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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Giant plume of something in Arkansas 3/30/2012

A video of a (mysterious) plume in Arkansas is below. 

This is more significant than it may at first appear, because Arkansas 
is the boundary of a TimeStar facet connected to the Caribbean and 
Eastern Seaboard of the Americas.  This facet is active through 
October 2012.  The New Madrid fault is between Arkansas the 
east coast of the USA, and is in a facet that is active at present. 

This is a word to the wise that the area is sensitive and active at present.

From Krsanna, TimeStar

Uploaded by  on Mar 30, 2012
Since when do "control burns" cause shockwaves or mini-storm fronts? .. borderline plume fallout ---to me, it looks like an ash pyroclastic flow from above.. whatever it is.. it plumes up and then billows out.. and then becomes top heavy and "falls out" into a "flow" .. much like an ash cloud during an eruption would do.

no analysis -- you can form your own opinion on what this is... at this point.. im tired of being the whipping boy for delivering the video on the occurrence .. you decide for yourself.. you think this is a fire.. fine.. you think this is a thunderstorm.. fine.. you think this is military testing.. fine.. you think this is volcanic activity... fine.. you think this is related to fracking.. fine.. you think this is just a foggy day.. FINE...

whatever.. Im just showing you whats on satellite that stands out as odd.

Seen on 1km VISIBLE Satellite view of Arkansas -- 3/30/2012 --

Top Comments

  • Dutch, remember, NO ONE CAN MAKE YOU FEEL INFERIOR WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT_Eleanor Roosevelt. You're doing a great thing, NEVER let the negative ones out there make you feel down, when you do, you are handing them power. Stick to what you're doing, take the good comments and value them, let the bad ones roll right off your back. It's really very easy once you practice it. :) To not give your opinion is to let the jerks out there win. Now do you really want that? I don't think you do :)
  • i live in cincinnati ohio and alot of people are saying the same things you are that they are having a VERY hard time sleeping longer than 3 hours a night some even have said that this has been going on for months i personally have not slept longer that 4 hours a night since march 11, 2011. coincidence or what i am not sure but i do feel that something is going to happen and that alot of us are being warned by our bodies and our minds but we dont know how to react to our feelings or our instinct
  • Here's an interesting analysis of earthquake activity... "Jim Stone on Project Camelot Radio with Kerry Cassidy - March 28th, 2012 - Inside Fukushima"­w&feature=player_embedded
  • There's gotta be someone on the ground there who can get visuals of these plumes
  • I think it's more that our bodies are adjusting and realigning with the new energies coming in as we near alignment with the black hole at Galactic center on 12-21-12. I have been sleeping less and aching more
  • Noticed that there is one of those smaller plumes below it and one to the left of it erupting at the same time... that leads me to think its not just an sudden odd cloud formation. Its isn't fires. We are very good about reporting something that would send a smoke plume up like this and the whole state would know about it quickly. I have to admit, its really weird.
  • Someone needs to physically go there! But if its happening we can't stop it anyway.
  • The trolls have been busy lately. Don't let them get to you Dutch. There are obviously going to be people who hate on you since you're getting more and more fans. It is quite sad to see how much time they spend hanging around the comments page with one negative comment after the other. They're choosing to spend their time name calling and starting conflict and they want to call YOU the bad guy. You've never claimed to be an expert and your true fans know that, but we also do value your opinion
  • Luckisalady1... Hi =o) just wondering if u have heard booms or (?) also....any large animal die offs around u(?)... I'm in MT... We've had large amounts of deer die @ once. 100 around milk river...
  • don't you worry. everyone will be finding out soon enough what this is.
  • What the hell was that? Went to radar for arkansas and zero precip in that area at that time.
  • Sulphur Mountain is in Marble Falls, AR. Again, lots of caverns in area.

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  1. 2unearth7:08 PM
    This was a prescribed burn. I live in the next county....thanks for the bs fearmongering.

  2. 2unearth7:10 PM


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