live in neighborhood or visiting? Why not run to house you are staying in then?

      Where is the intellectual honesty here?

      1. Anonymous8:50 PM

        My family had an armed intruder several years ago. During the struggle with him, I was hit with a five foot long four inch diameter post. I eventually fired a wounding shot and later performed first aide on the intruder. He was a career felon. I worked in a federal agency that was mostly black. I was repeatedly called stupid for not killing him or letting him bleed to death. This abuse went on for months until I mentioned that he was black. Then, the blacks held a hate rally claiming that I should be charged. Five years later a black coworker informed me that people were still angry at me for shooting the intruder. I responded that he was in my house trying to beat me to death. She responded.."I know, but he's black and you'r white". That is the black mentality. It should be noted that Zimmerman by US law is considered an Hispanic minority. He is being portrayed as white to stir up the blacks. That isn't difficult to do.

      2. Anonymous1:08 PM

        U r either slow, or just plain STUPID! You don't know how far that child lived from where that monster caught up with him....and even if he did want to run home as u put it, that fat fool zimmerman chased him down and prevented him from running anywhere!! Get YOUR HEAD TOGETHER!!

      3. Your obviously both racist and bitter. Its people like the two of you that will always make color and issue. You say that its the mentality of blacks , but your the one telling the story. So who's mentality is it really? Yours! Now let's point out the wholes in your story. So no one knew he was black on your job of law enforcement until 5 years later? Until you told them this?? Then they had this hate rally? What makes you words so powerful that a hate rally happen after you, and only you mention he was black. By the way, all of law enforcement is dominated by whites. Your story doesn't get anything across but the racism still present in this country ... on to the person above you. They did mention in the news that he put his hoodie on. What's the problem with that? That makes him a criminal? For putting his hoodie on he needed to be approached, by a man 3 times his sizes. Of course Zimmerman was bloody! The young, black and brave Travon was fighting for his life. Being followed by a man who no matter his color was bias to him because Travon was black. He had every right to try and defend himself against that racist. So what he didn't call the cops, who would think they were about to lose there life for being black with a bag of skittles and ice tea... How could you compare your story of a home invasion to that of a young teenage boy, walking and talking on the phone while eating skittles ??? Your an obvious racist and ill still pray for you! The rallies inTravons names are gathered amonst every race by the way! And no message of hate has been spread during any of them. The only hate I have seen during these whole are the ones being spread by the to of you! But, ignorance in this fight is powerless. Color has nothing to do with this. Its a matter of right and wrong.

      4. Anonymous5:06 PM

        Sorry to here that but race is not the issue here a innocent child was killed by a grown man that shouldn't have been following him from the being he was only walking in the neighborhood he hadn't robbed anybody and he didn't have a gun he had candy in his hand and ice tea this couldn't be self defense this is murder and this man should go to jail.

      5. Anonymous5:19 PM

        The questions that you are asking doesn't make sense this was a 17 year old kid not a grown man this man had no business chasing this child for no reason this could have been your kid no matter what color he was. What you saying doesn't make sense if you are being chased and ran down for your life you don't have time to call 911 he was already on the phone with his girlfriend he didn't have any idea that he was being chased at that time and another thing he didn't have to run anywhere you are for getting that this grown man had no business running down a 17 year old child that had no weapon and he didn't see him steal or break into anything and that child can wear his hood how he wants to this is a free country he had no business telling 911 he was following anybody he was not law enforcement they advised him not to follow him This is not justifiable to kill a 17 year old child with candy and ice tea in his hand the grown man had a gun with the attentions on murdering the child this could have been your child you wouldn't be asking yourself all these questions if this was your child you had to bury for no reason that man needs to be arrested and prosecuted and you know it the child was only being a kid the man was acting as if he was a policemen with probable cause.

      6. Anonymous12:58 AM

        It makes me sick to my F......stomach when i hear people acting like it was Trevon Martin who got himself killed. You and I know who is to blame, i'll say it for you ZIMMERMAN. I'm going to set the record straight right now for everyone who believes Zimmerman innocence.
        1. Why was Zimmerman following Trevon Martin? Answer that, and i don't want to hear nothing about the burglaries that happened.You can't control who comes in and out of a neighborhood just because you've been burglarized. If you answer is based on the fact that some of the burglaries were committed by African Americans,than your racial profiling, which proves my point. A young child is dead because of stupid person who's also a criminal, who wanted to take the law in his own hands.

        2. Why didn't Zimmerman back off when he was told by the police to stop following Trevon? Yeah, EXACTLY.
        You know why he didn't, because he wanted to play cops and robbers, since he couldn't become a real cop, and this innocent young man lost his life because of it. That whole neighborhood had some kind of hate for black people, because of the burglaries, which again proves my point. Why didn't back off?

        3. Now there's a witness who's saying they saw it all. If so, why didn't this witness also tell the police Zimmerman approach Martin when Martin was walking down the street minding his own business. I personally think the witness is lying for Zimmerman.Wake up and smell the witnesses LIES...

        Let's be honest here. This killing should have never happened. Zimmerman is guilty anyway you think you can spin it.So everyone who's in support of Zimmerman, stop with the shenanigans cause you sound so stupid talking that crap. If it was the other way around Martin would be in jail RIGHT NOW and you know it. This is about BLACK AMERICANS who are judged and looked upon in a negative way everyday, because of a negative stereotype that CAUCASIANS started. Not all black people are criminals people. You can't just racially profile all black people because of what others may or have done.Ask yourself if Zimmerman would have done this to a white kid walking in the same neighborhood? Yeah

        You can say what you want but it still doesn't change the facts, Zimmerman is a racist murder....Now run tell that!

      7. Anonymous8:06 AM

        FACT - he followed Martin because of the burglaries. When he informed dispatch, dispatch told him to stop following him, so he went back to his SUB. AT THAT POINT, MARTIN CAME UP FROM BEHIND THE OFFICER AND THEN HAD A FEW WORDS AND BEGAN TO BEAT THE OFFICER. What about that makes Zimmerman a racist? That answers 1 and 2 for you. As for 3, if the witness backed Martin, would he be lying then? Why is he OBVIOUSLY lying because it doesn't support your argument? Regardless of why and when he stopped following Martin, Zimmerman stopped and left and was then attacked - unprovoked - by Martin. It's not like Martin was acting in self defense. Now, who was being the racist? The white/Hispanic officer who was looking for a burglar, or the black teen that attacked an officer that made NO threat to him whatsoever?

      8. Anonymous9:27 AM


      9. Anonymous8:06 PM

        You're an idiot. The only people who truly know what happened that night is Zimmerman, and the deceased T. Martin. The dispatcher told Zimmerman to back off but I've got the feeling that he is one of those overjealous always wanted to be a cop type who just didn't measure up. I'm so tired of White America acting as though racisim does not exist today. Anyone who is going through life with their eyes opened wide who dares to show a shred of honesty to self knows good and well that if Zimmerman had been black and T. Martin a white kid there is know way he would have been cleared without an intense thorough investation, and I'm sure paid legal assistance would be needed just to keep him out of jail until a trial is scheduled.

      10. Anonymous9:35 AM

        The race card is getting really old. Yes racism still exists all over America, but it goes both ways. I'm a white man...are you going to tell me that if I decided to walk through a neighborhood in the black ghetto late at night that people wouldn't be shouting "what are you doing here white boy" or worse. Every time a black person gets in trouble...or even just doesn't get their way they all cry racism. It's like children. Just look at supreme court judge sotomayor (who Obama so ignorantly appointed) and what she tried to do to the white firemen who had the highest scores on their entrance tests and earned a spot rather than the people sotomayor tried to handout a job to...

      11. Anonymous1:16 PM

        "The race card is getting really old. Yes racism still exists all over America, but it goes both ways. I'm a white man...are you going to tell me that if I decided to walk through a neighborhood in the black ghetto late at night that people wouldn't be shouting "what are you doing here white boy" or worse" - A breath of fresh air that someone FINALLY said this in print.

        As a resident of Sanford I will throw in a few opinions...
        This town is not racist. It does not deserve to be cast as a society that does not fairly treat the African Americans who live here. If you lived here, you all would know that. Next time one of you enters the City of Sanford, take a look at the small square brown and white sign posted with the city limits sign... We are a Black Heritage Community. Where in that does it scream we are racists?

        We are an average community with the same things that any other town has... stores, schools and a great mix of people. Only difference is... Trayvon Martin was shot here. He was not even a resident of our town, merely a visitor. Not that that makes his death anymore less important but seriously, a march downtown in protest? The fanning of the racial flames has made my little community a now very tense place to live.

        I will also add something I have yet to see anyone mention... The Sanford Police Department is less than helpful when called most times! There response times in "certain areas" of town are horrible. I believe it is possible that when you hear Mr Zimmerman comment "These a******s always get away... " that he was referring to the FACT that by the time the police do show up the "suspect" is then gone and you are left with snotty officers letting you know that they cannot assist you. That can be frustrating and maybe that contributed to the following that Zimmerman did. (ps - Stalking is a harsh word in my opinion and seems to be just another inflammatory term used to stir stronger emotions).

        Let's just see what the court system does with Zimmerman's case.

    5. Anonymous5:15 PM

      Trevon Martin looks like a 12-year-old kid on ABC's channel 2 in Atlanta while Zimmerman mugshot looks like those of FBI's most wanted. Based on these photos, I'd say Zimmerman is guilty of murder.

      1. Anonymous7:37 AM

        Holy shit you dipwad! If you judge people by their looks
        you are one dangerous asshole! Your the kind of nightmare
        that should NEVER be a juror!

      2. Anonymous1:01 AM

        google recent pics of the gold teeth and has tats on his arm and isnt looking like he is a 12-14 yrs old. this 17yr old 160lb. looks alot tougher than than media is letting on.

    6. This puts a whole new twist on this killing. After listening to the witness' statement and viewing current pictures of both Zimmerman and young Trayvon Martin, it is very likely this might have been a self defense killing. Media reporting was very misleading in that they painted a picture of young Trayvon being outweighed by 100 lbs and showed a outdated picture of Trayvon that made him appear to be child like; not a 6'3'' lad who looks very athletic and was probably very capable of putting some serious wisdom on Zimmerman. Never-the-less this is a killing that should have never happened, in that Zimmerman should have remained in place as he was advised to do, when reporting Trayvon as being a suspicious acting person. Had he remained in place as he was advised to do, young Trayvon would still be alive today. But on the other-hand, it is apparent that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman when Zimmerman was in the process of returning to his car, and had Trayvon not done so he would still be alive today. We will probably never know what actually took place which might have caused Trayvon to become physical, if that is what happened. No Doubt that there has to be a thorough investigation on this incident. In the meantime we have to withhold judgment until all the facts are known. I had already convicted Zimmerman of murder in my mind until reviewing this article which has put a whole different picture of this sad tragedy.

      1. Anonymous10:50 AM

        "it is apparent that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman when Zimmerman was in the process of returning to his car"

        If you believe this to statement to be true, then why was Trayvon shot on the grass behind a house, and not on the street by the car. Stop making excuses, he followed this kid & haressed him and when the kid tried to fight back he pulled out his Gun and killed him. Their is no way that Zimmerman a 28 year old 250 pound man with a loaded 9mm hand gun was afriad of a 140 pound 17 year old kid armed with a bag candy and a can of ice tea !!!

      2. Anonymous12:58 PM

        You can't be serious!! Did u READ...Zimmerman CHASED that boy!! Travon tried to run away!! What part of that story aren't u people getting!!?? Zimmerman needs to b under the jail, and if u are convinced that he was the victim, thn u my dear need to be right with him!! "GET YOUR HEAD TOGETHER!!"

      3. Anonymous4:26 PM

        Why did he even have a gun in the 1st place? Self defense by shotting should have never been and option. He brought the gun out, because he obviously had intentions of using it. And was just waiting for his opportunity. He was told not to follow, yet he did it anyway... So what if Travon is 6'3, he was being followed n approached my and unknown man, whom from the recordings had a pre conceived image of what Teavon was doing there. But he was wrong, and not law enforcement. His actions have ended a childs life and forever changed his own...I hope Travon atleast got to sock him good.

      4. Anonymous7:26 PM

        You are passing judgement by stating that if Travon attacked Zimmerman on his way back to his car. He is the only person that has stated he was attacked on the way back to his vehicle; replay the above audio. I don't care if it was a black guy, immigrant, or a politician, if they chased someone down the street and shot him; that is wrong. If you truly in fear for your life, "why would you get out of the car?" I don't believe that this is racially, but based on the evidence presented to the public so far he is guilty. Again, he called the police, got out of his car, and chased the suspect down the street. Oh, and when I found out that it was raining I understand wearing a hood. I have blonde hair and do that as I am walking from work to school in the rain.

    7. Anonymous9:10 PM

      I think this was all premeditated.I think yall just trying to pull one on the black kid.How races are yall seriously.The police will regret and thank me later.

      PS.And I'am 10 years your never to young to speak your mine.

      1. Anonymous9:26 AM

        You are old enough to have an opinion, even if it's not based on fact.

      2. Anonymous6:45 PM

        You're never too young to learn proper English.

      3. Anonymous6:48 PM

        but you can use correct english. you are not proving or supporting your case.

      4. Anonymous1:48 AM

        Shouldn't of followed kid but id side with zimmer. Right to firearms and self defense in the U.S.A

    8. Anonymous9:32 PM

      I believe Zimmerman has three problems with his self defense claim based on evidence: he followed Trayvon and the sworn statement and records that the girlfriend heard Zimmerman talking to Trayvon and the alledged racial slur. Zimmerman alledges he was jumped as he was getting into his truck but if it is shown he confronted the teen then he will be in court. Lesson here is if you are in watch in your neighborhood and you see a strange person walking around the neighborhood...stay in your vehicle, breakout the video camera and call the police.

    9. You guys gotta be kidding me. Travon was 140 lbs. What's threateningly about that? And if zimmerman was following Travon to his fathers house, who lives in that community, than maybe zimmerman deserved to get beat up, if that's what happened, which I doubt. I am a white adult male and zimmerman deserves to be shot like he shot that innocent child.

      1. Anonymous12:09 PM

        REALLY 140LBS AT ALMOST 6'3 thats a joke and a athlete.......try more like 200 plus maybe he was 140 In his pictures that we've seen back when he was in 6th grade if he was really that weight he would look malnourished .THINK ABOUT IT ITS A NO BRAINER !

      2. Anonymous5:29 PM

        B Brown you made a lot of sense I am a black female and I have two children color is not the issue the Issue that I have is the same as yours this was a 17 year old kid who was just walking in a neighborhood If this man didn't see this kid steal anything, break in anybody house, or point a gun at any body how can he justify following him at all and it still would have been the police job to handle that. My theory is that he saw a young black male with a hood on and stereotyped him as being a criminal and he shot him for no reason a bar of candy and ice tea will never stand up to a gun. a full grown man over a 140 kid will never be self defense. I am glad that you feel like I do how can you blame a innocent victim for causing his own murder.

      3. Anonymous2:29 AM

        Your race isn't an issue but yet you state that your theory is that Zimmerman saw a young black male wearing a hoody. You just contradicted yourself. Color might not have anything to do with. He saw a 17 year old minor out in an isolated neighborhood in the a.m and it was raining. That he got was wrong? I believe it shouldn't have gone was far. But then again I wasn't there. I don't know what transpired that night as does no one else. Everyone is pointing out " he was a 17 year old kid walking with candy and ice tea, why was Zimmerman following him . He was only walking minding his own business"
        Okay granted he was waking the neighborhood minding his own business. I would understand if it's late evening hours. But in the a.m it's pretty hard to believe that a young ("kid" as many want to put it) man would be out that late. What parent allows that. If it was even nine o'clock at night, but 1,2 or 3 that to me bothers me. The fact if him being out that late is questionable. Police are the right person to determine was suspicious or not is to my a slight cop out. Because if it would have been a cop everyone would still be outraged.

    10. Anonymous11:56 AM

      Can some one please tell me why the girlfriend that was supposally on the phone with travon while he was allegedly being attached ......never notified police or even Travon's family that something might be wrong and he may need help ?? Wasn't he listed as a john doe for 2 days ? And as for the hoodie racial profiling not the case when Zimmerman was asked what the suspect was wearing what do u think he should have Replied with??

    11. REALLY people are you that afraid of black people that when you CHOOSE to chase one down you can just shoot 'em? You don't have to bend over....It's not about political correctness, it's about TRUTH & JUSTICE. If we cannot trust the institutions that police us or that are supposed to protect us then why do we need them? How many shootings that resulted in murder have gone without an arrest and investigation before releasing the shooter?

      1. Anonymous8:57 PM

        Why would anyone be afraid of black people? Are they supposed to be scarier than anyone else. LOL I don't think so. The bigger the are the harder they fall.

    12. Anonymous3:11 PM

      First who deserves to die because you beat someone up?????????? I believe that the adult in this situation should have been an adult. How many kids have to die before we start getting it together???? This story makes me sick its not at all a racial thing its a people thing and it needs to be addressed!!! How are we gonna try to profile a teenager? I have been in a million fights and have looked very suspicious many times!! I guess I should have been shot as a kid and how many of you have been arrested or suspended from school because of marijuana?? I don't see how any of this is relevant to the child being shot in the chest! Kids mess up its part of being a kid!!! As adults we are suppose to come up with solutions to be successful adults! May-be if ZIMMERMAN has positive influences in his life Travon would be alive today!

      1. Anonymous12:55 PM

        Apparently you are as ignorant as some of the rest of the world. if someone is hovering over you, banging your head into the ground. What are you going to do?? Roll Over and assume the fetal position ???? NO, your going to do what you have to do at the heat of the moment.

      2. Anonymous9:00 PM

        When you act like an adult attacking a watch officer, the officer does not have time to ask your age. The gun he has can be used on himself. Would that be OK with those race baiters who want the almost 18-year-old young man to be called for sainthood.

    13. Anonymous3:50 PM

      Another problem off the street

      1. Anonymous7:51 AM

        This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

      2. Anonymous4:15 PM

        Don't worry will all be dead soon and you could die today walking to the store just like trevon life is shorter than you think and you me will all be dead soon (just a reminder)

    14. Anonymous3:50 PM

      no 1 knows what really happened here so u cant say anyone is guilty or not if zimmerman shot him just to shoot him then ya zimmerman needs to be shot but we dont no

    15. Queen4:37 PM

      Truth is Zimmerman had no business following that young man. If he looked out of place, if you will, as a "neighborhood watchmen" he should have called he police and allowed them to handle it. I am sure he started interrogating Martin and words followed and it was on from that point. If he got his butt beat then that is what he deserved picking on kids. He couldn't been whipped too bad if he had strength to pull out a gun and if the gun was yet intact in the midst of fighting so I don't buy this story at all. God knows the truth of this matter and I pray justice prevails in Jesus name.

    16. Anonymous4:47 PM

      Zimmerman was clearly told by the 911 operator to stay in his car. Why did Zimmerman disobey this order? Zimmerman was safe in his car. Why did he LEAVE the SAFTY of his car? Please tell me this. I want to understand. If I was safe in my car, I sure as hell would not leave it to approach something that was "threatening" to me—it makes no sense. Can we all at least agree that leaving the safety of his care makes no sense?

      1. Anonymous10:39 PM

        True that might have been stupid in his part. But then again why was a 17 year teenager out side at 1 am in the morning?
        That he died and the incident went that far is very sad that I do agree upon. I have three son myself and as a mother I can understand the anger and sadness. But no and I mean was a right to speak upon it because none of us were there. Everyone should just stop commenting.

      2. Anonymous10:26 PM

        isnt that what the Florida no back down law is all about? not having to cower in your home or automobile anymore? not having to hope the cops get there to protect and serve. it is a law that allows people to take back their homes, lives, and neighborhoods from the thugs. if Zimmerman had stayed in his vehicle then what point would there be for a neighborhood watch program? I mean if you are suppose to be too afraid to do the job then the watch program is worthless. Zimmerman got out only to watch so he could tell the police where to find the person and ended up getting attacked. I just hope when blacks decide to start setting peoples homes on fire in protest, that there are some Zimmermans living in my neighborhood ready to serve and protect.

    17. Anonymous5:32 PM

      Regardless of who is at fault, the question is, "Why was Zimmerman carrying a 9 millimeter pistol?" Why carry a pistol, if you don't plan to use it? If you look for trouble, you will find it. Zimmerman is by no means innocent here. He instigated a situation, and when he found himself on the wrong end of the battle, he took the coward's way out. This is a clear lesson for those would-be vigilantes out there. Let the cops do their jobs. Zimmerman called the police once to report a "suspicious" youth, but he failed to call the police to report that he was being assaulted. There is no sound justification for Zimmerman's actions, except that he frightened and antagonized a young man and then lost control of the situation. Zimmerman brought this on himself. No 17-year-old deserves to die a violent death for a situation that could have been prevented. Zimmerman is the adult. Zimmerman had a public responsibility, but he took it too far. In his heart, Zimmerman knows he is in the wrong. Hiding behind a law after the fact is just cowardice. There is no question that Zimmerman is responsible for Travon Martin's death. If Zimmerman hadn't been there, Travon would still be alive today. Zimmerman is at fault. Fox News provides the worst kind of journalism, because it plays to the racist spirits of the ignorant and immoral who choose to believe the worst about Blacks.

      1. Anonymous10:44 PM

        How are you suppose call the police while being assaulted?

      2. Anonymous6:03 AM

        Why was he packing heat? 2 words, self defense

    18. Anonymous6:48 PM

      Mr. Zimmerman’s statements speak volume, he assumed Travon was up to no good or on drugs or something just because of his attire, he said Travon had his hands in his pocket and was looking around. He was told not to follow Travon, but he did anyway, Travon’s girlfriend said she heard Travon saying doesn’t push me, so this tells me that Mr. Zimmerman was setting the stage to take the very action he took. He was the aggressor and he wanted to be the big man with the gun. Now they are trying to use the reason he was suspended from school to assassinate his character just like George Zimmerman assassinated him. This is the police department backing Zimmerman.

    19. Anonymous7:49 PM

      It's a terrible thing that a 17 year old boy was killed by an adult. It seems to happen all the time. We hardly hear about these things happening.. in this case the president took advantage of this sad situation and hopes to get the black community's votes, by saying that the child would have looked like his own. Mr. President - stay out of this for political reasons, please! We, the people are bringing about a thorough investigation and I for one, will not vote for you for trying to sway voters unfairly in your favor. If you want me to vote for you, reduce the national debt, and keep the jobs here for the black poor, instead of having China manufacture our goods, make sure the black children are well-educated, especially in good English and manners,good health education, and have good job skills. Don't give the poor people fish to eat, give them fishing poles and places to fish! Get real jobs available - then would be a great president! You have not done any of this, but you really are a big talker. Sorry, I'm not going to vote for you this time.

      1. Anonymous11:01 PM

        Really....this national debt will not be resolved no time soon. 2) education really....getting education has nothing to do with being poor. Getting good education has to work in partnership with the parents and the school system. Being involved to ensure your child is benefitting of what he's learning is both a parents responsibility. I know plenty of students that are given school assignments and still don't complete them. There are parent teacher meeting and parents don't show up. Letters are sent home about unsatisfactory performance and parents have no clues. Parents being involved plays a big part so don't blame it on obama. And the "poor" as you say are not the only ones feeling the economies financial hardship many are feeling it.
        Now back to the topic at hand.

    20. Anonymous8:01 PM

      news media likes to get people stirred up by using race and politics

    21. Anonymous9:17 PM

      If this had been a white kid "who didn't deserve to die" killed by a black man, we wouldn't have heard anything about it. Especially from the president, which makes me think he's trying to divide us all, and have America torn up from the inside.

      1. Anonymous10:19 PM

        I agree completely. WE have to get beyond the black vs white issue if we are to ever get past racism,ON BOTH SIDES, BLACK AND WHITES!!

      2. Anonymous8:22 PM

        It's NOT that a white guy killed a black kid. It's that a guy killed a kid and WAS NOT CHARGED WITH ANY CRIME.

      3. Anonymous12:02 AM

        Because it hasn't been proven that a crime was committed. All there is , is hear say and that can't hold up in court. Evidence people evidence that can hold up in court. You can't go to court in front of a judge and say " this man is guilty for killing a 17 year old because of racial profiling and to add on that note all the evidence thus far states that Mr. Zimmerman was attacked. The young mans father even admitted to authority's that the voice crying for help was not that of young Martin. But that not the issue at hand. This man killed a young man his girlfriend said he told he was being followed, a witness said the same thing. Zimmerman did call police dispatch, see how a calculating murderer he is people of the jury. This man called 911 right before he was going to kill a young man, a young 17 year old man wearing a hoody in the rain at 1 am and also lets add that he was unarmed with a bag off skittles and ice tea. And if in fact this young man did attack Mr. Zimmerman and was on top of him reaching for his firearm that is still no grounds to kill a 17 year old adolescent. No this man was racist, this man say young Travon and said I'm going to get this young man. I'm going to call 911 before I murder him and then say it was self defense"
        The case will literally be thrown out the door. For you to get any conviction an investigation has to be done. That Zimmerman shot the kid , yes he admitted he did. Now is on the law to find out on what grounds

    22. Anonymous9:30 PM

      It would be easy for a strong muscular young man, frightened and on adrenaline, to beat up a short probably weaker and flabby man, who shouldn't have been there, but did have a license to carry a gun in order to defend himself if needed. The guy said he was headed back to his car, and that Martin attacked him. The witness saw him down on the ground being beaten and yelling help. The mug shot shows a sad and probably sorry fat man. The pictures of the 17 year old are probably when he was younger - we need this to be duly investigated, and the public to stop acting like all black seventeen year olds are innocent and all white men are bad. Jackson and Obama and other racists need to STOP TRYING TO FAN THE FLAMES. If these public figures cause riots because of this, it will look bad for the rioters who break the law, it will look like they don't know how to behave well, they are un-educated and will make more racism, because intelligent, well educated people judge people on how they act, not on their skin color.

      1. Anonymous10:15 PM

        How true! And for the president to state in public an opion before all the investigation is completed is outrageous. I thought he was smarter than that. look what it has coused, the 60's all over again.

    23. Anonymous9:54 PM

      Every one thinks this is a race issue when clearly this is a crime of hate and opportunity.. lets look at the facts. 1. The police call was made.
      2. Operator tells Zimmerman not to follow. 3. Zimmerman makes a stereotype slur. 4. Zimmerman states have officers call me so I can tell them where I am.
      5. Whitness hears someone screaming for help and a single gun shot. (somewhat like a child screaming when he's about to get a spanking from his parents)
      I come to believe that this isn't the first time trevon was approached by Zimmerman this was a boy that was running for his life from what seems to be a neighborhood bully with a gun its hard to believe that Zimmerman was attacked while walking back to his vehicle why whol
      uld you turn you're back on someone you think is suspect let alone leave him in someones backyard. What or these detective's doing this should have been solved in the first 48! We love you. A&E
      Blessings for the family of Trevon Martin

    24. Anonymous9:59 PM

      I have wondered all along why the picture of Travon was obviously taken many years ago, to make him look young and innocent! If he was really 6'3" and weighed only 140 Lbs, he would not have been a football player!!
      How old was he in the only photo always shown of him.
      I hate to see him dead,but the whole incident and photo portraying Travon as a much younger boy and Zimmeren being portrayed a an overweight, mean stalker are set up to fuel the racism debate!
      If we want to get beyond racism in this country we have to stop blaming everything on racism. political correctness and black vs white should not be an issue in this incident.
      People should allow the facts to surface and quit making a public spectacle of this unfortunate incident. No wonder race relations in this country are so tentative. Give it break!!

    25. I believe in the right to bare arms. I believe in the right to protect ones family and property! However, normal citizens should not be permitted to carry a firearm outside of their home. If you are an armed security guard, or an off duty police officer, by all means you have the right to carry. A block watch captian should not be packing a gun! His job is to observe and report where as needed, to the police. If he wouldn't have left his vehicle, we wouldn't be in the mess that we are in today! Of course they want to make it racial, because it sells newspapers, and makes headlines. This young man did not deserve to die! I think that they need to revisit the right to carry law. Like I said, for normal citizens, you don't belong patrolling the streets armed with a weapon. I don't know all the facts, so I am not going to pass judgement on either individual. Hopefully all of the facts will come out and justice will be served! And racists from white and black backgrounds will use this to stir up the pot more. We will never be able to all get along, as long as the media continues to spin every event and turn it into a racial incident. Like I said, I will let the facts come out, and hopefully the judicial system will do their job, and return the correct verdict. I am sorry to hear that this young man lost his life, because of an over-zealous idiot could not follow instructions!

      1. Anonymous10:42 PM

        I legally carry so I don't have to be afraid anymore criminals will always have guns.
        The police can only protect society as a whole. If we depended on the police to protect us all the time there would have to be 2 police officers for every citizen.

      2. Anonymous8:23 PM

        yea, its true, that you gotta be prepared, just don't go wavin the gun around. Just carry it with you and make it so it does'nt look like you have one.

        thats a cool idea though, carring a gun everywhere...

    26. Anonymous10:54 PM

      I think from Zimmerman telling the 911 operator that oh "s" he is running...remember that he said the boy was coming right at Zimmerman puled the gun out and the child ran. Zimmerman maybe saw that as a sign of being weak and wanted to be the hero. so he ran after him and they did wrestle and the gun went off by accident or he intended to shoot the child and after he probably realized he made a bad choice. Even if the child was 200 pounds if he thought he was that bad what made him run?..he didnt run and think Zimmerman was gonna run after him so he could attack Zimmerman. We all have children that make bad choices in life if the child got in trouble but doesnt give you a right to take a life cause we all can change. Zimmerman may have had an encounter with a black person that went bad and had a flash back when he saw the child and that is what made he loose it...but i think He showed the gun and he ran thinking this man crazy ..its dark and im black and no one is around/ the reason why i look at a person is usually cause they looking at me ..i am trying to figure out what they thinking or about to do.

    27. Anonymous11:12 PM

      I find it most interesting that the "Stand Your Ground" law applies to Zimmerman but not Trayvon Martin. This kid was minding his business walking home being followed by a stranger NOT a police officer who had been told on several occasions by police officials not to follow the victim. Is it reasonable to assume this kid was scared of the person who was following him? He did mention it to the person on the phone he put up his hood to conceal himself but then out of the blue attacked Zimmerman? White or black does that really sound reasonable? And if the hoodie is as much to blame for this childs death as Zimmerman why did he not react like everyone else who is afraid of a kid in a hoodie? Why didn't Zimmerman cross the street return to his car and wait for the police as he was instructed to do ? Racist maybe not but there is something wrong with this man, and the police knew it and tried to cover his behind? Really? I am black and I would be pissed if this were a white kid too !

    28. Anonymous11:26 PM

      Interesting comment, racism does not exist in this country? Sure and kids in Missippi did not attack a black man then run him down in cold blood with a truck on tape. Florida is in the south why no investigation? He called the police ignored orders not to follow the victim repeatedly and then was suddenly attacked without cause as he headed to his car? really? And you believe that? Yeah right! And the President is the racist? He said if he had a son he would look like Trayvon that is a fact he is a black man with a black wife so if he had a soon it is reasonable to assume his son would also be black. How is that racist? He asked for soul searching on this issue, is not the death of a CHILD no matter how tall not a tragedy? Especially when he was only buying CANDY LIKE CHILDREN DO? I was suspended from school as a kid and I grew up to be a pretty responsible person no criminal record etc. if that is a crome why was he walking to the store? If Zimmerman was afraid of this extra tall kid why did he follow him for any lenght of time? You know why! Because he is a bigot and so are you!!!

    29. Anonymous11:42 PM

      This article is based on facts not opinion it tells both sides to the story. Zimmerman was following a kid because (acorrding to zimmerman)e he looked suspicious he called the police the police said dont chase him he did anyways forward ...witness finds travon beating zimmerman in the face, zimmerman shoots travon (kills him) and cops find zimmerman beat up bleeding in the face and back of head. All these asumptions that zimmerman is an evil man and trqvon a sweet boy and or zimmerman was a brave man and travon a no good thug are irrelevnt what i think happend zimmerman since he is a watch captin he saw a 6,3 man walking at night felt suspicious and went after him travon saw a 5,8 spanish guy following him and got scared maybe at one point they both confront each other and travon overpowerd him and started beating him zimmerman grabed his gun and fired...end of story rascism isnt a factor here at all

      1. Anonymous12:21 AM

        Um....when you call 911 police officers don't answer the call. When you can an operater answers and the patches you to 911 dispatcher. Don't know why everyone continues to say it was police who told him not to continue following the young man.
        All this is very very sad. But we also need to remember we are innocent until proven guilty not the other way around. And police can not hold someone if the evidence doesn't say it was murder. This why investigations are made and evidence is collected as well as witness statements to see if the persons story corroborates with the statement given to the police.

      2. Anonymous12:38 AM

        You know this reminds me of a story in Virginia. A man middle aged is seen running to an apartment complex. Residents happen to see the man running and then see two police officers running a couple of seconds later. The man hides behind a tree for cover it seems. Police yell for the man to step out in to the open with his hands up in the air. The middle aged man, African American man does a police tell him. He comes out from behind the tree. Acts as if he was going to cooperate with police hides again behind the tree. The police officer angle them selfs so they can see what the man is doing while they do this they crouch down and start to instruct the man to come out from the tree with his hands on his head. One of the police officers sees the man place a foot out as though to come out again, but then in a split second yells " gun" and begins to shoot. Empties a clip reloads and fires again. The man dies, the media goes crazy, people go crazy the family is mad. Police murdered a father a grandfather. Daughters speak stating their father was a good kind hearted man does not have a violent passed no police record nothing. Blog sites go crazy saying white cops are currupted pigs in suit. They man was not armed the man was actually 56 years old poor health. People saying f police officer they where probably white another black man killed by the man. Crazy story right?

    30. Anonymous12:01 AM

      If you see the deleted webpage that Martin's lawyer doesn't want us to see, here: the recent photos of Trayvon has him looking older, heftier, with gold teeth, and tattoos and a friend making a gang hand sign. Trayvon was caught in school with a cache of women's jewelry, marijuana pipe, empty pot baggie, a watch and a screwdriver. He had made some graffiti and these were discovered in his possession. He claimed they were someone elses's. They suspended him ten days for the graffiti - too bad they didn't report the possible stolen goods and screwdriver, typical burglar tool, to the police.

    31. Anonymous12:03 AM

      1. Anonymous12:24 AM

        Oh -if Obama had a son, he'd look just like this 'gangsta' pictured in the scrubbed webpage, with gold teeth, a sneer, and tattoos? And his son would have the stolen jewelry, and marijuana stuff too?

    32. Anonymous12:06 AM

      What you are witnessing is a vast majority of a race whose values are so
      out of kilter. Yes they have gone through slavery and discrimnation. However
      if they continue to cling to their victum mentality, it will continue to hold
      them back. No one is holding the blacks back except their values and mind set.
      If you consider other minorities who have come to this country, a victum mindset is not what they have nor do their values criple themselves. The Blacks cry for vengenance, not truths. Their thirst for revenge has not been
      quenched. It is such a pity that a race whose pruning has yielded such great potential falls prey to their own shortcomings. The Blacks could take such a lesson from the Jews who came from bondage in Egypt. Just by a changed mind set could this race of people be considered our chosen ones. It will take generations more to help smolder their anger. A witness to this effect is the younger generations attitudes towards each other. In the course of these
      events and across countless years will their seething abate. The wounds are still so fresh.

    33. Anonymous1:35 AM

      Bottom line we dont know everything and alot will come out in the next few weeks and months and judgment should be saved until we do know more so stop with the Black White crap its not about race in fact Zimmerman isnt even white he is hispanic so at best this is a minority adult aginst minority teen not black white.

    34. Anonymous4:30 AM

      For everyone crying "racism," this has nothing to do with race. However, since you insist on constantly bringing it up, you're all a bunch of NIGGERS.

      Get over it. It's 2012.

      1. Anonymous1:01 AM

        If it has nothing to do with race, why is Obama using it to divide us by referring to his looks?

      2. Anonymous6:32 PM

        For a second there I agreed with you that this isn't about race as much as its about right and wrong.
        A grown man who was a self appointed watch captain, who did not ID himself as such approached someone in the area after being told by the real police dispatch not to. For what reason? Walking in the area at night. When did walking home from the store become a crime in this country? If he was in someone's yard, perhaps in Mr. Zimmerman's yard breaking in thats a whole other story all together.
        However from what is known that is not what happened. Now if your walking home and someone followed you and your not doing anything, but walking home how would you react?
        There is a problem here that everyone is missing, if you can follow someone, start a fight and then "Oh crap I've bit off more than I can chew, I'm going to lose so I have got to shot to save my own life!" what's to stop a burglar from attempting to rob you then shooting you to death in self defense? When you take the law in to your own hands like this it opens up ways for more of your freedoms to be taken away.
        How so? Public outrage and knee jerk reactions because some dummie got the crap kicked out of him when he should have stayed put, and then killed a kid in "self defense." If he had been charged, or something it wouldn't be such a big deal to the whole world. However everyone on the planet is watching a so called civilized nation, that wants everyone else to rule our way let this happen.
        Then here you come with the comment that we are all NIGGERS? Well guess what that includes you, because the word Nigger means ignorant. So welcome to the club of all those ignorant people myself included because, I was not there and I'm trying to make sense of how this could happen in this day and age.

      3. Anonymous9:41 PM

        no problem.."walk around all night", in a gated community dressed like a thug and don't expect anyone to notice, what could be more normal? Whats wrong with people thinking something is wrong with that? By all means if your walking around in this manner you should also be free to kick the crap out of people while sneering at them with your golden teeth. Well I'll tell you what, this is one hombre that is with zimmerman, what ever race anyone is, I would have smoked that piece of crap also. "I've bit off more than I can chew?", seriously?, you think that's the right mentality? here is the right mentality, respect people. If you decide to act like a menacing thug, sorry but you deserve what you get. If more people had the nuts to stand up and not take any more crap from these type of people, we'd be paying a whole hell of a lot less in prison costs etc.

    35. Anonymous7:32 AM

      Nobody but Zimmerman and Martin really know what happened that night.
      Regardless of who was at fault Zimmerman will be raked over the coals
      because a "innocent" young black man was killed by a racist black hating
      white vigilante! Put it to rest already! The race card is used way too much
      in this country!So much so in fact that its turned into a JOKER!

    36. Anonymous9:39 AM

      Just saved the taxpayers from having to pay to keep him in prison for years. If he would have been a decent human and just talked to the concerned man instead of putting up his hoody and acting like he was trying to hide who he was he would be out commiting a crime right now. He got what he deserved, get the racist off the streets, they asre just showing how sturpid & racist they really are. Protest something important like the criminals in Congress & the Senate that need to go.

    37. Anonymous10:36 AM

      I am so sorry that young Mr. Martin had to die at the hands of an overgrown thug. To Trevon's family - I am so sorry for your loss. I hope that you will find justice one day soon. There is a 10 year old that posted on here. To that 10 year old - PLEASE - learn to read, write and speak the English language properly. It amazes me what passes for grammar in this society. Stop being so damned lazy and predictable.


      *The fbi/police have a simple message for their Targets, WE INTEND TO:

    39. Anonymous11:43 AM

      Everyone is on here talking about Martins size it does not matter he was being followed in the 1 place and was killedMclearly zimmerman had a ulterior motive behind itmthe kid wasn't harming anyone zimmerman based it on his apperance like he was da police.But that is society society will judge one on their apperance a man in a suit could be a killer and society would protray them as a lawyer of business man.Where as Martin had on a hoodie with candy in his hand no gun on him!Zimmerman can say all her wants to say he had his intentions and I sure as hell know that in human nature words might have been exchanged NO way should bullet should have been shot! IF zimmer man was BLACK he would be in jail!facing horrible treatment so ask ur self this why is a white man walking free!u all can sit there and say this shouldn't be about race BUt it is!face the facts it is about race not character.THIS case is disgusting how would u feel if your son was taken away!CARELESS violence this is no care at all! Otherwise zimmerman wouldn't have taken out a gun!this is a prime exapmle of why people need to know their facts on the internet not their ignorance!Reading people saying another black off the streets make me SICK u racist bastarts! KARMa is a hell of a thing tho in this society we live in!wE have killers walking the streets and innocent men behind bars and half of the time its bc of their skin tone!WE as a society shouldn't be defined but the tone of our skin but by our character! I pray justice is serve bc it needs to be not only for MARTIN but for our future black childen growin up in this corupted society! May u rest in peace. Trayvon!

      1. Anonymous1:17 AM

        I am a mother of three boys. The killing of a young is a very tragic thing that is true. And if it were my sons ( god forbid such I thing) I would red faced with anger. However as a parent 1) I will not allow my son to be out in the street in the a.m. What business does any teenager have in the streets at 1 a.m.
        2) that he had to die in the manner he did is sad no young child should die that pay. But after my rage and me cursing the world I would not argue that my son is an angel if I know he's not or if I'm not there every hour on the hour. We do not know what our children do when they are not around us. We do not know who they are when they are amongst friends we just don't. Teenagers are rebellious all the time, they do it at home, at school and even in the face of authority figures. And we just don't know what happened that rainy night. Something transpired , something took place and as a mother I would like to know what took place that night that made the situation escalate to such a level that my son was killed. That's what would be asking. But I'm not going to crying hang mister zimmerman because I don't know if he didn't maliciously or if in fact he was defending himself.
        My thing is don't be quick to assume what happened. Being a minority should not be the issue. As a Hispanic mother of three young man, as a sister of a young man I am going to firstly ask myself what the hell was my son doing that late outside? I'm an adult an I'm not out walking at 1 am. Is this grounds for some to stop me or want to stop call the police and say I seem suspicious. Yes, it is grounds the neighborhood watch man doesn't know who I am, he wouldn't know who my son is and say he does knows my son, seen my son in the day time walking. He still wouldn't know my son if he has his hoody on. All he knows is there's a male walking in the a.m in a isolated complex.
        Is suspiciousness grounds to kill, no its not. Could it have been avoided yes it could have. But the punishment is not on us we just don't know what transpired all we know is that a young man died due to unfortunate circumstances. Because no matter what the outcome was it was unfortunate.

      2. Anonymous12:56 AM

        in one breath you say: "WE as a society shouldn't be defined but the tone of our skin but by our character!" then in the very next breath you go straight into race by saying "I pray justice is serve bc it needs to be not only for MARTIN but for our future black childen growin up in this corupted society!"

        why didnt you say something like: for the future of all children?

        is it because you are as racist as everyone you calling racist?

    40. Anonymous12:31 PM

      There were recent burglaries in that neighborhood, and the residents were frightened. Trayvon was acting suspisciouly, many burglars white or black, wear hoodies to hide their face, have expensive gold teeth, dress in the silly 'gangsta' style in order to fit in with their peer group. Unfortunately Trayvon it appears was a suspicious character, and may not have identified himself in an innocent, polite manner as to who he was, and where he was going. And unfortunately according to the witness, Trayvon had the smaller Hispanic Zimmerman (maybe his mother was Hispanic?) down on the ground and was beating him up. My husband 6'2" himself was beaten up by a younger smaller guy due to a misunderstanding, for which the younger person has since apologized. Trayvon used pot, who knows, might have dealed it - and women's jewelry, a watch, and marijuana gear was found in his school locker. He was kicked out of school in Miami for graffiti, but really probably for the stolen goods.

      1. Anonymous12:48 PM

        This is all going to be duly investigated. All you have gotten the word out, and we need the attorneys to fight it out and see the evidence from both sides and let the judge decide according to the evidence.

        Stop pre-judging! That's 'prejudice' you know.

    41. Anonymous12:45 PM

      Former NAACP leader C.L. Bryant is accusing Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton of "exploiting" the Trayvon Martin tragedy to "racially divide this country." The conservative black pastor, who was once the chapter president of the Garland, Texas NAACP, called Jackson and Sharpton "race hustlers" and said they are "acting as though they are buzzards circling the carcass of this young boy."

      “His family should be outraged at the fact that they’re using this child as the bait to inflame racial passions,” Rev. C.L. Bryant said in a Monday interview with The Daily Caller.

      Read more:

      1. Anonymous12:50 PM

        This is so obvious, but a large group of people are blind and are being led around the nose like slaves. Shame on the slavemaster in the WH who wants a large group of people to vote for him based on his looks.

      2. Wow. Dead black kid, nothing new in this society. White men have been getting away with this for years. People are standing up for justice in this case not just us!! I have two sons they sometimes dress inappropriate for me, but what does thatg mean? Thedy shoud be killed for fashon expression? There casual whear is not unlike trayvon they have tattos so do I. I am a professional in corporate america, my tats are conceiled. My generation had the afro and bellbotttoms black and whites our parents sometimes didn't approve. Trayvon HAD A FUTURE. It would be filled with sucesses and failures one thing we a certain his killer may have temporarly altered his path, trayvons however has ended. Lucky for zimmerman he didn't kill my son.

      3. Anonymous8:17 PM

        you are a typical black , white man been getting away with what for years? your kind kills its own by the thousands you idiot! more than likely your son is a hood rat and has a very good chance of being "capped" by one of his own. go to hell, you and your prescious do no bad black son.

    42. Anonymous1:50 PM

      This is no different than any other polarizing story where the facts and speculation are intertwined and ordinary citizens are left with the daunting task of trying to figure out the truth with not so much as a single shred of evidence to "see" firsthand. None of us were there, the witnesses are telling conflicting stories, the police are not talking (but likely very aware that information is "leaking" to the press), and the media is using this as yet another means to boost ratings at the expense of decency and common sense of all of us. Just like other sensationalized media stories, we will have to find a way to move forward knowing that we will NEVER know all the facts and mitigating circumstances that led up to this tragic event. The best any of us can do is to share with our children the importance of treating others with respect and the value of reserving judgement until both sides of any story are heard.

    43. Anonymous3:16 PM

      No one knows what happen. everyone thinks they know it all. You were not there, you didn't see what happened. People are killed every day and someone gets away with it. Most are killed by someone of the same color, but since a now that s not the case someone needs to get ratings and some people need to get there face on the TV ( Sharpton and Jackson) to stay relevant. Why don't they rally every day in major cities were a black guy kills another black guy? I know no ratings. Come on guy's, do something with good intentions instead of just getting your face on TV.

    44. Anonymous4:50 PM

      It's pretty obvious that this page has been filled up with a bunch of racist (black) comments, facts - of course - set aside. Zimmerman was being attacked by a person who was - by all accounts - up to no good. There was significant reason to be suspicious of Trayvon, and I for one am happy to see that a community had the balls to take matters into their own hands. Lawfully, Zimmerman was well within his rights. I would be proud to have a neighborhood protected in such a manor.
      Back to the racism topic; what would you say if I were standing on a street corner screaming "white power"? You would probably not be too happy. Why is it okay for a bunch of hate mongering blacks to stand on the corner screaming "black power"? The only racism that still exists is that in the black community more than any other. If you can name one person in the last three generations of your family that was a slave, please feel free to still "feel the pains from slavery". Otherwise, quit spreading so much hate and racism. Call this one what it is, a worthless up-to-no-good punk who is very likely better off in the ground.
      Also, if you are going to come on to a site such as this to post something informative, please use correct english and grammar. I can't read most of the crap on this page because it's apparent that not everyone writing above graduated from a middle school level english class.

      1. Hypothetically, if you were standing on the corner shouting "white power," and I heard you, what would I do?

        Well, since you asked, strictly hypothetically, I would stomp you into the ground and pummel you within an inch of your life, spit in your face, and carve "racist pig" into your chest with my pocket knife.

        Hypothetically, that is.

    45. Anonymous6:42 PM

      Diane Sawyer reporting on U.S. bridge projects going to the Chinese.... NOT Americans.

      The bridges are right here in the U.S. and yet Obama has approved for Chinese contractors to come
      in and do the work. What about jobs for Americans???

      So, Obama is trying to get votes from the blacks by claiming that this young black man (a 'gangsta' type) would look like his son..

      But he is not letting blacks get real jobs with real money.

    46. Anonymous7:09 PM

      "So, Obama is trying to get votes from the blacks by claiming that this young black man (a 'gangsta' type) would look like his son.." Shame on Obama for this obvious ploy~!

      I would not be proud of a son that spent money to mess up his teeth with expensive unnecessary gold caps, and his skin with tattoos.. yes, it's all the rage nowadays..that's how far we've sunk. That money spent on the gold teeth could have been spent on learning a marketable job skill in a community college or tech school - like for an Xray technician, or other good work. Trayvon didn't believe in himself, and if his parents had raised him right, he would have. Did they go to church as a family?

      I bet Obama hadn't researched the later pictures of Trayvon where he hangs out with his gangsta buds, and certainly isn't a little boy.

      1. You must live a pretty sheltered life. First of all, those "gold" teeth were obviously fake. Second, have you seen what REAL thugs look like? Well, let me just tell you that they are covered in tattoos, most of which are not their mother's names, and they don't use Facebook. I got news for you, lots of rich, suburban white kids smoke weed, and nobody is assuming that they sell drugs because somebody found a picture of a blunt on Facebook.

        But, if Trevon Martin is a gangster, then I guess the criteria for characterizing someone as a career criminal has changed since I went to high school. We used to walk through the halls and blow weed smoke into the teacher's faces, and I broke a racist bus driver's ocular bone and nose with the but end of my gun, and I wasn't even close to being considered one of the toughest at my school.

    47. Anonymous12:32 AM


    48. Anonymous1:38 AM

      Everyday there are murders being committed right in my neighborhood. None are done by white man. In fact it's young African American killing each other. I don't see the family crying for revenge or getting on the news, or going about getting a rally together to find the killer. I never see neighbors say I know who did it when detectives are investigating the murders. I don't see out standing students being killed innocently where I'm from. I see drug involved killings, I see gang related killings , stupid killings about hood territories that's what I see. How come no one made a big deal when my grandmother was murder during a Hardee's robbery which to the longest time to get solved. The witness took more the eight months to turn in his friend. Who was 15 years of age. When his family found out they said their son was a saint. Okay then what crime did my grandmother commit. Was going to work that morning get her killed? Did she deserve it? No, my grandmother went to work that morning being the sweet heart that she was she let a young man in to use the bathroom before opening time. He seemed innocent, until his boys came up behind him pushed grandmother to the ground and went on to rob the place. My grandmother began to pray telling boy not to harm any one. He told her to " shut the f up and stop fing praying to god. God wasn't going to save her" he held the gun to her head. She mentioned god again and he shot her point blank. So please stop painting this boy like some church going preachers son. Everyone is capable of evil , even a 17 year old guy. And if he is innocent and was wrongfully killed then justice will served.

      1. Anonymous7:09 PM

        I for one am truly sorry to hear about the death of your loved one. I am also in agreement that not all kids are above reproach.
        You live the life where death is an occurrence that happens more than not. However the facts in this case boil down to this, he was walking down the street and was followed. Mr. Zimmerman himself said so, I don't think that many gangsters make a call to tell the police that they are following a rival gang member because he is in his "Hood." It is a massive tragedy that killings happen all the time, and more so in black areas than anywhere else. However, it is my opinion that regardless of how this plays out civil liberties will be taken from the American public just as what happen with the Patriot Act. By the time the public figures out what happened it will be to late. If you are walking down the street and some one says hey, I feel threatened because my friend killed your family member, and kills you unarmed because he started it and you fought back, and began beating him. He according to this would get off scott free, not even be asked in for questioning. Would that be fair or right? Once people are allowed to kill someone without due process of law, then you have anarchy. Maybe that would be a good thing for the Nation, so that we can go back to the days of the Wild Wild West. At least then you could carry a gun and defend yourself from, another unknown person who decided to take the law into his own hands and take your life because you were looking out of place. Oh wait that already happened in this country, for many years in the South because Black people looked like they didn't belong there. Problem was at that time that Blacks couldn't carry guns and the folks killing them, were supposed to "Serve and protect." You know very well what it means to have someone treat you as if you stole something when you haven't done anything. I can't and don't blame folks for acting out because if your treated like you did something and didn't, most folks will go ahead and do it. It's a darned if you do darned if you don't mentality. I own several companies and still have to deal with the same thing. However I chose not to drop to that same level, as the saying goes living well is the best revenge. I for one hope that justice is served in this case but, I fear that even if is it will be too little to late and if it is served some will see this as pressure being brought to a race issue. So even at that point justice will have gotten another black eye.

    49. U stupid!! To totally different situation. You obviously didn't stand up for your grandmother. The meda is avaliable for you to. Use it and stop putting down all that's being done by Trayvons family.

      1. Anonymous1:14 AM

        One you don't know me or what me and my family did to find out who murdered my grandmother and for you saying what you just said you should get slapped. What I am trying to get as is many black young man are killed or innocent people are caught in the cross fire and it's another black man committing the crime yet our own people in our own fing community does nothing to bring the killer to justice. If they know some they are to chicken shit to say anything because their are more fing cowards in our streets then anything else. Instead promoting the fing negetives , instead letting the police do their job we are stooping lower asking for blood , putting bountys on another mans life. I don't and you don't what happened only Zimmerman and Martian knows. All of ya stop assuming what you don't know and let justice serve. I am so fing sick about people pulling the race card. Did you ever think" hey it just might be possible that Martin did follow Zimmerman ? Why can't that be a possibility? Why because you believe what ever the media tells you. " hello stupid people the media doesn't care what happens or who did. The probably laughing as ratings sky rock and we are here trying to kill each other over something we know nothing about. Martin is not a preacher and neither is Zimmerman . People talking " Martin didn't have a record but Zimmerman did" yet when something dirty pops up about Martin everyone wants to say " hey people make mistakes and change" really contradicting as hell. FYI , there are serial killers who kill and can't be profiled because they have no criminal records. How is it everyone knows what happened that night? Where you there , are you working the case? No, then shut up. Let's start showing black man and woman in a positive light. Report positive shit about our people. Why is it do much attention made on the negetive. Shit I graduated with a 4.0 , top of my class got a scholarship I don't see the black panthers, or Al Sharpten glorifying that event. Why, because it won't get rating and it won't keep Sharpten relevant.

      2. Anonymous8:24 PM

        Thank you for being objective.

      3. Anonymous10:53 PM

        I too would like to thank you for being objective

    50. Anonymous6:05 AM

      wow that's really amazing.
      Orlando public relations

    51. Anonymous6:24 AM

      Trayvon was found with burglary tools it sounds like he was no angel like Al Sharpton and the media want you to think i get sick and tired of people not taking responsibility for themselves get a job pay your bills stop looking for a hand out that goes for white,black and all races

    52. Anonymous7:58 AM

      What White man? The shooter is Latino and this is just more propaganda wraped in another false narrative in an election year. (Divisive politics in an election year for an agenda.) The demographics in America are changing and those of us that live in states with many Latinos are no stranger to black on brown and brown on black violence.

      1. Anonymous12:12 PM

        It goes to show how everything with African Americans are always moved by race. Sorry to say people but African Americans are one of the most racist race out their. You hear Zimmerman is a "white Hispanic" and right away you want to jump the gun and focus on the fact that he was referred to as white. The race system with police and media and any institution that use race to identify an individual has changed. So let me school you on this problem people out there who are having trouble understanding this system. A " White Hispanic" means he's a Hispanic man of light complexion.
        For example me and my brother are referred to as " White African Americans" because we aren't dark skin, but light skin and our ethnic background is African American.

      2. Anonymous8:25 PM

        Well, just stop it. One persona can start a trend.

    53. Anonymous9:41 AM


      1. Anonymous8:31 PM

        According to the injury pictures I saw. A community watch man doing his job with a gun that could have been used on him. It adds up to a clean shoot. I saw the latest pictures of Trevon Martin as well. He is well over 6 feet tall and weighes about 200 pounds. He was expelled in school and Zimmerman 5'9". Zimmerman slimmed down from his mug shot and grew up and got away, it seems from a youthful life headed the wrong way. Obviously he was trusted to do his job, armed and had to have a state permit. No doubt he was responsible at his 25 year age. This could go on, but I am about tired of all of it.

    54. Anonymous1:33 PM

      Alot of people are missing the point here trying to justify your own views. So let's break this down piece by piece.
      First as a neighbor hood watch member his job is to look for suspicious people. Anyone walking through a neighbor hood at one in the morning will be noted. Even if it would have been a cop instead of a civilian they would have took note especially with the recent burglaries. SOP in this situation is to follow the person and contact police to give a report of the person. Now you are right he should not have gotten out of the car I guess he was being a bit overzealous in his job but that does not mean he should be beaten for his troubles.
      Second he was told by police to stop following the guy and he did. He was on his way back to his car when attacked from behind. At the point the kid should no longer feel threatened as the guy following him left him alone. Also if he had a cell phone why not contact police and tell them someone is following him instead of jumping the guy from behind.
      Third if Zimmerman was legally carrying his gun there is no reason he should not have had it on him. Not even getting into his 2nd amendment rights caring a gun does not mean you are looking to use it. Most gun owners pray they never have cause to use it but they will use it to protect their lives. Getting hit from behind and having someone beating on you while you are on the ground put you in fear of your life. I was in a similar situation myself a few years ago that took a surgery to fix my eye are getting kicked in the face broke off my orbital socket and almost cost in the vision in that eye. It would have been worse but when I finally came to after being hit from behind I was able to identify myself as a cop and they took off. But they were happy to keep on beating me until then. So anyone who says that Zimmerman being beat on is not a big deal or life threatening are just plain wrong.
      Lastly a couple of side notes. The supposed call going on with the girlfriend. If she was in fact on the phone with him and events happened the way she said why did she not call the police. Why did it take so long to identify the body if the girlfriend knew where he was and that there was trouble the night before. Why have the media stopped talking about the girlfriend and the call. Why are the media only using pictures that are years old of Trayvon. Why do they keep portraying Zimmerman as white when he is of Hispanic heritage. My point here is read between the lines of what the media spoon feeds you, and remember they are spinning the story that will sell the most copies. In the end only the people there know what really happened.

    55. Anonymous5:43 PM

      When you're in a fight and you feel like you're in danger, your adrenaline starts pumping and racism is the last thing that enters your mind. You don't ask yourself what color the person beating you down is. You fight back and you do what you have to do to save yourself. This will be looked at as a racist killing by all the bleeding hearts. It is a senseless killing. But should not be construed as racist

    56. Anonymous5:53 PM

      One side of this debate wants Martin to be painted a saint and Zimmerman a cold blooded murderer. The other side the complete opposite. If people would take race out of the matter and look at this with no bias we would get a clear view of what happened. The truth doesn't get good ratings though. Should Zimmerman have chased this kid, I say no he is not a law enforcement officer. But he was trying to protect his neighborhood and check into a suspicious person. This will get disected 1,000 different ways, but in the end the truth will come out through the courts. But of course the only thing that one side wants to do is see this man hang, they don't want to know the truth. I just saw that a famous black person posted the address of Zimmerman's family on his twitter page, what class. I guess they should kill his family to get justice. Was this kid a saint, what the fuck do you think. NO. Was Zimmerman right for trying to keep his neighborhood safe, yes and no. He should not have taken it to the level that it went to and he should be judged for that. Think what you want, hopefully justice rings and MSNBC and stupid celebrities don't get the innocent members of Zimmerman's family killed. Bottom line is that most of you are morons that should keep your opinions to yourself because the truth isn't what you want to hear.

      1. Anonymous2:03 AM

        I agree everyone is seeing this whole thing from a half open box. You don't want to try and put your self in the Hispanics shoes. No, you want to see from a racial point of view. Even if it was a police officer and not a neighborhood watch the results of what people assume will be the same. No mater if it's right or left almost everyone is one sided and I don't get why. Both situation are possible. It could have been in self defense and could have not been. Either way the family will have to wait for the investigators to investigate this killing. People don't get that solid evidence is what holds up in court to follow up on any conviction guilty or not guilty. Zimmerman hasn't fled the country and I am pretty sure is because the police told him he's not allowed to leave the state. So let's let the experts do their jobs.

    57. Anonymous7:56 PM

      black on black violence is an every day happening in my town, shooting each other all the time. then, a hispanic shoots one in self defense and its still the white devils fault. blacks are by far way more racist towards whites then the other way around. start an all white college and holy shit rev jackson would rise up and raise hell, start any kind of all white function and blacks are going to riot. yes, blacks commit the majority of crime, murder robbery rape and drugs, hardly hold a job, are awesome at making more little black leaches that drain society as they grow up and rely on the government for assistance. so, niggah please, all blacks are coddled, yes i am racist as hell. at least zimmerman took out a possible breader, he could have had several offspring by several women in the next few years, not paying for one of them but the white mans taxes would.

    58. Anonymous8:00 PM

      pull up your pants and you can run faster! by the way obama is only half black, how can he be the first black president? because blacks are grasping at anything and everything

    59. Anonymous8:08 PM

      some of you are fucking idiots, a black shoots a white and no media outrage, black shoots a black and no outrage, anyone with light skin shoots a black and holy crap the world comes to an end! when the race wars hit and i hope they do just remember the blacks will loot and destroy their own town, shows how smart they are

      1. Anonymous8:34 PM

        It is all a game to garner votes by the left. They want hedonism and a socialist government headed up by idiots who want to think they are elite. The blacks are being used like puppets in this. They fail to realize these "elite" would not speak to them on the street or even give Trevon a ride to the store.

    60. Anonymous9:14 PM

      Looking at both sides of the issue here, and based on what I have heard so far. I have to say that the bare minimum Zimmerman should have been arrested. Here's why. Even though he may have had reason to follow this kid, he was a self appointed watch captain. Not a hired security guard, not ADT and not a police officer. If anyone is walking down the street, and I approach you and ask you what are you doing here at night, you ave no idea what I want. If I ID myself as neighborhood watch, at at least you have some idea why I'm harassing you. Apparently he had no flashing lights, uniform or anything else on that would have identified him as such. As the assumed authority figure in the situation he should have made that clear. He was speaking to the REAL POLICE at the time who told him to stand down. Now he claims to have been walking back to his truck when he was attacked. If he had stayed put and waited for the police he would have been doing the job he appointed HIMSELF to do. The police are trained to deal with criminals, Zimmerman was not and is not. Now flip the script.
      If Travon had gotten the gun from Zimmerman and shot and killed him would he be free as a bird? No, because the law does not apply on an even level for all in this or any other country. Someone saw the tail end of a fight in a State where you have the right to STAND YOUR GROUND. Travon stood his ground just as much as Zimmerman, he lost that fight because a grown man who called this boy an "Fing Coon" got out of his car and followed him, cause they always get away with it. That is what makes this a race related case, the fact that the boy was Black or 6.3 or 140 or 300 lbs makes no difference. His intent was made clear, Travon was not breaking into his or anyone else's home, tagging or breaking into someone's car or raping someone. His only crime was the time Of night/day that he wanted Skittles an Ice Tea and walking home.
      Had Travon been in the act of breaking into someone's home or any other CRIMINAL ACT, the Zimmerman would be a hero.
      Case in point, black 19 year old here in Vegas was in someone's yard with intent to break in home invasion style. Home owner didn't even let him get to the door! Boom dead as a door nail, do I feel sorry that the home owner defended his home? Hell no, kid was up no good got what he had coming. That's the difference, that kid was on this man's property and they still took him in! He was released and cleared but at least they took the guy in, and it was on his property!

      In this case this guy is on the PUBLIC STREET, gets in to a fight that he started and claims self defense?! As Don King would say only in America!
      Watch out Americans, if this slides anyone can be shot to death at anytime for any reason, by anyone. There is a reason Law Men and Women carry guns but wear badges! It's so you know with whom you are dealing with and who has the authority to question another human being.
      On all of those accounts Mr. Zimmerman fails. Therefore he should be tried by 12 since Travon will be carried by 8.

      1. Anonymous1:53 AM

        Let's remove color from this case. Doing do blinds people from facts. Which in the defense of the media might not always be true because it's heat say any way. Now let's really break it down. 1) no one knows what the investigaters are up to because such a thing will not be released to the media or the public. If there is anything it should be passed down to the parents. The police had no obligation to the people only to the parents. 2) evidence is important on follow up with a case. Not he said she said but solid evidence. You have to have sufficient grounds to arrest a person. And it's going to be a hard case due to the law " Stand Your Ground".
        I stress and stress again Evidence holds up in court not he said she said. If autopsy reports indicate that there was even an ounce of foul play. Then things will be treated in a whole different light. No one knows what really happened and unfortunately the young man can't give police his side of the story. It all comes down to the investigation. I truly believe in the justice system. I also believe when something smells fishy it will be found. Everyone needs to let the family of this young man morn. Everyone is acting crazy and forgetting that this family probably hasn't had anytime to truly morn their sons death because the people are demanding justice and if not that blood. Putting the family in a situation where they might not even think to breath because the have something to prove. I personally as a mother of 16 year would in no way want this kind of attention. Where in interviews I have advocates threatening another mans life. We are yelling fair justice yet how far is offering a 10,000 bounty on a mans head. Is that justifiable. Will this bring a parent closure ? No it will only anger because the sweet revenge you that was going to quench your thirst only now makes you feel guilty and even more upset. If Zimmerman is guilty he will face hell for the rest of his life in jail. And whether he is guilty or not it will never bring that young man back, even if the community takes upon their hands to serve justice all it will do is send more black man to jail. Let's not be as senseless as the killing that was committed because it will result in more negetive then positive.

    61. Anonymous1:15 PM

      Just to make things clear on how racist blacks are I live in WI and this last aug. at our state fair in Milwaukee there was a black attack on whites. This all happened as everyone was leaving the state fair a large group of teenage blacks attacked innocent whites that were jusrt going home. At this time in WI we did not have conceal and carry but shortly after they passed the law now we can carry but I still dont see the US media telling this story. Only because blacks are the ones involved.

    62. Anonymous1:21 PM

      Blacks cause more crime than Whites fact it isnt racist its just facts that is why there is sterotypes.

    63. Anonymous9:46 AM

      the fact is that zimmerman was not told by police to stop following him it was a operator and also he did not run him down like a dog he pulled up and tried talking to him and the kid jumped on him so no i dont think zimmerman should be arested and also zimmerman is not white so why is this a battel of white and black well my answer to that is because racist are just trying to point the finger but it doesnt matter because the jury will do there job

    64. Anonymous10:17 AM

      I think it funny. So many people here just know who is guilty and who is innocent. Sorry to hurt your little feelings but unless you were there then you don't know. For all we know it is just a bully and a thug that somehow caught the media's attention. Or even a gentleman and young boy.

    65. Anonymous12:21 PM

      The undertaker at the funeral home said Travon had no signs of a struggle on his hands or any bruises. How can that be if he attacked Zimmerman and broke his nose. He says when embalming a body they pay close attention to the exposed areas that may be seen at the viewing in case they need to cover it up. There were no cuts or bruises. I'd like to know, did the police request an autopsy performed on Travon? That would tell a lot of truths to this situation and answer a lot of questions. I have not read anywhere, where an autopsy was performed.

    66. Anonymous1:51 PM

      We are not talking about two men here, we are talking about a man and a child, which the man placed a child in a grown mans position. Zimmermen should have followed orders from the police and left the child alone he premeditated his choice and did not he set out to cause this problem. He antagonized a fight and blamed it on the child, wow, Zimmerman put a child in a grown mans position, zimmermen did not identify who he was, my name is zimmermen Im with neighborhood watch, and you cannot be here, he did none of these things giving this child time to leave after identifying him self. The first mistake zimmermen did was not identifying who he was and why he was, thus, Zimmermen was wrong. The police states, This is the police they have ID on if your arrested , the first thing is said is your rights. Zimmerman provoked a fight they call him white this man is not white. Something needs to be done. Zimmerman not only killed a person, he shot in cold blood a child who he placed in a grown mans position, Zimmerman is a cold blooded child killer. And when the world sees all the blacks against a child who was placed in a grown mans position just because he was walking through a neighbor hood, no tv's in his hands no radios, nothing and grown black men speak against a child which they have all be Travons age did the same shit and then they have the nerve to turn their backs on him, they aint shit as black men heads of communities you aint shit none of you all taking up for Zimmermen who had no damm business confronting a child in such a manner black men don't protect their homes wifes,children nor their communities, then they scream black women act like men I wonder why, black American descendants of enslaved men aren’t nothing they let any one kill their families children homes and they don't stand up for shit, Zimmermen is a cold blooded child killer they see how destroyed our communities can be. Zimmerman is a cold blooded child killer. I’m a descendant of the black Africans there were enslaved I am a woman, how dear Zimmerman how dare you, after this I don't look at our black men the same never and I hold them all accountable for this Childs death until Zimmermen is brought to justice and the black men that speak up for Zimmermen and hide behind a bull shit law who allows and person to kill a child I hold you accountable from heaven first havens laws first thou shall not kill, you men taking up for Zimmermen allowed him to kill Trevon a child in cold blood.
      Im sorry Travon, Im so sorry honey, May your Spirit rest in peace with love your adopted anitie Tee.

      1. Anonymous8:40 PM

        That 6'1" or 6'3" (depending on where you read) "child" was either 18 or close to it. He weighed 200 pounds it has come out and had tattoos, gold teeth and at the very leas friends who gave gang signs on his blog. The "child" could have gotten that weapon away from Zimmerman and shot Zimmerman. So that "child" needed to act like a "child" if he is a child and not be in a position to psyche out an armed watchman for the community. I am sorry for the Martins loss, but I am sorry the Zimmerman's boy had to shoot the youn man.

    67. Anonymous1:55 PM

      If I was there I would have help Traveon fight that Zimmermans viper ass. The devil goes to and fro seeking whom he can divour, Zimmerman was Judas kissing Jesus on the cheek, Zimmerman he too has his reward just as Judas got his reward.

    68. Anonymous2:34 PM

      now, nobody knows if im black, white, hispanic - but the fact is it doesnt matter cause this is THE problem. if the population of white americans is around 65% than the majority of crimes statisticaly should be by whites-period.

      *crime rates in america

      Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.
      * When blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely than non-blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.
      * Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate, and Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate.
      * The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic.

      Interracial Crime

      * Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving blacks and whites, blacks commit 85 percent and whites commit 15 percent.
      * Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are black.
      * Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.
      * Blacks are 2.25 times more likely to commit officially-designated hate crimes against whites than vice versa.


      * Only 10 percent of youth gang members are white.
      * Hispanics are 19 times more likely than whites to be members of youth gangs. Blacks are 15 times more likely, and Asians are nine times more likely.


      * Between 1980 and 2003 the US incarceration rate more than tripled, from 139 to 482 per 100,000, and the number of prisoners increased from 320,000 to 1.39 million.
      * Blacks are seven times more likely to be in prison than whites. Hispanics are three times more likely.

      from what i found, the percentage of blacks in the us are around 15%


      Arrest data: FBI, Crime in the United States, 2001
      (USGPO, 2002), p. 252. FBI, Crime in the United States, 2002
      (USGPO, 2003), p. 252. FBI, Crime in the United States, 2003
      (USGPO, 2004), p. 288

    69. Anonymous10:23 PM

      Thank God this is finally going away. The story is more diluted and buried deeper in the news every HOUR. Soon all will be forgotten and we can get back to important things like the economy, the powderkeg in the Middle East, etc. All you race baiters go on back to your bongs. Your own behaviors have caused your TOTAL irrelevance. Nobody cares who was shot or who shot who anymore!!!!! Move on with your lives already.

    70. Anonymous11:48 PM

      what makes this out to be a race issue is simply this. if both people involved had been black, the black community would not be as up in arms about this issue as they are right now. if both people involved had been white, still the black community would not be at all, even a little bit up in arms as they are right now. if Zimmerman had been black and Trevon had been white, again the black community would not have been up in arms about Zimmerman. black people, anytime they are defending a black person they want to say race has nothing to do with it, yet never, ever, ever have I ever seen nor do I believe I will ever see black people up in arms about a black person killing a white person. until someone can show black people up in arms about a black person killing a white person, then I'm sorry black people in my opinion will be considered the true racist. however, it is easy to show white people up in arms about a white person killing a black person. based on that, which race is truly the most racist?

    71. Anonymous2:52 AM

      A young man, on suspension or not does not deserve to be murdered without reason by an adult was NOT on watch duty, who should not have been carrying a weapon and who was told by authorities not to pursue him.
      Thank you.


    72. Anonymous10:26 AM

      Due to the hype by the real racial bigots in this country, Holder, Jackson, Sharpton, Lee, Wright, the Black Panthers and the racists in congress and the liberal media this has been a classic example right out of the liberal and racist's playbook "exploit and take advantage of a tragedy to advance your agenda". I think the bounty and reward called for by these vermin need to be turned back against them. Let them look over their shoulder for a change!

    73. M. S Ellis Sr. father of 41:02 PM

      Im sitting here reading all of these replys in some what disbelief? how are any of you bringing up the fact that Zimmerman was anything but WRONG here? lets look at the facts. Zimmerman was told by the 911 dispatcher not to follow Martin period. He wanted to continue and im sure Martin became iratated this guy is following him around. The kid went to the store for skittles like really regardless of the break inns regardless of any other factors Zimmreman "job" was to call the cops for his dutys he did that he should of allowed the police to do there job. The fact he got beat up( so it been reported) was his own fault if you followed the kid looking for a fight and got one well then he asked for it....You dont bring a gun to a fist fight. the kid is dead ....he is dead Zimmerman gets to kiss his fam at night his children if he has any ...Martin will never enjoy those same gifts. Zimmerman stole that kids life and he deserves to lose his for it. This does not take a month to file charges if Zimmerman did the right thing well then he has his day in court to prove that . The fact that we are not even to the place were he presents a case to defend himself is the real injustice here. He needs to be locked up and like any Black man/child/person would have been immedialty locked up and forced to fight there battle in the lopsided court system the truth is no matter what the outcome is here any other conclusion then Guilty is injustice. In the black commuinity were used to it still dont make it right. There a reason the jails are filled up with black men and women and it not becasue there the only ones doing wrong or breaking the law. truth is the court system is still looking at black children with the same hate and disgust as they did 50 years ago. The fact remains that becasue you have breakins " from "black guys" dont make it ok to assume that any black person walking in the area is breaking the law. that like me assuming every white person believes in slavery..its insane that the converstaion here isnt whats zimmerman defence going to be it when are they even going to bring the guy in for killing someone and charge him. if he beats the case atleast his day in court was had.......i challange anyone one who wrote on this to show one case where a black man killed a white teenager for walking down the street(1) and (*2) SHOW ME where the black guy was not even charged and forced to defend his confident there wont be any cases to show this scenario. even more then that show me one case that a black man was considered defending himself for chasing down a white or even anther race individual away from his/her own property and considered self defence?? you wont find one period. Blacks are guilty untill proven innoccent. and zimmerman being multi raced (as am i)should be held to same standards under the laws as anyone who looks like or resembles Martin. this is bull<>>" period the kid is dead can we see lady justice for this childs family and can you people pull your heads out of your rear ends...get off your high horse your thinking is whats wrong with this country i dont care if the kid had gold teeth ion his mouth from my understanding millions of kids in florida have gold in there mouth ( i lived there MIami for sometime) it a style not an admission to guilt and tall tales signs on a bugular in process of making his move. Hey Zimmerman i think you should go to jail and and answer for your crimes. the fact you got your nose broke and head pounded on the ground might make you think twice about walking around with your chest poked out looking for trouble. LOCK HIM UP and have him fight his case ion court were only asking for equlity

      1. Anonymous2:42 PM

        Mate! You would not know EQUALITY ( that is how it's spelled) if it stood up and bit you on the arse! KID? six feet tall and almost 18 years....yea kid my arse you ignorant american scumbag!

    74. Anonymous1:18 PM

      I went to school with Tre. He is an ashole. he sells weed n stuff. he is no child!!! How do you think he got those gold teeth?? From working hadr 9 to 5 at his job?!?!!? You black people are the most racist people on earth!!!

      1. Ever heard of clip on grills. So let's get this right. Sentance for smoking weed or selling is death? Are you sure you went to school?

      2. Anonymous8:44 PM

        I really am inclined to believe you.

    75. what we all need is to pray for the purification of our hearts,we've been polluted by what we hear, see and experience every day that we find it hard to be color blind.we've been polluted by history that we find it hard to forget and look to the future.I for one am black for example and always get catch myself stereo typing even black people because of what I see on tv every day.e.g i work in an overnight convenience store and every time a you black male walks in with a hoodie i used to get get nervous but the only 2 times i was ever robbed at gun point was both by white the whether the witnesses are telling the truth or just siding with their race is yet to be known ,but the points you pointed out just highlight how racist this world is .there are alot of scenerios that we can create in our heads and question ourselves what could have happened but really its a waste of time ,a life is lost and all we can ever do is pray for our own healing...until all our hearts are healed of all this hate ,stereo typing ,racism,finger pointing, this shall happen not sure if zimmerman is racist ,has anger issues or he just pulled the trigger because he was scared for his life because i dont know what lies in the mans thing i can encourage everyone to do is to pray for the purity of your own heart and that you love everyone the same way.ive had people call police on me simply for being lost in the (wrong) neighborhood when ive never won baggy pants in my life just because i was black..the police officers where hostile to me and only became friendly to me after i pulled out my college id .now i dont mourn around all hate police or anyone who does that but understand that the more the media or our own parents or friends make race a big issue the more people are prone to be subconsciously embedded with these stereotypes.when things like this happen the best thing you can do is to look within yourself and pray that you look at every human being the pretty sure if zimmerman was the boy being followed and martin was the neighborhood watchman it would have been a different story not because of race hate but because of how far we have allowed the media and society to program how we think.this whole thing is unpanctuated because of how angry this whole race thing hurts me and how frustrating it is to know that we still have a long way to go.and by the way obama is not the most racist president because am pretty sure if he was then more could have been done by our past presidents to eradicate this deadly desease.the best this we can do is teach our kids to treat and look at everyone the same so that this can not go on for another century

    76. Anonymous11:30 PM

      This story is so sad. A sad incident both people trying to defend themselves but what gave zimmerman the right to follow this young boy the blame should be put on him it's not about who was white or black a life was took for no reason there was no reason for that little boys life to be took. It could have been handeld differently There was no reason for a gun Martin did not have a gun just his fist what competition did Zimmerman feel? Ridiculous man!! For everyone that is playing the race thing please quit with the crap that was someones little boy what if it was your child you would want justice self defense or not. Zimmerman just a wannabe! If he hadn't played "cop". I'm not picking sides but he had no reason to mess with Martin and who cares what kind of Child he was no one has the right to judge. Innocent boy was killed and everyone only thinks about race! And picking sides.Judge that! And as for Tampa bay news how ignorant are they to go into how whites get called racist for certain things sorry news flash whites did a lot to get called racist sorry and not blacks, Mexicans, Asians, etc fault that whites don't give a crap about other whites to do something about the way there living and to help out there own kind!!! So get over it every race gets called names stop playing the victim.

      1. Anonymous2:46 PM

        "young boy".... "little boy" and justifying your right to be a racist? You could ONLY be a bloody american ignorant black. TWAT!

    77. Anonymous11:55 AM

      Everyone is so stuck in their own perspective. There were only 2 people, and 3 witnesses at the scene. I believe that lets out everyone here. Media lies !!!! Stop being manipulated!

      What makes more sense to you?

      case 1: We have a hispanic that tracks down a black male with the sole intent of killing him. Has Zimmerman done this before? Was he just looking for some black person to kill and Trevon was the unlucky one? Doesn't sound logical to me.

      Case 2: In spite of the pictures, Trevon is not a cute 13 year old. He is a very healthy 160 lb male and probably more than a match for Zimmerman. So does Trevon take affront that Zimmerman is watching him? Does Trevon approach Zimmerman and start fighting him? Sounds more likely to me.

      Throw in that Zimmerman's dad in an interview said Trevon was saying "tonight you will die". I would probably believe Trevon. Zimmerman's injuries are consistent with a severe beating. Was that faked too? How about the 3 witnesses that put Trevon on top of Zimmerman, beating the snot out of him as he called for help?

      I wasn't there, nor were you. But if some muscular 17 year old black male is on top of me slamming my head into the pavement and telling me I am going to die, I have to say I would pull a piece and waste him too. Not because he is black, not because of anything he was or was not doing earlier, not because he is is wearing a hoodie, not because of the neighborhood, but because he is saying he will kill me and I believe he will try his best to do so.

      Did Zimmerman provoke this? Maybe, maybe not. Since when does following someone qualify anyone for a beating and death threats? I have not heard that Zimmerman said anything to Travon before the fight. In fact, since Travon was on top of Zimmerman pounding him, he had not yet been shot. So much for stalking him and shooting in cold blood. I am left to conclude that Travon started the beating.

      I really don't think there is any racial dimension to this incident, however much the poverty pimps try to make one. I don't believe Zimmerman is racist, though I do not have enough background to make the same statement about Trevon. Looking at his facebook page pictures does give me pause. The kid seems to have had a lot of issues, success not being among them. If he wanted to appear tough, he succeed.

      So, should Travon have been able to walk about in a hoodie? Sure. There are just some things you shouldn't rationally do though. Travon paid the price for stupidity. He wanted to appear tough, he paid the price. Zimmerman didn't want Travon to kill him that night, he too will pay a price.

      It is sad, but all the marches and posturing and rhetoric will not change anything. Hey, America, how's that hope and change working out for you? Keep you eyes on the prize, and don't be distracted by Barrack O'Bummer. 10 Travons a day occur in America somewhere, most killed by another black. Is it the death, or the colors that are important? Whites killing blacks is so rare as to be negligible. As Jessie Jackson said, when he looked over his shoulder at night to see the footsteps following him, he was relieved to see a white face. Jessie ought to know.

      Hey guys, take responsibility! You want to dress and act like a tough gang banger, fine; don't complain when you die like one.

    78. The comments are becoming more intelligent! There's hope for America, yet!

    79. Anonymous1:40 PM

      Hey guys.. we are BEING USED to bring about ENSLAVEMENT of us all. See this:

      It's the truth - but HIDDEN in plain sight!

    80. Anonymous5:39 AM

      That dude was not white he looks full on mexican I'm mixed and he makes me look nordic

    81. Anonymous12:01 AM

      so the penalty for following a black man is, you get a beat down? and if I understand correctly a beat down is being beaten if not to death then to at least within an inch of your life needing hospitalization. question: regardless of age or race how much of a beating does a man have to take before he is justified in defending his life? remember Trayvon did not just bust the man's nose knocking him down and then ran away, instead Trayvon decided to jump on the man and beat his head against the sidewalk. if your head was being beaten against a sidewalk would you think the person is trying to kill you? or would you think it is just some harmless horseplay? I notice every black person on here says Trayvon was justified in attacking Zimmerman, but Zimmerman had no right at all to defend himself or his neighborhood. I am sure this is because of Zimmerman's skin color and nothing else. and for the white people out there that think black people are treated unfairly when they walk through white neighborhoods, I would like to challenge you to walk your white butt through a black neighborhood all by yourself or better yet send your teenage white child through an all black neighborhood alone. then report back and let us all know how you were or your child was treated. oh what's that? you wouldn't do that? why? is it because you are too racist to walk through a black neighborhood? no, it's because you know what everyone else knows, and that is, as a white person there is a really good chance you or your child would not make it out a live. every time a crime is committed by a black person against a white person, whites are suppose to view it as an isolated incident not indicative of all black people committing a hate crime against all white people, but any time a crime is committed by a white person or a person that is other than black, it is always a viewed by the black community as a hate crime committed against all black people. I have yet to hear any black person say, "you know what... if the evidence shows that Trayvon was trying to beat the man to death, then well it pains me to say, but maybe Trayvon earned what happened to him." nope instead I have heard black people say things like, if anything other than guilty come back as a verdict, then there will be no peace. I believe if anything other than not guilty comes back, then there is no justice left in the US. O J got away with murder because of no other reason than race and now Zimmerman will have to go to jail for no other reason than race. I guess we have come a long way in this nation.

    82. Anonymous12:10 PM

      Two Black Teens Fueled By Hate From Al Sharpton Brutally Beat a White Man in Sanford, FL

      After leaving the Sanford rally, the two black teens decided to brutally beat a defenseless 50 year old white male for no reason whatsoever. (no reason meaning, they were not provoked by the white man in any way)

      Two Black Teens from Sanford FL Fueld By Hate from Al Sharpton and Spike Lee Brutally Beat a White M
      After becoming enraged by a rush to judgement in Trayvon Martin case and a false racist narrative with angry rallies and divisive comments and distorted news..

      This is what George Soros and his puppet wants to be happening in our crumbling country. Divide and conquer. And people who are hypnotized by the news and Obama's beautiful rhetoric are becoming enslaved. Wake up people!!

    83. Anonymous12:24 PM

      To emphaize what the media is NOT reporting: Last weekend in the city of Chicago alone, gangbangers slaughtered ten people and wounded another forty. The youngest fatality is only six years old. The youngest person wounded is only one-year-old. Many of the victim were pedestrians sprayed with bullets in drive by shootings. The national news has said nothing about this.

    84. Anonymous10:34 PM

      Maybe we should look at the bigger picture here being that the actions of the Reverends are not "racially driven". Where is the support for Robert Champions family being that he was beaten and died for nothing by his own kind? No speeches, no celebrity appearences, no city, state or nation movement by his peers? What is unfortunate is that the Trayvon situation us being heightened only for racial reasons! Given Robert Champion was beaten by his "own" while attending a black college and died is unfortunate. Where's the the publicity and support for him? Before anyone else reacts to the situation they should ask the NBC producer that was fired for editing the 911 call to get his take on the situation.

      1. Anonymous11:17 PM

        I absolutely agree with you. and that is a perfect example.

    85. Anonymous10:41 AM

      First, Zimmerman bit off more than he could chew. When he realized he was about to get his clock cleaned by a 6'02" high school football player, he pulled the ace from his sleeve. At that point, Martin had bitten off more than he could chew. End of story.

    86. Anonymous1:01 AM

      Wow.. anything to make it about race. Maybe they should have trevons room for the items that had been stolen from the houses in that community over the prior couple of weeks. Maybe the youth of today should stop acting like thugs. Maybe the youth should stop thinking its cool to listen to music about gang banging, stealing, shooting people, raping woman, dealing drugs and riding dirty. Parents have allowed kids to become something a stereo type of dangerous and what's really sad is that they are dangerous. Let's talk about flash mobs, or young children getting hit by stray bullets. This whole issue is about money. That's why one of the first things the parents did was patent his name. Really? U lose your son and the turn it into a money making agenda. This should go to court and
      will have the opportunity for justice, but to all if you idiots marching and preaching hate, don't forget that in this country you are innocent until proven guilty. It might be a good idea to calm down the panthers. They should have already been arrested for the illegal bounty they put out for zimmerman. Talk about radiant. If that was the ill or a neo Nazi group they would have been already arrested. They are a terrorist organization and should be dealt with as such.

    87. Anonymous8:52 PM

      PLEASE WATCH THIS AND Read the comments. People need to change their ways! If you think this is good, you need counseling.

    88. Anonymous9:14 PM

      regardless of who attacked who first, zimmerman shot an unarmed person. i dont see how he could not be convicted. i dont see how the injuries zimmerman obtained from the alleged attack by trayvon could be used to suggest he intended to kill zimmerman. even more convincing of zimmermans guilt is the fact that (to my knowledge) trayvon had never been charged or convicted of any violent or assault related charges. to ME, this proves that zimmermans life was never in any real danger, i dont see how any 17 yr. old could go from smoking bud to beating a man to death. i dont see how zimmerman could escape incarseration, but i beleive the defense will try to persuade the jury to sympathize with his situation. this most likely means they will attempt to make zimmerman out to be the second victim.

    89. Anonymous3:53 PM

      I love these stupid people in the comments
      Zimmerman was a neighbour-watch patrolman. He saw a strange teenager, acting irrationally, and followed him, as he thought it was his duty.
      Zimmerman approached him, and while no-one knows what happened next, it's pretty clear that if you're on top of the guy and beating him, it isn't self defense. That's an attack.

    90. Anonymous6:31 PM

      What kind of person knocks a man down, sits on him, and beats him while the victim is screaming for help? Really! Who would beat a man who is already beaten in spite of cries for help! The man on top was not fearful. The man on top was not afraid fro his life. The man on top was vicious and unrelenting.

    91. Anonymous6:49 PM

      Two men are on the street. Either one can look at the other. Either one can follow the other. Either one can speak to the other. Either one can call 911 to report suspicious behaviour like wandering around behind townhomes. But attacking the other man is illegal. Attacking the other is threatening. Attacking the other man leads to defensive action. Continuing to attack after getting the other man down is stupid, and once in a while the man on the bottom has a licensed firearm.

    92. Anonymous7:15 PM

      What is the chance that a man that carries a licensed firearm virtually every day suddenly decides to go hunting down African-Americans in his neghborhood? What is the chance that a man that has called the police 46 times over 4 years suddenly decides to profile a stranger and hunt him down, to kill him? What is the chance that a man who is constantly looking out for the community's safety suddenly attacks another man in the NO chance that George Zimmerman suddenly changed into a racist killer. There is a good chance that a younger, more fit, agressive young man with a gangsta attitude, sized him up and decided correctly that he could take him down. There is a good chance that a young man emersed in the culture of violence thought that violence is the way to go.

    93. Anonymous7:19 PM

      Zimmerman shot the young man and if he were suspended from school do this give him a right to be killed. Zimmerman his pass history with the law and always getting out of his dirt because father a former judge and mother clerk of court worker.....

      1. Anonymous2:54 PM

        Do you speak or write in english? It absolutely infuriates me to see what you Americans, particularly the blacks DO to my language. Stop it!

    94. Anonymous9:24 AM

      Ha Trevon, he picked the wrong guy to F with.

    95. They had to make Zimmerman a white man because the white male is the only minority that can legally be discriminated against.


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