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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our European Arrogance

 Our president apologized to Europe and to the Middle East for our arrogance.  I wish he hadn't done that.

The wrong man is in the White House.  The only arrogance I see is his own arrogance of power.


From: Subject: Fw: Our European Arrogance


In light of the pending Memorial Day. Remember: Freedom is not free!
Our European arrogance in alphabetical order…
1. The American Cemetery at Aisne-Marne , France . A total of 2289 of our military dead. We Apologize.
2. The American Cemetery at Ardennes , Belgium . A total of 5329 of our dead.
3. The American Cemetery at Brittany, France . A total of 4410 of our military dead. Excuse us.
4. Brookwood , England American Cemetery. A total of 468 of our dead.
5. Cambridge , England . 3812 of our military dead.
6. Epinal , France American Cemetery. A total of 5525 of our Military dead.
7. Flanders Field , Belgium . A total of 368 of our military.
8. Florence , Italy . A total of 4402 of our military dead.
9. Henri-Chapelle , Belgium . A total of 7992 of our military dead.
10. Lorraine , France . A total of 10,489 of our military dead.
11. Luxembourg , Luxembourg . A total of 5076 of our military dead.
12. Meuse-Argonne. A total of 14246 of our military dead.
13.  Eindhoven , Netherlands . A total of 8301 of our military dead.
14. Normandy , France . A total of 9387 of our military dead.
15. Oise-Aisne , France . A total of 6012 of our military dead.
16. Rhone , France . A total of 861 of our military dead.
17. Sicily , Italy . A total of 7861 of our military dead.
18. Somme , France . A total of 1844 of our military dead.
19. St. Mihiel , France . A total of 4153 of our military dead.
20. Suresnes , France . a total of 1541 of our military dead.
Apologize to no one.  Remind people of our sacrifice, and don't confuse arrogance with leadership.
If I added correctly the count is 104,366 dead, and we have to watch an elected American leader apologize to Europe and the Middle East  because our country is "arrogant"!


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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Swine Flu spreading in Japan, may trigger Pandemic

Cold & Flu Health Center


Swine Flu in Japan May Trigger Pandemic

In U.S., 8 New York City Schools Closed as H1N1 Swine Flu Spreads Across Nation
By Daniel J. DeNoon
WebMD Health News
Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

May 18, 2009 -- H1N1 swine flu appears to be spreading in Japan, pushing the world to the brink of an official flu pandemic.

Japan's cases of H1N1 spiked today with 104 new lab-confirmed cases, raising that nation's swine-flu case count from 25 to 129. Ten schools in the Kobe City area reported 78 of the new cases.

Swine Flu Outbreak: Get the Facts

Swine Flu Slideshow

Like people, pigs can get influenza (flu), but swine flu viruses aren't the same as human flu viruses.View the slideshow.

If the new cases do indeed represent "community-level sustained transmission" of the virus in Asia, it would be the second region of the world to have wide spread of H1N1 swine flu. That would meet the official WHO criteria for moving from the current level 5 pandemic alert to the ultimate level 6 alert.

Aside from the emotional shock, the formal pandemic declaration won't mean a lot to the U.S., Anne Schuchat, MD, the CDC's interim deputy director for science, said at a news conference.

"We have seen sustained spread of this virus in the U.S. and are acting aggressively, so a change from level 5 to level 6 will have less effect on us than on other regions that have done less to deal with virus," she said.

Declaration of a pandemic does not mean that the virus has become more deadly, only that it is spreading more widely around the globe.

While H1N1 swine flu does appear more dangerous than seasonal flu bugs -- especially for older children, teens, and young adults -- the vast majority of cases have been relatively mild.

"From the virus strains we have tested we see no indication of a change to more virulent strain. But viruses do change and we will continue looking at this," Schuchat said.

Even so, the U.S. has recorded its sixth swine flu fatality, a 55-year-old assistant principal at a school in the New York City borough of Queens. The city has closed eight schools in Queens and Brooklyn; news reports suggest that 40 other New York schools have high absentee rates.

Despite the worrisome news from New York, Schuchat said the swine flu is now spreading most quickly in the Pacific Northwest and in the Southwest. Case counts -- 5,123 as of today -- are "the tip of the iceberg."

"The way this virus is spreading in the U.S., we are not out of the woods and disease is continuing," Schuchat said.

More than 200 Americans have been hospitalized. Most of those hospitalized have been young people between that ages of 5 and 24, and very few have been over 65. The reason for this is not clear.

That's the same disease pattern seen worldwide. In a speech today to the World Health Organization's annual meeting of health ministers, WHO Director-General Margaret Chan, MD, said that while the WHO has not yet declared a pandemic, H1N1 swine flu is expected to spread rapidly to new countries.

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