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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Acupuncture in Cutler Bay, Dee Rohe, (HeavenlyHands.Net)

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Is a Pole Shift beginning? - World coastal water phenomenon continues!

Published on Mar 12, 2018

March 12, 2018: Coastal water anomalies continue. World wide phenomenon. ( University of Rochester) (Puerto Rico)

Friday, March 16, 2018

Whatfinger – Whatfinger News

Whatfinger – Whatfinger News:

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Astronaut Scott Kelly and His Twin Brother Are Still Identical, NASA Says

Astronaut Scott Kelly and His Twin Brother Are Still Identical, NASA Says:

Astronaut Scott Kelly and His Twin Brother Are Still Identical, NASA Says
Twin astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly pose at Johnson Space Center in Houston 
on Jan. 19, 2015, before Scott Kelly's nearly yearlong stay on the International Space Station.
Credit: Robert Markowitz
After a stream of erroneous media coverage about how spaceflight affects astronauts' genes, NASA issued an updated statement yesterday (March 15) about its "twins study" of former astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly.

The study is following changes to Scott Kelly's body after he spent nearly a year in space between 2015 and 2016. His brother and identical twin Mark remained on Earth during that time and is the control subject for the study. In late January, NASA issued an update to its 2017 results that confirmed most of the initial findings.
"Mark and Scott Kelly are still identical twins; Scott's DNA did not fundamentally change. What researchers did observe are changes in gene expression, which is how your body reacts to your environment. This likely is within the range for humans under stress, such as mountain climbing or scuba diving," NASA said in the recent clarification to the Jan. 31 update. [Twins In Space: Astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly in Photos]
NASA's update came after some media outlets initially misreported that Scott Kelly's DNA itself had changed

Monday, March 05, 2018

"UV"Electromagnetic Radiation-Ultra Violet Sunlight 3/05/2018

March 5, 2018: In this video we measure the outdoor UV "electromagnetic radiation" from multiple locations across the country. It seems we are measuring summertime UV in the winter. Be safe out there... 🌎 If you like my research and my daily dedication to all my loyal subscribers, and would like to show financial support, you can do so via Patreon or PayPal. Please see links below. Your financial support is greatly appreciated. Thank you! Become A Patron Patreon DONATE TO ME DIRECTLY-PayPal (Safe & secure one-time user-friendly method) Support My Channel Using PayPal Thank you for watching! Please LIKE & SHARE 👍 **Don’t forget to click the subscribe button to my channel for updates** NEW VISITORS CAN SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL - CLICK LINK BELOW YouTube: (Subscribe for daily updates and live streams )

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy, Worm Aftermath= I Feel Amazing!!

Published on Jan 23, 2018

There are many interesting comments posted below the YouTube.

Dee's note:

From time to time, Roy does Peroxide Therapy - He just started it again about three weeks ago, and he keeps saying he's feeling better.  

I can see that he is!  After we brush our teeth and rinse, we spray food grade Hydrogen Peroxide on our teeth, wait awhile to whiten the teeth (it's working) and then swallow it. 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Eric Holder on Brainwashing "I Meant Black People"

Sure he did.  Yeah right.

Seems to me to be white kids (to blame alt-right?) that are being programmed with 'anti-depressant' drugs and suggestions in the media toward violence in the schools. Already there are copycats. Have you noticed?

The BLM's Antifa, etc. are already thinking they're victims (thanks BHO) feeling sorry for themselves, blaming whites, the police, etc. and are being paid by Sourpus, Aubumuh and Clingon towards rioting. The NWO communists are bound and determined to destroy our wonderful country. Pretty satanic IMHO.

Eric Holder on Brainwashing "I Meant Black People"
cspan FAIR USE

Thursday, February 22, 2018

WAKE UP, People! Alt-Left and Alt-Right are Run by the Same Forces…the Goal is Divide and Conquer - Waking Times Media

Divide and Conquer

(Natural News) We’re all being played. The so-called “Alt-Left” and “Alt-Right” are all rooted in elaborate, deadly street theater being played out on the national stage with real consequences (such as killing innocents on camera).
If you have been swept up into the engineered hatred of all this, you’ve been suckered by the globalists who are running this entire show. In truth, most people in America aren’t filled with hatred for others of different skin color, races, religions or genders. Most people just want to get along. But the goal of the Alt-Left and Alt-Right movements is to divide and conquer America through hatred and media lies that push false narratives for political gain.
As evidence of all this, note that Jason Kessler, the organizer of the Charlottesville event, actually worked for Obama and the Occupy movement just a few months ago. This man is a professional activist and social engineer who whips up big events on the world’s stage in order to achieve highly visible outcomes that can be seized by the mainstream media to condemn Trump supporters by labeling them all racists and “KKK.”
Much of the organized Left is funded either directly or indirectly by George Soros, the same radical left-wing operator who undercut freedom and liberty across numerous European countries. He’s the funding source behind ThinkProgress and 200+ other radical left-wing groups that constantly lie, defame and smear conservatives in order to sow hatred and division. Radical Alt-Right groups, similarly, are led by operatives who are very often working directly for the CIA and FBI. Nearly all the KKK racism you see on the news is contrived, elaborate theater carried out by these operatives. Some of the racism is real, however, as actual racists follow the “leadership” of the contrived KKK social engineers who are merely acting. (The KKK, by the way, was founded and run by Democrats.)
The KKK leaders who were interviewed by Variety detailed how they were wooed with promises the program would capture the truth about life in the organization; encouraged not to file taxes on cash payments for agreeing to participate in the filming; presented with pre-scripted fictional story scenarios; instructed what to say on camera; asked to misrepresent their actual identities, motivations and relationships with others, and re-enacted camera shoots repeatedly until the production team was satisfied.
The production team even paid for material and equipment to construct and burn wooden crosses and Nazi swastikas, according to multiple sources including Richard Nichols, who is one of the featured subjects of the documentary series as the Grand Dragon of a KKK cell known as the Tennessee White Knights of the Invisible Empire. He also said he was encouraged by a producer to use the epithet “nigger” in interviews.
“We were betrayed by the producers and A&E,” said Nichols. “It was all made up—pretty much everything we said and did was fake and because that is what the film people told us to do and say.”
Meanwhile, the media is using the hatred and division to try to dethrone President Trump, and Antifa is using the chaos to push for its goal to terrorize America while overthrowing the government and installing communism. This has all happened before in Mao’s communist Cultural Revolution that mass-murdered liberty-oriented Chinese citizens to install a communist dictatorship that continues to this day.
Don’t be suckered into the emotional puppetry. You are all being played by the powers that be. You are nothing more than a pawn in their script. I say #ExitTheScript and rise above the programmed hatred and media lies that are attempting to divide and conquer America.
More in Original Article

WAKE UP, People! Alt-Left and Alt-Right are Run by the Same Forces…the Goal is Divide and Conquer - Waking Times Media:

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Alternatives Ways to Treat Psoriasis

Alternatives to Treating Psoriasis: Sunlight, Shark Cartilage Extract, Capsaicin Cream, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe, and More:

 Sunlight, Shark Cartilage Extract, Capsaicin Cream, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe, and More

Home Care for Psoriasis


7 Tips to Conquer Mold Toxicity

See Also:
Autoimmune disease and mold toxicity:

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Help for Autoimmune Diseases

Help your body to heal!

Your body wants to heal.  Under the right conditions, it will
heal itself.

Chronic Plaque Psoriasis on Forearm
Warning signs of psoriasis. What triggers it?

What Is Psoriasis?

This skin condition causes a thick, patchy, red rash with silvery, white scales. The most common type is called plaque psoriasis.
You can get it anywhere, but it shows up most often on your scalp, elbows, knees, and lower back. You can't catch it by touching the skin of someone who's got it.

Kids can get psoriasis, but it's more common in adults.
What is Lupus?
Lupus is a systemic autoimmune disease that occurs when your body's immune system attacks your own tissues and organs. Inflammation caused by lupus can affect many different body systems — including your joints, skin, kidneys, blood cells, brain, heart and lungs.
  Illustration showing red, butterfly-shaped rash on nose and cheeks


Lupus facial rash.
Lupus can be difficult to diagnose because its signs and symptoms often mimic those of other ailments. The most distinctive sign of lupus — a facial rash that resembles the wings of a butterfly unfolding across both cheeks — occurs in many but not all cases of lupus.
Some people are born with a tendency toward developing lupus, which may be triggered by infections, certain drugs or even sunlight.
Autoimmune diseases are disorders that occur when the immune response acts against the healthy tissues in the body by mistake. There are more than 80 disorders that occur due to this action, as stated by MedlinePlus. More » › Health › Conditions & Diseases
Rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus and type I diabetes are all believed to be autoimmune diseases, according to WebMD. Other autoimmune diseases include Crohn's disease, Dressler's syndrome, celiac disease, ... More » › Health › Conditions & Diseases
Contributing sources:

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Hand Solo Built Prosthetic Arm with Legos!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Mark Taylor: "Buckle up, we're going where we've never gone before"

Monday, January 29, 2018

Friday, January 26, 2018

Numerous and Burning Scandals Within The FBI Forces The Deep State To Further Expose Themselves - News Nuke

Numerous and Burning Scandals Within The FBI Forces The Deep State To Further Expose Themselves - News Nuke:

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RSOE EDIS - Extreme Weather event in Morocco on January 26 2018 06:27 PM

RSOE EDIS - Extreme Weather event in Morocco on January 26 2018 06:27 PM: " Heavy snow and unusual, extreme cold weather in January has cut off thousands from major transport routes in Morocco's High and Middle Atlas regions, raising the risk of food shortages and dangerous living conditions for the affected communities. The combination of heavy snow and temperatures dropping as low as -5° C has caused water supply shortages, power outages, lack of heating and damage to homes. As food supplies dwindle farmers have reported loss of livestock, prompting a surge in food prices. More than 100 volunteers and staff from the Moroccan Red Crescent have been deployed to central mountainous provinces to provide emergency transport and medical assistance as well as to distribute food, blankets and supplies. The Moroccan Red Crescent assistance is part of the Government's response to support 700,000 people affected by the cold wave. "This is an area that rarely sees temperatures drop below 18°C in winter which makes these people very vulnerable to the extreme cold. They have very little clothing and heating in their homes to keep them warm which puts them at serious risk of freezing and disease," said Amelia Marzal, Head of Country Cluster for the Middle East and North Africa Region at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). The IFRC has released nearly 250,000 Swiss francs from its Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) for the Moroccan Red Crescent volunteers to continue providing emergency assistance and psychosocial support for 17,500 people most affected by the cold snap over the next three months."

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Monday, January 22, 2018

Watch out for plastic rice from china

"Fake rice made out of plastic is massively sold on the Chinese market."
China famous for having all, making all, has now been reported to have made rice out of plastic and has distributed it.

Chinese Companies Are Mass Producing Plastic Rice

Chinese Companies Are Mass Producing Plastic Rice (and It Could Cause Serious Health Problems) |

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Reno Nevada Earthquake event in USA on January 13 2018 05:19 AM

RSOE EDIS - Earthquake event in USA on January 13 2018 05:19 AM:

Earthquake in USA on January 13 2018 05:19 AM (UTC).
Anybody who's anybody who knows anything at all about earthquakes knows no one can predict when the next temblor will strike. That said, on Friday, Jan. 12, at the University of Nevada, Reno's Seismological Laboratory reported an ongoing swarm of earthquakes near south Reno, in the area of the Mt. Rose highway and I-580. Since Thursday night, Jan. 11, more than 90 events have been located. The largest recorded are four magnitude 2 quakes. There have been no reports of damage, and about 38 residents reported feeling the small earthquakes. "The activity notably increased late last night and this morning," said Ken Smith, seismic network manager and associate director of the seismological lab. "We're monitoring the swarm closely and updating local emergency management officials in case this sequence evolves to a larger, damaging earthquake." Updated information for activity associated with this earthquake is available at The Nevada-Eastern California region has a history of large, damaging earthquakes and citizens should always consider earthquake preparedness. Information is available at the Great Nevada Shakeout website, or at "When we feel these small earthquakes, it's nature's way of telling us that Nevada, and Washoe County, is earthquake country," Washoe County Emergency Manager Aaron Kenneston said. "Today would be an ideal day to walk through your house, or place of work, and do a hazard hunt. Secure bookshelves, water heaters and items that can easily fall and hurt you." As a public safety reminder, local and state agencies urge the public be prepared in the event an emergency causes you to be self-reliant for three days without utilities and electricity, water service, access to a supermarket or local services, or maybe even without response from police, fire or rescue. The Nevada Seismological Laboratory operates a network of about 150 real-time seismograph stations throughout the region providing earthquake information to Nevada citizens, the USGS, and local and state officials. Charles Watson, of Chester's Advanced Geologic Exploration, who provides the newspaper's earthquake report, suspects the quakes, located in the Steamboat Geothermal Area, have something to do with the geothermal plant in the area. "It's very curious," Watson said. "They're all right there at the geothermal field." In his opinion, the "shotgun pattern" of these quakes suggests they're not part of any tectonic activity, but he noted there are some very large faults in the Truckee Meadows (Reno) area. He said those f

Friday, January 19, 2018

A Message to the Left: This is Why You Lose

Thursday, January 18, 2018

RSOE EDIS - Extreme Weather event in USA on January 19 2018 04:23 AM

A man is missing and coastal authorities were warning people to stay away from the beaches and cliffs as waves almost 60 feet high were pounding the Oregon Coast on Thursday. The forecast of dramatic seas and unusually high waves drew many people to the shore, and one 44-year-old man remained missing after being swept off a seawall near Depoe Bay on Thursday morning, according to information from the Depoe Bay Fire District. Authorities are withholding the man's identity until his family in Mexico can be located and notified. Popular sea-front Lincoln City establishments such as the Sea Gypsy Inn at 145 NW Inlet Ave., and the Sandcastle Beachfront Motel at 3417 SW Anchor Ave., were heavily damaged by the surging waters, with windows torn out and their interiors inundated. The North Lincoln Fire and Rescue posted photographs of damage to Kyllo's Seafood and Grill, at 1110 NW 1st Court, where waves tore through windows and stripped off siding before swirling through the parking lot, leaving large rocks in their wake. In Newport, Sgt. Keith Garrett said Thursday night that a lightning storm might be linked with the report of smoke in an elevator, but the city seemed to have escaped the same kind of storm surge damage. "It's definitely some weird weather," he said, referring to the fact that thunderstorms are rare on the coast. He cautioned visitors to view the waves from a safe distance and to watch for standing water. The storm also hit the northern Oregon Coast, with one viral video showing a wave pushing foam that looked like it came off a cafe latte up the main streets of Cannon Beach. The National Weather Service issued a coastal flood warning Thursday afternoon, cautioning those in the area to "be alert for rising water, and take appropriate action to protect life and property." The warning listed Willapa Bay, Seaside, Nehalem, Tillamook, Florence and all cities in close vicinity as particularly vulnerable to flooding. The warning is issued through midnight Thursday, but the stormy weather is expected to continue to a lesser degree. The coastal forecast calls for thunderstorms to continue through the weekend.

RSOE EDIS - Extreme Weather event in USA on January 19 2018 04:23 AM:

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

The Obama Administration in Prophecy

Published on Dec 29, 2017
With 100% Accuracy, the May 15th Prophecy prophesied the result that God's Word said would happen to President Obama, written on January 20th, 2009 it reads like it was just yesterday DISPLAYING THE POWER OF PROPHECY The May 15th Prophecy Video Series consist of 4 sets of Trilogies here are all the links to all the videos below The 1st Video of the 1st Set is The Bush Administration in Prophecy The 2nd Video of the 1st Set is The Obama Administration in Prophecy The 3rd Video of the 1st Set is The Trump Administration in Prophecy The 1st Video of the 2nd Set is Benjamin Netanyahu in Prophecy The 2nd Video of the 2nd Set is The 5th Pope of Fatima in Prophecy The 3rd Video of the 2nd Set is The Beast, the Anti-Christ a Contemptuous Creature in Prophecy The 1st Video of the 3rd Set is The Faithful Posture on the Feast Of Trumpets in Prophecy The 2nd Video of the 3rd Set is The Time Of Jacob Trouble in Prophecy The 3rd Video of the 3rd Set is The Coming King in Prophecy The 1st Video of the 4th Set is May 15th Prophecy RELOADED The 2nd Video of the 4th Set is #2 Scrolling inside the May 15th Prophecy when it was written @ LastDayWatchers The 3rd Video of the 4th Set is #3 Scrolling inside the May 15th Prophecy when it was written @ LastDayWatchers

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

At least 13 dead as heavy rains trigger flooding, mudflows and freeway closures across Southern California - LA Times

At least 13 dead as heavy rains trigger flooding, mudflows and freeway closures across Southern California - LA Times:

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Massive 7.6 magnitude earthquake strikes in the Caribbean | Daily Mail Online

Massive 7.6 magnitude earthquake strikes in the Caribbean | Daily Mail Online:

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Tsunami Alert - Carib Sea 7.8 Earthquake- Honduras Jan 10

Earthquake in Honduras on January 10 2018 03:26 AM (UTC).
M 7.8 earthquake has been observed 79.00 km of Barra Patuca Central-America Honduras on 10th January 2018 02:51:32 AM, Depth is 33 km. A tsunami alert has been issued to the entire Caribbean Sea Region. 
Other information not available yet.

RSOE EDIS - Earthquake event in Honduras on January 10 2018 03:26 AM:

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