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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Come join me on Global Rumblings

What in the world is going on?
Dee Rohe
Come join me on Global Rumblings!

- Dee Rohe
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Red Elk's advice for these Times.

 On Mon, 4/26/10, Dee and Roy Rohe  wrote:

I delayed sending this out - didn't want to frighten anyone too much.  I received it on April 22.
Already since  fatal tornados in southern states of the U.S.  We had a tornado watch here 
in South Florida and the Keys.  Seems to have passed through now.

His best advice is to check with "Dad" our Creator and let Him tell us what to do for our safety!
( Seems Red Elk  has the same problem as Roy does with spelling, but like Roy, also of a Native American 
bloodline, he has a sharp intuitive sense. )  

We have already made steps to hunker down anyway with our plans to install a Key West style metal roof, 
(should be finished within 6 weeks) ; we already have the best accordion metal hurricane shutters.   
Also a hand pump water well, and a 'survivor' food pantry, partially full.  And of course, a generator.
What have we missed? 

We don't have any land we could go  to build elsewhere.  So far,
my guidance has been to stay here, that we will survive, and will be able to help others.   

[sent by Red Elk, Washington State]
Thu Apr 22, 2010 10:56 am

Offline Offline 
Send Email Send Email 

Many have asked me "Where should we go".....I tell all, "To The Creator.  Let 'HIM' tell you".
I say the same here...BUT will tell THIS ;  What to LOOK FOR.
"BASTERD" LAND!  Shallow REVINS...far-back HILL SIDES.  Had to get-to areas that are passed-over by todays farmers / land owners.  PLACES NO ONE "WANTS" as its to "difficult".
See if you can Buy...OR Lease.   Get EGRESS to its building site.
Yes, these places will have less light...AND LESS WINDS!
WINDS = WILDFIRES....Wild fires burn OVER these spots...or very slowly down into them. (Rather easy to fight).
Ur abode, if at ALL POSSABEL, should be Earth Coverd....DEEPLY.
If on "flat Open land" LEAST 13 FEET over...15 will be REALY safe. 
Why?  THE WINDS WILL STRIP THE LAND.  Dust and pebbels will FLY!!
Build LOW and in the shape of a COCKROACH!  "Ground Hugger" "bodys".
My Hobbit Hut built to this.  Part underground...and to be coverd by earth, in time.  Eventualy makeing a gentel SLOPE to its top.  WIND RESISTENT.  a MOUND, not a BUMP.  Aho?
Water should be INSIDE the abode.  So drill ur well 1st...and build AROUND THIS.
You do NOT want a Creek / Etc. very close to ur CAN "build up", n FLOOD.
On the well, build WITHOUT ELECT. USE (pump) IN MIND.  Or, pump AND Hand Pump.
For solor light, build a "perascope" opening...well protected with stone walling.  Use interior MIRRIOWS to distribute the light to around the inside of ur abode.
To naccesatate you liveing...the abode will be best if rather Large inside.  Not the size of a standred house of today...but COMMUNUEL LIVEING large.  As OPEN "place to place" as you can.  A "one rm." structure...the tolit area the only fully closed.
U'd be wise to build your' "outside" walls on a TILT.  Sloped outward , upwards.
U'd allso be wise to have a VERY STRONG ROOF SAPORT...more then ONE, best.
I have shared here Enough to get you going, and thinking. 
KNOW THIS tho ;  U can build the BEST Possabel, BUT to build ANYWHERE...Ck. with "Dad" to see if that's WHERE U R TO BUILD.  Aho?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

'Amarican Dolloars'.... ha ha!

Saw this posting in a Scam Alert forum. The person posting it just only 'believe it a scam'..?  Oh come on! It's so obvious.  Sad to say, some people do actually fall for these ridiculous phishing attempts. (Hey, it's from Ghana... if only it were from Kenya, then everybody'd believe it.)

  Ann, what would happen if someone attempted to deposit this in the Key West State bank?


What kind of scam is this?

I receive this email and I believe it is a scam because the email
However I do not know why this person try to get my information for Western Union transfer?


Dear Vu Lan Nhi,

Thanks for your mail,

I want you to know that what we are saying here is that your over due
beneficiary fund $200,000.00 has been Approved from the office of
presidency instruct us to carry our the transfer to make sure that you
receive all your fund without delay.

We are 100% in position to transfer your over due fund that has not
being paid for so long this time to you without any delay so that we
can send you the MTCN control number today or tomorrow.

I have attached a document notifying you on how we are going to pay
you your over due funds that has not been paid ,send us the ten names
which we will use to send your $200,000;00 to you bit by bit in any
Western Union Money Transfer located in your Country.

We work professionally by making sure that all our jobs are done to
the dictate of our establishment. Try to comply with the directives in
the attached form,Fill it and return back to us for official use,We
also attach the conformable draft and my working I.D card .

This is mandatory because of the type of transfer that we have been
instructed to do on your behalf by the authorities.

The Government have authorized Bank of Ghana to issue a conformable
Draft of $2,000;000;00 for the ten beneficiaries to the western union
Ghana In collaboration with INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL BANK which your
name is among so scan your personal passport or driving license and
send them to us in your next email for office use.

His Excellency Prof. John E. Atta Mills the new president of Ghana has
made it mandatory that all foreign beneficiaries fund in Ghana must be
transferred to there respective owner for fear that such funds can be
used to sponsor the opposition.

This transfer is a special Transfer category because Western Union
does not send money out from Ghana. Rather it receives. However
because of the urgency of the transfer and important attached to it by
the authorities, we have been mandated to do this transfer.

We can transfer any amount that you need that is within the conferment
of law as soon as we set up an activation in your names.

Looking forward to hear from you to enable me to proceed the transfer

Dr. Hubert Komulatse
Attached Images


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

China rebuffs Obama re their money and the dollar.

Well, good for Hu!

China's Hu rebuffs Obama on yuan
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Apr 13, 9:17 AM (ET)

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BEIJING (AP) - Chinese President Hu Jintao rebuffed U.S. calls to re-value China's currency, telling President Barack Obama that any tinkering with the yuan will be done by Beijing in accord with domestic interests.

Hu defended China's policy of pegging the yuan to the dollar at a Monday meeting with Obama in Washington and said changes to the exchange rate would not come from U.S. pressure.

"Detailed measures for reform should be considered in the context of the world's economic situation, its development and changes as well as China's economic conditions. It won't be advanced by any foreign pressure," Hu said in remarks released by China's Foreign Ministry on Tuesday. He said reform would come based on China's "own economic and social development needs."

China's currency has emerged as prominent friction in a relationship already troubled by disputes over trade, U.S. arms sales to Taiwan and Obama's meeting with Tibet's exiled leader, the Dalai Lama.

With high unemployment persisting in the U.S., Congress has been pressuring the Obama administration to punish China for the yuan-dollar peg - a tactic which economists say keeps the currency undervalued and gives Chinese exports an unfair advantage.

Hu told Obama that a rise in the value of the yuan, also known as the renminbi, would not solve U.S. economic ills. "Renminbi appreciation would neither balance Sino-U.S.. trade nor solve the unemployment problem in the United States," Hu said, according to the remarks.

He reiterated his government's standing line that China did not intentionally seek a trade surplus with the with U.S. and would buy more goods if Washington relaxed controls on exports of high technology goods.

White House national security aide Jeffrey Bader said Obama reiterated his view that there needs to be "a more market-oriented exchange rate."

Despite Hu's statements, many economists and financial analysts believe China will re-value the yuan in the second or third quarter this year. Options include a one-off revaluation or resuming a slow appreciation of the currency.

Beijing used a combination of the two - a one-off revaluation followed by a crawling appreciation - in 2005 when it ended a decade long yuan-dollar peg. But China reverted to the peg in mid-2008 worried about the impact on its exports as the economic crisis took off in the U.S.

The yuan was only one of several issues Obama and Hu discussed - Iran's nuclear program chief among them. Bader described the meeting as "positive and constructive" and the presidents are "familiar and comfortable with each other."

In recent weeks, Washington and Beijing have sought to relax tensions that crept into relations late last year after the arms sales and contentious negotiations on climate change. Particular attention has been paid to trying to make discussions of the yuan less heated. U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, on his way home from India, stopped in Beijing last week for a 75-minute discussion with Vice Premier Wang Qishan. 

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kenyan official: "....born here.."

Amber NeedhamKenyan official: Obama born here  In debate over constitution, minister urges African nation to emulate U.S. inclusion.
Kenyan Parliament chamber While in the U.S., Congress seems content to assume Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, testimony on the floor of the Kenyan Parliament last month went uncontested when a lawmaker declared the American president born in Africa ...
10 hours ago ·  ·  · Share
Amber Needham
Amber Needham 
Call your congressman/senators ask how it is we have a non-native American citizen posing as President of the United States of America?
9 hours ago
Fred Berges
Fred Berges 
thank you.
how he was even allowed on the ballet is so confusing.
let a person, not of this country, have one of the final stamps of approval is stupid.
in CA, yeah they have the Governator. I don't know of a law saying he had to be from this country. Sorry but it is a LAW about the presidency. Regardless of if they push to change that law, he has no right to be there.
7 hours ago
Dana Bullock Smith
Dana Bullock Smith 
and, those who dare to question his place of birth are made to look NUTS in the mainstream media....
6 hours ago

Open Letter to Governor Charlie Crist of Florida

Date: Monday, April 12, 2010, 2:17 AM

Hon. Governor Charlie Crist;

Respectfully, may I state:

You've got it backwards. Give teachers BONUSES for their student's good test scores, not reduce their income based on their student's scores.

Some children won't learn no matter how good their teacher.  Never mind tenure, but REWARD good teachers by keeping them on, and giving them bonuses - test the teachers, and then discontinue them if they have low scores, reward them for good scores by keeping them.  "You can draw more flies with honey than vinegar", so said my father who was a Florida middle school teacher of science and government for many years.  He won awards, and held a doctorate.

Teachers need MORE education, not less, and it's very expensive to earn that education.  Give them large discounts in the state colleges!  Enforce higher standards in THEIR learning!  Some teachers can't even spell, and use very poor grammar.  In the past, I have been appalled at times at some of their erroneous marks and poor grammar on my children's papers.  Fortunately they weren't all lacking, and my now adult children are very literate.  Some of the teachers, especially in the earlier years were wonderful and very dedicated.

What you are planning to do with Sb6 will dumb down society even more than has been done.   Surely that isn't your plan!

Athletes get paid millions, but teachers, with whom we entrust to help raise our children, are not valued.  Shame!  

Our Florida Lottery was supposed to bring in millions for Education.  Perhaps it's time to raise the stakes. 


Dee Rohe
Concerned Florida citizen.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A new energy method could trigger a risky side effect

Friday, April 09, 2010

Chemtrail photos

John Novak scanned these for me and converted to jpg's as in 1999 I had no way of doing so. We've come a long way baby!
I finally developed the still shots of the "contrails" that I took on March 1st (went to bed, sick, after that), and March 6. A few really good ones showing the spider gauze spreading, and a couple really ...

Short Eye-witness Video of Mexicali Quake by U.S. tourists, hear their comments!

 Dee Rohe: See eye-witness short video by U.S. tourists going home, south of Mexicali just after the 7.2 Earthquake (Names unknown). Be sure to have your speakers on.

Eye-witness account by U.S. tourists

At some point we have to admit that something strange is happening- something really different that we've never experienced before. Yes, earthquakes happen every day- somewhere! However, the frequency and the magnitude of the earthquakes is far from normal. ...
Yesterday at 4:26pm · · · Share
Lilleen Dee Rohe
Lilleen Dee Rohe
Actually it's DURING the quake as someone comments, "It's still shaking, it's been about a minute and a half". They are astounded. Quite a sight!

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Earthquakes? Israel? Judgement? God is still in control.

Active Christian Media  -  Stacy L. Harp

On Monday's Active Christian Media show I discussed Easter, and the earthquakes that took place in Baja California and Mexico on Easter Sunday afternoon. I then raise the question, Is God judging America with earthquakes? Some people think so, and some people have scriptural passages to back it up.

One of the people I cite in the show is my friend John McTernan who is most known for his book  What America Has Done to Israel,  which documents natural disasters with how our government has slighted Israel.  It's a sobering book. It's also a sobering reality that despite how man believes we rule the world, God is still in control.  Curious?… listen to the show.



Active Christian Media  -  Stacy L. Harp


John McTernan's Blog


APRIL 8 - Retired FBI Agent Bob Hamer to discuss his new novel Enemies Among Us

APRIL 9 - Steve Spillman to talk about Israel and Oil.

APRIL 13 - Dr. Mary Tobin, Certified Acupuncturist and Licensed Nutritionist will discuss Genetically Modified Food and Healthcare 

APRIL 14 - Bruce Marchiano who played Jesus in the Matthew Film Project 15 years ago. He will discuss his new projects.

APRIL 15 - Marsha West, founder of Email Brigade will discuss religious trends

APRIL 20 - John McTernan will update us on Israel and God's work in the world

APRIL 22 - Author Karen Common who lost her family to sudden death, she will
 share her story with us.

APRIL 27 - Did you know someone has made t-shirts that help children with Domestic violence? We'll discuss that on this show with Tamu.

APRIL 28 - Author, Kathi Macias will join us again to discuss her new novels.

MAY 5- Brannon Howse joins us to update us on worldview matters

MAY 6 - Popular novelist Liz Curtis Higgs will join us to discuss her newest novel Here Burns My Candle


Grant Jeffrey

It's always something with a house...

Climate change is expensive! 

Our house has developed some roof leaks, including a lot of rotting wood, one of which has been causing ugly brown stains running down the wall near our front door. -yuck-  After all, we had to get a new roof after Hurricane Andrew in 1992, so for our type of roof it's considered  old; it will continue to deteriorate even faster unless we again get a new roof.  It's always something.  

We switched to a gravel roof after the Big Hurricane because these  did better; whereas shingles really fly off and cause further damage to neighbors' property.  Yes, it's held up against the other 'canes in the years since, but my son who lives next door lost a lot of shingles and sustained damage each time!  Unfortunately with gravel roofs, they deteriorate with time, our brutal sun, the increasing temperature fluctuations of late,and Florida's frequent rainy weather. It's around $1,000 every year to maintain properly with new gravel and white coating. Ours is too far gone now. Whew!

Now to repair a leak in a gravel roof, a large area around the leak has to be removed and replaced, not just the leaking spot.  Oh dear.  So, in our case, we now have to get a whole new roof. It's time. We are collecting estimates and doing due diligence.  We have to get this done before hurricane season in June, but seems due to climate change the season has been coming early,and staying later! 

Please pray for us to be able to find the resources to do this; I have faith!  Do you suppose Obama will help us?  Surely he will! :-)  


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SOHO Watching As The Sun Comes Back To Life

ORGANIC and Inexpensive:

From: A Warren
Date: Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 9:40 PM

SOHO Watching As The Sun Comes Back To Life

Posted on: Tuesday, 30 March 2010, 07:25 CDT

After the most profound lull in solar activity for nearly a century, the Sun is finally coming back to life. But will the solar activity return to previous levels? ESA's venerable solar watchdog SOHO is there, watching and measuring, providing unique information about our nearest star.

It was the perfect Christmas present for solar physicists. In mid-December 2009, the largest group of sunspots to emerge for several years manifested itself on the solar surface. It occurred just as some solar physicists were beginning to wonder if large sunspots would ever return. "This last minimum was much deeper and longer than anybody predicted," says Bernhard Fleck, ESA's SOHO Project Scientist, "We were beginning to joke that we had entered another Maunder minimum."

The Maunder minimum occurred between 1645 and 1715, when sunspots, the visible markers of solar activity, were largely absent from the Sun. The last two years have been the same, with the Sun presenting a spotless face for more than 70% of the time. 

Astronomers are used to seeing the Sun sweep through a cycle of activity that lasts approximately 11 years. But until December last year, the Sun had seemed reluctant to start up again. In mid-January, an even larger sunspot group emerged and, most recently, several big, active areas have been crossing the face of the Sun. Yet it is premature to believe that the Sun is ramping up for another energetic cycle of activity.

The strength of the upcoming solar cycle is determined by the strength of magnetism at the poles of the Sun, and this is currently very weak. The polar field provides the magnetic 'seeds' for the next cycle's sunspots by being swallowed down inside the Sun, somehow rejuvenated and then returned to the surface to appear as the dark blemishes.

So, although the Sun is coming back to life, we should not expect that much activity according to Fleck. "I think we are heading for something like the early 20th century when everything was much less active," he says. Historical records show that, until the last few years, the solar cycle has been unusually active. So, rather than a sudden drop in activity, this is more like a return to normality.

"When SOHO was launched almost 15 years ago, understanding the solar cycle was not one of its scientific objectives, now it is one of the key questions," says Fleck.

As newer spacecraft, such as NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory are launched, SOHO's continued observations will provide essential calibration data for the newer instruments, ensuring that the astronomers can compare the datasets accurately. And SOHO still has one unique capability: it remains the only spacecraft in line with the Sun that can watch for 'coronal mass ejections' coming straight for Earth, which can disrupt telecommunications, GPS and power lines.


Image Caption: Artist's impression of the SOHO spacecraft. Credits: ESA (Image by Total Design)


On the Net:

Colon Health:
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