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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Mount St. Helens Crater Shaken by Earthquake

Mount St. Helens Crater Shaken by Earthquake

Mount St. Helens Crater Shaken by Earthquake

The earthquake, which struck on Saturday at the crater at Mount St. Helens, measured 3.1 on the Richter scale, making it the strongest quake at the volcano since mid-October.

A 3.1-magnitude earthquake shook the crater at Mount St. Helens on Saturday, the strongest quake at the volcano since mid-October.

US Geological Survey scientists said they did not believe a major eruption was imminent, just a continuation of the minor ash and steam eruptions that have been occurring since the mountain reawakened in the autumn.

Saturday's earthquake appeared to be a larger version of the small earthquakes scientists have registered about once a minute for the past several weeks, the USGS said.

Scientists hoped good weather yesterday and today would allow them to get a better look at the volcano.

A flurry of small earthquakes beginning in late September were followed by a burst of steam and ash on Oct. 1, the first in a series of small eruptions.

None of the early earthquakes measured over 3.2 in magnitude.

A new lava formation began building in the crater soon after, with magma reaching the floor at the rate of 7 to 8 cubic meters, about one large dump truck load, every second.

The new dome and the uplifted floor beneath it now cover 28.33 hectares and stand 228.6m high.

Mount St. Helens blew apart in May 1980, killing 57 people and covering the region with gritty ash.

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Monday, November 29, 2004

Bird Flu Pandemic Viewed as Likely


Bird Flu Pandemic Viewed as Likely

Bird Flu Pandemic Viewed as Likely

The geographic spread of the H5N1 virus in poultry, and evidence that it is becoming more versatile, could make its eradication impossible, WHO officials warned. In addition to killing humans, the virus has affected other animals, most recently tigers in a Thailand zoo.

International health officials meeting in Bangkok expressed grave fears Friday that the evolving avian flu virus could result in a pandemic.

A senior World Health Organization (WHO) official said the conditions are ripe for a new pandemic, and that the resiliency of the H5N1 virus makes it a likely candidate for an international outbreak.

"We are closer now to an influenza pandemic than at any time in recent years," said Dr. Shiferu Omi, WHO's Western Pacific regional director.

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Mystery surrounds Yushchenko ailment


Mystery surrounds Yushchenko ailment

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VIENNA, Austria (AP) -- What ails Viktor Yushchenko?

As Ukraine's popular pro-Western opposition leader claimed victory Tuesday in hotly contested presidential elections, the mystery surrounding an appearance-altering illness that twice prompted him to check into a Vienna hospital persisted.

Yushchenko accused the Ukrainian authorities of poisoning him. His detractors suggested he'd eaten some bad sushi.

Adding to the intrigue, the Austrian doctors who treated him have asked foreign experts to help determine if his symptoms may have been caused by toxins found in biological weapons.

Medical experts said they may never know for sure what befell Yushchenko.

But the illness, whatever it was, has dramatically changed his appearance since he first sought treatment at Vienna's private Rudolfinerhaus clinic on September 10.

Known for his ruggedly handsome, almost movie star looks, Yushchenko's complexion is now pockmarked. His face is haggard, swollen and partially paralyzed. One eye often tears up.

Doctors at Rudolfinerhaus declined to comment Tuesday. By the time Yushchenko checked out of the clinic last month after returning for follow-up treatment, physicians said they could neither prove nor rule out that he had been poisoned.

Dr. Nikolai Korpan, who oversaw Yushchenko's treatment in Vienna, said the cause of his illness remained "totally open.''

Doctors were unable to confirm suspicions of poisoning because Yushchenko first checked into the clinic four days after the symptoms appeared -- too late for tests to show if poisoning had occurred, Korpan said.

At Rudolfinerhaus, Yushchenko underwent a week of intensive treatment for several illnesses, including acute pancreatitis, a viral skin disease and nerve paralysis on the left side of his face, Korpan said.

Clinic director Michael Zimpfer said doctors were unable to explain some of Yushchenko's symptoms, particularly his strong backaches.

He said they could not rule out stress or a viral infection.

Yushchenko's doctors in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, said they had determined that "chemicals not of a food origin'' had triggered the illness.

Zimpfer and the clinic's chief physician, Dr. Lothar Wicke -- who requested police protection after receiving an anonymous threat while treating Yushchenko -- later asked for outside help from "a specialist in military operations and biological weapons,'' the Austria Press Agency reported.

Yushchenko's medical files since have been sealed and turned over to Austrian prosecutors, local media reported.

Authorities have not said whether they planned to investigate further or merely turn over their findings to Ukraine.

Earlier this month, Volodymyr Syvkovych, the head of a 15-member Ukrainian parliamentary commission that investigated the mysterious illness, said a forensic medical examination found no traces of "any biological weapons'' in Yushchenko's blood, nails, hair or urine.

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Dropping the anchorman

Dropping the anchorman
Nov 25th 2004
From The Economist print edition

Dan Rather's retirement marks a welcome change in American journalism

FOR conservative America, it just keeps on getting better. A mere 20 days after the Republicans' clean sweep of the White House and Congress, the American right celebrated the retirement of one of the hated grandees of liberal journalism, Dan Rather. Â?It's as if the voters just keep on voting,Â? says one conservative. Â?And our side just keeps on winning.Â?

The right has been after Mr Rather's scalp for decades. The CBS veteran made his name beating up Richard Nixon in the Watergate era and has kept CBS News on the liberal straight-and-narrow as its longstanding news anchor. (Accuracy in Media, a conservative-watchdog group, first started its Â?Can DanÂ? campaign 16 years ago.) Mr Rather's career highlights include a shouting match with George Bush senior over Iran-contra and an interview with Saddam Hussein shortly before last year's American invasion. Now the 73-year-old has announced that he will be retiring from his anchoring job next March.

Next March will be exactly 24 years since Mr Rather took over from Walter Cronkite. But Mr Rather's reputation has not recovered from a Â?60 MinutesÂ? documentary (made by CBS) which tried to raise questions about George Bush junior's service in the Texas National Guard. Mr Rather claimed to have documents proving that Mr Bush had violated a direct order to take a physical examination, and also that his superiors had been put under pressure to Â?sugarcoatÂ? his evaluation. But within 14 hours internet sleuths had shown that the documents were forgeries. Mr Rather stood by his story for 12 excruciating days, while his supporters arrogantly contrasted the network's rigorous fact-checking with Â?a guy sitting in his living room in his pyjamas writingÂ?. But the pyjama guy turned out to be right.

Mr Rather's retirement epitomises two broader shifts of power. First, the old media are losing power to the new. And, second, the liberal media establishment is losing power to a more diverse cacophony of new voices.

For most of the post-war era the American media were dominated by a comfortable liberal consensus. The New York Times was the undisputed king of the print news, while the network anchors lorded it over TV news. That consensus is now under siege. The attacks are partly coming from the cable networksÂ?particularly from conservative Fox News. (Charles Krauthammer once quipped that Rupert Murdoch had spotted a niche marketÂ?half the country. Sure enough, Fox is now America's top-rated cable news network.) But old media also face a newer and more unpredictable source of competitionÂ?the blogosphere. Bloggers have discovered that all you need to set yourself up as a pundit is a website and an attitude.

All through the recent election campaign, the new media outsmarted the old media when it came to setting the news agenda. Republican strategists admit that the Swift Boat veterans' attacks on John Kerry, largely ignored by the old media, would never have got anywhere without the online Drudge Report. Drudge was also instrumental in turning the Â?60 MinutesÂ? story into an embarrassment for the Democrats, not Mr Bush. Local bloggers also had an effect; in South Dakota, for instance, they repeatedly highlighted Tom Daschle's partisan record in Washington, DC, something that the Democratic Senate majority leader's friends in the local print media had never laboured to expose.

The bloggers have often been at their most devastating when they have been criticising the old media for bias. Their favourite target has long been the New York Times, where they helped to remove the paper's previous editor, Howell Raines. But CBS is also a juicy target. Why, the bloggers are now demanding, is Mr Rather being allowed to keep a full-time job working for Â?60 MinutesÂ?, the very programme whose reputation he has besmirched? Â?This is not a victory,Â? proclaims, before declaring its intention to keep attacking CBS.

Given America's fractious politics, it is easy to look at Mr Rather's retirement merely in terms of a left v right scorecard. But, more fundamentally, it is about choice.

Mr Rather's announcement of his (partial) retirement comes just a few days before Tom Brokaw resigns from his job anchoring NBC's evening news. That leaves ABC's Peter Jennings as the only survivor of the long-established triumvirate. But nobody imagines that the arrival of new blood at CBS and NBC will revive the fortunes of the network news. Most Americans now get their news from an ever-proliferating range of sources: not just Fox or CNN, but also foreign newspapers and even the innumerable original documents that are now available at the touch of a button. And fewer people regard any single news sourceÂ?be it CBS News or the New York TimesÂ?as the embodiment of truth.

The erosion of the old media establishment probably does entail some shift to the right, if only because so many of the newer voices are more reliably pro-Republican than Mr Rather. But the new media are simply too anarchic and subversive for any single political faction to take control of them. There are plenty of leftish bloggers too: such people helped Howard Dean's presidential campaign. And the most successful conservative bloggers are far from being party loyalists: look at the way in 2002 that they kept the heat on the Republicans' then Senate leader, Trent Lott, for racist remarks that the New York Times originally buried. It is a safe bet that, if the current Bush administration goes the way of previous second-term administrations and becomes consumed by scandals, conservative bloggers will be in the forefront of the scandal-mongering.

Mr Rather's passing does not mean that the liberal orthodoxy is about to give way to a new conservative one. It means that all orthodoxies are being chewed up by a voraciously unpredictable news media, which is surely all to the good.

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Friday, November 26, 2004

Check out the huge coronal hole currently transiting the solar disc!

Check out the huge coronal hole currently transiting the solar disc!



Solar Terrestrial Activity Report

Recent activity    [November 26, 2004 at 04:40 UTC]

The geomagnetic field was quiet to minor storm on November 25. Solar wind speed ranged between 455 and 556 km/sec under the influence of a high speed
stream from coronal hole CH128.

Solar flux measured at 20h UTC on 2.8 GHz was 109.4. The planetary A index was 20 (STAR Ap - based on the mean of three hour interval ap indices: 20.1).
Three hour interval K indices: 45344322 (planetary), 44333423 (Boulder).

The background x-ray flux is at the class B2 level.

At midnight there were 3 spotted regions on the visible solar disk. The solar flare activity level was low. A total of 1 C class event was recorded during the day. That
flare was a C2.6 event at 11:01 with an origin behind the northeast limb.

Region 10704 decayed slowly and quietly.
Region 10706 developed slowly as a few spots emerged in the south and southwest.
Region 10707 became less complex as the positive polarity spot in the north separated from the negative polarity spots in the main penumbra.

Coronal mass ejections (CMEs)

November 23-25: No obviously Earth directed CMEs observed.

Coronal holes

Recurrent coronal hole CH128 in the southern hemisphere was in a geoeffective position on November 21-23. Large and well defined recurrent trans equatorial
coronal hole CH129 will rotate into a geoeffective position on November 27-28.


The geomagnetic field is expected to quiet to active on November 26 and quiet to unsettled on November 27-29. Unsettled to major storm is possible on
November 30 when the high speed stream from coronal hole CH129 arrives.

The is 60-100% probability that effects from a coronal hole could reach Earth within the next 5 days.

Propagation (radio wave)

Long distance low and medium frequency (below 2 MHz) propagation along east-west paths over high and upper middle latitudes is poor to very poor. Propagation
along long distance north-south paths is poor.

Report by Jan Alvestad/DXLC:

'So much to learn, so little time!'

DreamScape -

Papua rocking - Alaska & Russia Shaky

A 7.2 quake shook Papua today following the TimeStar forecast posted in August indicating this area would heat up with resonant quakes and volcanoes in Alaska and Russia, possibly extending to Japan and Washington State.  See TimeStar email alert of November 24 and TimeStar forecast posted August 26, 2004. 
This 7.2 quake came in with the opening of a 13-day window of the October 27, 2004 lunar eclipse.  December 18, 2004 to January 19, 2005 looks like a period of very high geophysical activity, with Alaska, Russia, Japan, Washington State, Mexico and Central high on the list for quakes, volcanoes and storms.
The Papua area (New Guinea) is sinking and thousands have been evacuated to new homes in the last few years.  When the Papua (New Guinea) area sinks, new land masses will rise in the North Pacific.  An underwater volcano in the Aleutians was discovered in 2003 that is predicted to be the next new Aleutian island.  New land masses in the next few DECADES are not limited to the Aleutians and could include areas off the coast of Hawaii and Oregon, but, again, North Pacific locations for new land masses are not limited to these.  Hawaii and Oregon are just locations that look likely, with the coast of Alaska and Russia leading probable areas.
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Daily Dose
Friday November 26, 2004
William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

Winter "warning" from the wackos!

Something I read online really got my goat the other day: It was a
short piece warning people of the "dangers" of autumnal and
winter sunlight.

Basically, it said that just because it's a little cooler and cloudier
outside doesn't mean you should skip the sunscreen. These
paranoiacs then all-too-cheerfully reminded readers that killer
sunlight can reflect off of water, sand, snow, and cement (cement?)
even in the bitter cold.

What alarmist crap!

So just to pull the rug out from under these goofball kooks, I did a
little digging around online and found out they were 100% wrong
when it comes to this "winter-skin-cancer" warning. As it turns
out, Alaskan Eskimos - who spend their entire lives in the glare
of sunshine both from above and reflected from the ice and snow
- enjoy LOWER rates of melanoma when compared to whites in
the lower 48. Doesn't exactly jive with their doom-and-gloom
winter sunlight warning, does it?

Take that, you dimwits!

Look, you know I've railed long and loud about the needlessness
of over-priced sun-protective goop (Daily Dose, 2/27/04, and many
others). But I can't stress enough that we NEED vital sunlight to
maintain good health - especially in the fall and wintertime.
Sunlight triggers your body's production of vitamin D (which, I
might add, is made from another whipping-boy of the mainstream,
cholesterol), which is vital in keeping your bones strong, your teeth
healthy and keeping you upbeat and free of the "blahs."

Further, a recent report in the Journal of the American Dietetic
Association concluded that many in the U.S get less than the
recommended amount of vitamin D every day. Based on a study of
more than 27,000 people, the research showed that an alarming
90% of adults aged 50-70 weren't getting enough vitamin D -
and that only 2% of those over 70 were getting enough of this
precious bone-booster from their diets.

D is for "Darn right!"

Offsetting the disturbing (and utterly irresponsible) piece written
by Yahoo's yahoos, I also came across a study from the Nutrition
Journal online - one that casts a better "light" on solving the
vitamin D crisis the vast majority of our country's seniors face.

According to the article, a pair of recent Canadian studies
concluded that aggressive wintertime supplementation with high
doses of vitamin D (as much as 7 times the recommended
minimum of 600IU per day) carried no measurable downsides -
while facilitating a marked improvement in the "well being" of the
high-dose vitamin D subjects.

What's "well being" mean? For the purposes of this research, the
term refers to depressive symptoms - mood swings, melancholia,
etc. The study also highlighted the vitamin-D-caused boost in
blood calcium levels - a crucial co-component of this miracle
vitamin's benefits to your bones and other tissues.

So what's to be done to make sure you get enough D this winter?
Eat plenty of eggs, fish, and dairy products to do it the dietary way.
Or you can fortify your body with a daily dose of supplemental
vitamin D-up to several thousand IU without worry, if the
Canadian research is worth its salt. But most importantly, expose
yourself to as much sunlight as you can: Take the grandkids
sledding, go for a snowy hike in the woods behind the house -
even just sitting for 15 or 20 minutes a day in front of a sun-soaked
window is better than nothing.

These are by far the best ways to "activate" the vitamin D you're
ingesting, so you can stay as resilient and cheery as you can be this

Shedding "light" by being right,

William Campbell Douglass II, MD
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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Amoral media, lowlife fans, spoiled athletes and beer

Posted: November 23, 2004
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Dennis Prager

© 2004 Creators Syndicate, Inc.

Two recent events in the world of professional sports offer important insights into American life today.

The NFL story concerns an ad ABC TV showed before "Monday Night Football" to promote its hit show "Desperate Housewives." As described by USA Today, the ad "showed towel-clad actress Nicollette Sheridan trying to entice Philadelphia Eagles star Terrell Owens to skip the game. He agrees as she drops the towel and rushes into his arms." ABC and the NFL have apologized.

The NBA story concerns the worst American sports riot in memory. At the Detroit arena, members of the Indiana Pacers ran into the stands and fought with fans after fighting with Detroit Pistons players.

Three important lessons:

First, let's finally stop repeating the false notion that big business has conservative values. Big business has no values. Big businesses are concerned with making money for their stockholders. Nothing else matters to publicly owned companies.

Liberals perpetuate the falsehood of big business as conservative for three reasons: They have a materialist view of the world (just about everything is explainable by economic status and motives; it aids in getting people to vote Democrat); many people resent the amorality of big companies; and it seems to counter the argument that the major news media are liberal – "How could the news media possibly be liberal when they are all owned by large corporations!"

If ABC or Fox or any other network could increase ratings by showing an orgy during "Captain Kangaroo," they would.

Second, it is yet another example of how deep the values divide in America is that liberal commentators overwhelmingly ridiculed concern with ABC showing the raunchy promo right before televising the widely watched "Monday Night Football" game. From The New York Times sports pages to USA Today's editorial page, there was annoyance with those who objected to the promo, not with the promo itself.

For example, many liberal commentators offered the novel idea that if the football player – or Janet Jackson – had been white, few would have objected. The only other liberal annoyance was that a woman was portrayed as a sex object. Nothing about protecting children or the concept of public decency.

Liberal opinion makers tend to have little regard for an issue that deeply concerns most conservatives – how high or low the decency level of public life is. That is why liberals are more likely to be apathetic toward public cursing as well as to public displays of sexual behavior. Indeed, they consider it the height of conservative hypocrisy for Republicans to order an R-rated movie in their hotel rooms, or curse privately and then object to such behaviors when done publicly.

Yet the difference (which is lost on some conservatives as well) is enormous, aside from what children will see. For those – conservative or liberal – who do not see the difference between public and private behavior, I cite the simple example of a man relieving himself. In private it is perfectly appropriate; in public it is highly inappropriate.

In all liberal societies, people are losing a sense of what is appropriate. For most liberals today, the issue of appropriate behavior pales in comparison to prescription-drug prices and other economic concerns. That is why Janet Jackson's breast baring at the NFL Super Bowl and the ABC promo are no big deal to most liberals. Yet, to most social conservatives, they represent a society in decline. If you wanted a clear values difference, that is about as clear as it gets.

Third, regarding the fan-inspired riot in Detroit, it is widely believed that alcohol played a major role in the fans' behavior – such as screaming obscenities at players and throwing objects at them. The availability of alcohol at sporting events despite the fact that fan behavior obviously deteriorates as games progress and self-control weakens is another example of big business putting profits above everything.

But there is a deeper lesson.

From the beginning of the crusade against tobacco I have argued that the war against tobacco was a sign of a morally confused, if not morally lost, generation. That this generation chose to make war on smoking (which is dangerous to one's health, but leads to no evil) rather than on alcohol (which accompanies most child abuse, spousal beatings, acquaintance rape and other violent crimes) was almost all one needed to know about the elite's changed moral priorities since the last crusade against a vice (Prohibition).

When I was a kid, people got dressed up to go to ballgames, and the worst words fans screamed were "you're a bum" or "kill the ump." But, of course, many people smoked. Today there is no smoking even at outdoor stadiums, but many fans scream obscenities and routinely act like lowlifes. This is because we have substituted preoccupation with smoking for preoccupation with cursing. We have, in short, put concern with health over concern with character.

One can learn a lot about life from sports. Unfortunately, however, as far as professional basketball and football are concerned, the lessons to be learned are largely negative.

Maybe we should stay home for a while.

Europe is dying

Posted: November 23, 2004
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Marilyn Barnewall

© 2004 Business Reform
We all tend to judge others—people and other societies—by our own standards.

An article on The American Thinker Website ( made me stop and think about all of the hate America campaigns in Europe lately.

The article, titled "An Open Letter to Europe", was written by Herbert E. Meyer. Meyer served during the Reagan Administration as Special Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence and Vice Chairman of the CIA's National Intelligence Council. His DVD ( is a nationwide best-seller.

I wrote Mr. Meyer an e-mail to ask permission to reprint the article. He kindly agreed. We should all read it. Here is what he had to say to Europe on November 11, 2004:

"Hi. Are you nuts?

"Forgive me for being so blunt, but your reaction to our reelection of President Bush has been so outrageous that I'm wondering if you have quite literally lost your minds. One of Britain's largest newspapers ran a headline asking "How Can 59 Million Americans Be So Dumb?", and commentators in France all seemed to use the same word - bizarre -- to explain the election's outcome to their readers. In Germany the editors of Die Tageszeitung responded to our vote by writing that "Bush belongs at a war tribunal - not in the White House." And on a London radio talk show last week one Jeremy Hardy described our President and those of us who voted for him as "stupid, crazy, ignorant, bellicose Christian fundamentalists."

"Of course, you are entitled to whatever views about us that you care to hold. (And lucky for you we Americans aren't like so many of the Muslims on your own continent; as the late Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh just discovered, make one nasty crack about them and you're likely to get six bullets pumped into your head and a knife plunged into your chest). But before you write us off as just a bunch of sweaty, hairy-chested, Bible-thumping morons who are more likely to break their fast by dipping a Krispy Kreme into a diet cola than a biscotti into an espresso - and who inexplicably have won more Nobel prizes than all other countries combined, host 25 or 30 of the world's finest universities and five or six of the world's best symphonies, produce wines that win prizes at your own tasting competitions, have built the world's most vibrant economy, are the world's only military superpower and, so to speak in our spare time, have landed on the moon and sent our robots to Mars -- may I suggest you stop frothing at the mouth long enough to consider just what are these ideas we hold that you find so silly and repugnant?

"We believe that church and state should be separate, but that religion should remain at the center of life. We are a Judeo-Christian culture, which means we consider those ten things on a tablet to be commandments, not suggestions. We believe that individuals are more important than groups, that families are more important than governments, that children should be raised by their parents rather than by the State, and that marriage should take place only between a man and a woman. We believe that rights must be balanced by responsibilities, that personal freedom is a privilege we must be careful not to abuse, and that the rule of law cannot be set aside when it becomes inconvenient. We believe in economic liberty, and in the right of purposeful and industrious entrepreneurs to run their businesses – and thus create jobs - with a minimum of government interference. We recognize that other people see things differently, and we are tolerant of their views. But we believe that our country is worth defending, and if anyone decides that killing us is an okay thing to do we will go after them with everything we've got.

"If these beliefs seem strange to you, they shouldn't. For these are precisely the beliefs that powered Western Europe—you—from the Middle Ages into the Renaissance, on to the Enlightenment, and forward into the modern world. They are the beliefs that made Europe itself the glory of Western civilization and - not coincidentally - ignited the greatest outpouring of art, literature, music and scientific discovery the world has ever known including Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, Bach, Isaac Newton and Descartes.

"It is your abandonment of these beliefs that has created the gap between Europe and the United States. You have ceased to be a Judeo-Christian culture, and have become instead a secular culture. And a secular culture quickly goes from being "un-religious" to anti-religious. Indeed, your hostility to the basic concepts of Judaism and Christianity has literally been written into your new European Union constitution, despite the Pope's heroic efforts to the contrary.

"Your rate of marriage is at an all-time low, and the number of abortions in Europe is at an all-time high. Indeed, your birth rates are so far below replacement levels that in 30 years or so there will be 70 million fewer Europeans alive than are alive today. Europe is literally dying. And of the children you do manage to produce, all too few will be raised in stable, two-parent households.

"Your economy is stagnant because your government regulators make it just about impossible for your entrepreneurs to succeed - except by fleeing to the United States, where we

"And your armed forces are a joke. With the notable exception of Great Britain, you no longer have the military strength to defend yourselves. Alas, you no longer have the will to defend yourselves.

"What worries me even more than all this is your willful blindness. You refuse to see that it is you, not we Americans, who have abandoned Western Civilization. It's worrisome because, to tell you the truth, we need each other. Western Civilization today is under siege, from radical Islam on the outside and from our own selfish hedonism within. It's going to take all of our effort, our talent, our creativity and, above all, our will to pull through. So take a good, hard look at yourselves and see what your own future will be if you don't change course. And please, stop sneering at America long enough to understand it. After all, Western Civilization was your gift to us, and you ought to be proud of what we Americans have made of it."


Marilyn Barnewall, in 1978, was the first female to be named vice president in charge of a major loan and deposit portfolio at Denver’s largest bank. She started the nation’s first private bank, resigned to start her own firm and consulted for banks of all sizes in America and other countries. In June 1992, Forbes dubbed Barnewall “the dean of American private banking.” Author of several banking texts, she has written extensively for the American Banker, Bank Marketing Magazine, and was U.S. consulting editor for Private Banker International (Lafferty Publications, London/Dublin). Article originally appeared in the Grand Junction Free Press. Marilyn can be reached at

Dolphins defend swimmers from shark
From correspondents in Whangarei, New Zealand
November 23, 2004

A GROUP of swimmers has told how a pod of dolphins protected them from a great white shark off the north-eastern coast of New Zealand. Rob Howes and three other lifeguards were on a training swim about 100m offshore at Ocean Beach near Whangarei when the dolphins raced in and herded the group together.
"They started to herd us up, they pushed all four of us together by doing tight circles around us," Mr Howes said.
When he tried to drift away from the group, two of the bigger dolphins herded him back.
He then saw why. A 3m great white shark was cruising toward the group about two metres below the surface.
"I just recoiled. It was only about two metres away from me, the water was crystal clear and it was as clear as the nose on my face," he said, adding he then realised the dolphins had moved in to protect the swimmers.
The group were surrounded by the dolphins for 40 minutes before they were able to reach the shore.
Another lifeguard, Matt Fleet, was patrolling nearby in a rescue boat when he saw the dolphins' unusual behaviour.
When he dived out of the boat to join the group he also saw the great white.
Fleet said he was keen to get out of the water after the sighting, but didn't panic.
"I just kept looking around to see where it was."
The incident happened about three weeks ago, but Mr Howes and Mr Fleet said they had kept the story to themselves until they had a chance to catch up and confirm what they had seen.
Auckland University marine mammal research scientist Doctor Rochelle Constantine said dolphins were normally vigilant in the presence of sharks. Agence France-Presse
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Friday, November 19, 2004

Climate change claims flawed, says study
Tim Radford, science editorTuesday November 9, 2004
The Guardian

A team of scientists has condemned claims of climate catastrophe as "fatally flawed" in a report released today.
The study appears on the same day that 300 climate scientists warn that winter temperatures in Alaska, western Canada and eastern Russia have risen by up to 4 C in the past 50 years - and could warm by up to 7 C.
Martin Agerup, president of the Danish Academy for Future Studies and colleagues from Stockholm, Canada, Iceland and Britain say in their report that predictions of "extreme impacts" based on greenhouse emissions employed "faulty science, faulty logic and faulty economics".
Predictions of changes in sea level of a metre in the next century were overestimates: sea-level rises were likely to be only 10cm to 20cm in the next 100 years. Claims that climate change would lead to a rise in malaria were not warranted.
Extreme weather was not on the increase but more likely to be part of a natural cycle, not yet understood by climate scientists. The report says a warmer world would benefit fish stocks in the north Atlantic and reduce the incidence of temperature-related deaths in vulnerable humans.
But the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment, to be presented in Reykjavik today, tells a different story.
The Arctic scientists predict that north polar summer ice may decline by at least 50% by the end of this century. Some computer models predict almost the complete disappearance of ice.
This would have a devastating impact on indigenous populations, who use the ice for hunting and fishing. Warming could also lead to a "substantial" melting of the Greenland ice sheet. If this were to disappear sea levels would rise by about seven metres.
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Monday, November 15, 2004

Mon 15 Nov 2004
Lost city of Atlantis 'found' off the coast of Cyprus

Key points• Claims man-made structures off coast of Cyprus are lost city of Atlantis• Archaeologist believes Cyprus island is remains of Atlantis peninsula• Myth of Atlantis dates back to accounts by Greek philosopher PlatoKey quote"The list of evidence is truly enormous. The people who dismiss it are people who have not done their homework. This is all based on real science." - Robert Sarmast, archaeologistStory in full IT IS a legend which has excited the imagination of explorers and adventurers for centuries ... an ancient city lost for millennia beneath the sea. While some discount the existence of the city of Atlantis as the stuff of myth and fable others have spent their lifetimes searching for the lost civilisation. Now an American researcher believes he is ready to silence the doubters after locating evidence of man-made structures sunk in the sea between Cyprus and Syria which he is "absolutely convinced" are the ruins of Atlantis. Robert Sarmast, an archaeologist and author of a book on the lost city, has located the centre of what he believes to be Atlantis, a "walled hillside" about a mile beneath the sea 50 miles off the south-east coast of Cyprus. A detailed sonar scan of the seabed has revealed what he believes to be man-made structures. Mr Sarmast said the dimensions and configuration of walls and a canal on a hillside above a rectangular plain on the seabed "perfectly" matched the first known description of the fabled city by the Greek philosopher Plato. "There are walls, there are trenches, there are canals," said Mr Sarmast. "We have proven this is a match that cannot be coincidental." Aware that scholars and experts believe the Atlantis story is a myth, Mr Sarmast insisted his discoveries are based on scientific fact. "The list of evidence is truly enormous," he said. "The people who dismiss it are people who have not done their homework. This is all based on real science." Sofronis Sofroniou, a professor of Greek philosophy in Cyprus, was highly sceptical, describing the possibility as incredible. "It’s not possible that through the ages nobody mentioned Cyprus in connection with Atlantis. It’s incredible really. "My intuition is there is nothing in it, but fantastic things have come out true before." Experts will have the opportunity to test Mr Sarmast’s findings after he has processed the detailed computer imaging data from an expedition he made last week into a three-dimensional model. He is also planning a second expedition to clear away silt and sediment that has accumulated over thousands of years so that he can bring back physical proof that the underwater structures were man-made. The expedition, involving experts who helped in the search for the Titanic, used the latest side-scan sonar technology that involved a three-mile long cable dragged 50 metres above the sea bed to map out the area, which Mr Sarmast described as "one of the most poorly mapped areas in the world". Some have placed Atlantis in the Aegean. Others have put it in the Azores, off Britain or even as far as the South China Sea. A German scientist this summer thought he might have found Atlantis off the Spanish coast. Unlike many historians who dismissed Atlantis as a myth, Mr Sarmast said he saw Plato’s account as far more than an allegorical tale of hubris and human corruption. Priests in ancient Egypt were not myth-makers, but "keepers of history", Mr Sarmast said. "We’re basically verifying this story they’ve handed on to us. To ancient civilisations this was no myth." Mr Sarmast believes that what remains of Cyprus today is just the mountain tops of the old Atlantis peninsula. Geologists say that the land mass of Cyprus’s central mountain range once formed the ocean floor.This article: Atlantis:

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Current Photos of Mt. St. Helens; The Lampholder Newsletter, November 12, 2004

From: SpecEdNewsletter []
Sent: Saturday, November 13, 2004 9:17 AM
Subject: Current Photos of Mt. St. Helens; The Lampholder Newsletter,
November 12, 2004
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Published by Lampholder Publications
An International Prophecy Journal
November 12, 2004
Prophecy Report

Current Photos of Mt. St. Helens
Crater, Dome, and Eruption Changes
Mount St. Helens' new growth as seen from the east

Mt. St. Helens Current Advisory Update
"Increase in the intensity of eruption could occur suddenly or with very
little warning and
may include explosive events that produce hazardous conditions within
several miles of the

Mt. St. Helens Seismograph and Earthquake Data

LIDAR Images of Mount St. Helens, Washington - Dome Growth


Shirley Ann Miller, Sr. Editor
Lampholder Publications

Lampholder Publications (c) 1985-2004
An International Prophecy Journal


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Friday, November 12, 2004

Arafat Era Ends 11/11 -- Timothy's Prophetic Vision

Timothy Snodgrass - Powered by InJesus
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Arafat Era Ends 11/11
Timothy Snodgrass
Nov 12, 2004


November 11, 2004

At exactly 4:30am Paris time on 11/11, Yasser Arafat was officially pronounced dead in french military hospital, fulfilling a significant series of prophecies concerning the "removal of Arafat", and how this relates to our current timeline. For the last several years we have received numerous prophetic words from people around the world, in many cases which the Holy Spirit has verbally spoken to them that the "removal of Arafat" would be a clear sign of the Lord's soon return, and indication that major judgments were about to explode on the world scene.

The timing in which Arafat fell into a coma, November 3, Paris time (November 2, U.S. time: Election Day) is also extremely significant (read our September 15, 2004 Rosh Hashana Report). Shortly after Yasser Arafat fell into a coma on November 3, the Holy Spirit spoke to me that 11/11 would be a very significant date in history. (I mentioned this to my wife and several other ministry associates in the Philippines.) One week ago, we felt prompted to enter into a time of prayer and fasting from 11/11/04 - 01/11/05; a 3-month period of cleansing and preparation for the new year (chiefly a Daniel fast, fruits and vegatables).

On the early morning of 11/11 before the sun rose in the Philippines, I received the following vision: I was climbing a large mountain somewhere near the Indonesian coast, traveling upwards into a place of refuge. Upon reaching my destination in the mountains, I found a small city with a large population of Christians, and begin to prophesy to them about approaching judgments; but the inhabitants were spiritually blind, and could not receive the word. Suddenly, the gound began to shake, and every eye looked towards the coast. Like a small ripple in the crystal blue sea, the first tidal wave approached and had little impact. Those watching said, "Is that all!?". They began to mock God's grace and mercy demonstrated in the first judgment. But while they were mocking yet another wave approached, slightly larger; and then another, and another. Until finally one large ripple appeared on the horizon, so large that as it struck the hills on the coast the impact left a thunderous splash, towering perhaps a thousand feet into the air. Below us the water from the tsunami traveled along the river inland for nearly a hundred miles, destroying everything in it's path.

It is interesting how God always confirms major prophetic words with signs for those who are watching. On the evening of November 11, seismic activity in the Asia-Pacific region suddenly went off the scale; with a 7.5 quake in Indonesia, followed by a 6.4 aftershock; a 6.5 quake in the Solomon Islands (Solomon representing the Temple Mount, where Arafat requested to be burried), a 6.4 quake in Japan, and a 5.8 quake in Taiwan. Tsunami warnings were briefly issued in Indonesia, and the seismic jolt was felt so stongly by ships in the region that it literally knocked sailors off their feet. The jolt caused at least one shipping accident, throwing a small boat from East Timor into the path of a passing freighter in Deli Harbor.

The first wave on 11/11 was small, but other waves are coming. As the US, UK, UN, and countries around the world continue to pressure Israel to concede covenant land promised to her by God, I prophesy to you that we are now entering into some troubled waters as we approach the new year. It will only be through God's grace and mercy that we do not see these large ripples in the sea crashing against our shoreline in 2005. But nothing is impossible with God!


Timothy Snodgrass

Timothy Snodgrass Â? PO Box 463, Kimberly, OR 97848 USA Â?

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Bin Laden has religious approval to nuke U.S.! Report to be broadcast on 60 MINUTES Sunday, Nov. 14


Fri Nov 12 2004 12:02:34 ET

Osama bin Laden now has religious approval to use a nuclear device against
Americans, says the former head of the CIA unit charged with tracking down the
Saudi terrorist. The former agent, Michael Scheuer, speaks to Steve Kroft in
his first television interview without disguise to be broadcast on 60 MINUTES
Sunday, Nov. 14 (7:00-8:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Scheuer was until recently known as the "anonymous" author of two books
critical of the West's response to bin Laden and al Qaeda, the most recent of
which is titled Imperial Hubris: Why the West is Losing the War on Terror. No
one in the West knows more about the Qaeda leader than Scheuer, who has
tracked him since the mid-1980s. The CIA allowed him to write the books
provided he remain anonymous, but now is allowing him to reveal himself for
the first time on Sunday's broadcast; he formally leaves the Agency today

Even if bin Laden had a nuclear weapon, he probably wouldn't have used it for
a lack of proper religious authority - authority he has now. "[Bin Laden]
secured from a Saudi sheik...a rather long treatise on the possibility of
using nuclear weapons against the Americans," says Scheuer. "[The treatise]
found that he was perfectly within his rights to use them. Muslims argue that
the United States is responsible for millions of dead Muslims around the
world, so reciprocity would mean you could kill millions of Americans,"
Scheuer tells Kroft.

Scheuer says bin Laden was criticized by some Muslims for the 9/11 attack
because he killed so many people without enough warning and before offering to
help convert them to Islam. But now bin Laden has addressed the American
people and given fair warning. "Their intention is to end the war as soon as
they can and to ratchet up the pain for the Americans until we get out of
their region....If they acquire the weapon, they will use it, whether it's
chemical, biological or some sort of nuclear weapon," says Scheuer.

As the head of the CIA unit charged with tracking bin Laden from 1996 to 1999,
Scheuer says he never had enough people to do the job right. He blames former
CIA Director George Tenet. "One of the questions that should have been asked
of Mr. Tenet was why were there always enough people for the public relations
office, for the academic outreach office, for the diversity and multi-cultural
office? All those things are admirable and necessary but none of them are
protecting the American people from a foreign threat," says Scheuer.

And the threat posed by bin Laden is also underestimated, says Scheuer. "I
think our leaders over the last decade have done the American people a
disservice...continuing to characterize Osama bin Laden as a thug, as a
gangster," he says. "Until we respect him, sir, we are going to die in numbers
that are probably unnecessary, yes. He's a very, very talented man and a very
worthy opponent," he tells Kroft.

Until today Nov. 12, Scheuer was a senior official in the CIA's counter terrorism
unit and a special advisor to the head of the agency's bin Laden unit.


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Thursday, November 11, 2004

6.5 and 7.3 mag Quakes & magnetic storms 11-11-04

Three large quakes shook the Pacific today as the magnetic storms that began this week abated, even though one additional solar eruption is yet to arrive later today. 
These events coincide with the first 13-day window of the October 27 lunar eclipse with the quakes in the Pacific area the TimeStar forecast projected as the area that would be most affected with the lunar eclipse.
More later,

The geomagnetic storms that have been persistent over the past 3 days have subsided.  However, there is one additional coronal mass ejection that has not yet intersected with Earth and could later today.
In the meantime, the increased geomagnetic energy seems to have spawned several large earthquakes today (see for details of those over 6.0).  Those over 6.0 today have been a 6.4 in Hokkaido, Japan, a 6.5 in the Solomon Islands, and the most recent one a 7.3 in the Kapalauan Alor Region of Indonesia.  There have been no reports of damage at this time.
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Anti-French feeling is rampant in Ivory Coast - French open fire on a crowd of tens of thousands..

Last Updated: Tuesday, 9 November, 2004, 23:20 GMT
Deaths at Ivory Coast demo
French tank and Ivorian demonstrators at a rally in Abidjan
Anti-French feeling is rampant in Ivory Coast
Several people have died after shooting at an anti-French protest in Ivory Coast's commercial capital, Abidjan.

Several witnesses told the BBC that French peacekeepers opened fire on a crowd of tens of thousands supporters of Ivorian government.

But France said the Ivorian armed forces fired on the demonstrators after they themselves were shot at.

It said the Ivorians were covering a French retreat from a hotel they had controversially been occupying.

Correspondents say the demonstrators feared the French troops intended to advance on Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo's residence, less than a kilometre away.

France has said it has no intention of overthrowing him.

Earlier on Tuesday, South African President Thabo Mbeki said after talks with Mr Gbagbo that the Ivorian leader was committed to a peaceful solution in the divided country.

Mr Mbeki will now report back on the crisis to the African Union, which sent him on the mission.

Violence in Ivory Coast erupted at the weekend, after government planes attacked a French military base inside the rebel-held northern half of the country, killing nine French soldiers.

In retaliation, French troops virtually wiped out the small Ivorian air force, triggering a wave of anti-French violent protests.

The Red Cross estimates that four days of clashes have left at least 600 people injured in Abidjan.


A hospital source said at least nine people were killed and many more were in a critical state, the BBC's James Copnall in Abidjan reports.

29 Sept: Parliament fails to meet deadline for political reforms promised to rebels
15 Oct: Rebels ignore deadline for disarmament
28 Oct: Rebels withdraw ministers from unity government
4 Nov: Government aircraft begin daily air strikes on rebel-held territory in north
6 Nov: An air strike leaves nine French soldiers dead; France responds by destroying Ivorian planes
7 Nov: Thousands of Gbagbo supporters demonstrate against the French in Abidjan; UN condemns Ivorian attacks

There were also unconfirmed reports that two Ivorian gendarmes were killed near the luxury Hotel Ivoire, our correspondent says.

The French Defence Ministry said in a statement that the Ivorian troops opened fire after being shot at by protesters.

"In response to the repeated provocations of the crowd, some of them armed, and in response to shots fired [by protesters], the Ivorian forces opened fire," the statement said.

An Ivorian army spokesman was not immediately available for comment, our correspondent says.

More than a year of strained peace came to an end last week when President Gbagbo ordered air attacks on the rebel-held north.

France sent 600 more troops to back up the 4,000 soldiers it already has in Ivory Coast as part of a UN force of 10,000.

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America's popularity and the real world


America's popularity and the real world

See the Sol Sanders Archive

By Sol Sanders

Sol W. Sanders

November 11, 2004

As someone who has lived for long periods overseas outside the U.S. Embassy bubble, the present spate of self-flagellation in the legacy media about the unpopularity of America alternately amuses and infuriates.

No one can deny Western Europeans who share so many of our values are unhappy with the U.S. In a world which sees itself having solved more than a thousand years of internecine wars Â? two of them almost fatal to their civilization Â? many, maybe most, Europeans want to believe peace and stability is a commodity always bought with reason and compromise. That is an old, almost fatal European disease; we only have to think back to the two decades leading to World War II when leadership thought it could buy peace that way. In time, the Europeans will come to their senses Â?either through intelligence or alas! through the kind of catastrophe which almost saddled them with a Hitler/Stalin-dominated continent. That may be coming sooner than expected with an Iran equipped with WMD-armed missiles with a Europen range.

But in the vast spaces between Casablanca and Zamboanga, another issue presents itself, There billions of people live in conditions where the idea of FranceÂ?s 30-hour week is incomprehensible. Although occasionally staged by agit-prop technicians, European signboards using four-letter words to insult Americans are meaningless. Their daily lives of scrabble preclude such luxuries Â? and better to avoid the batons of thugs who enforce the dicktat of whatever tyrant is temporarily in control.

To talk about public opinion polls in that environment is even more ludicrous than exit polls which so recently almost tripped up an American election. Nor, frankly, is a group of public luminariesÂ? report Â? who helped formulate American policy which gave us 9/11 Â? throw much light. Their admonitions to get to fundamentals as a palliative for anti-American sentiment are unimpeachable. Except, of course, it is a bit like suggesting the way to prevent a mugging in progress is to do an instant psychoanalysis of the attacker to find out where his childhood temptation to violence began. There, are, indeed, remarkable examples of where poverty and corrupt government has given way to improved living standards, political and social enlightenment. But one must remind these advocates of Â?basic reformÂ? it took 54,246 American lives, two and a half million South Koreans deaths, and perhaps 1.5 million martyred North Korean and Chinese soldiers, to lay the groundwork for the process in South Korea.

But if the political scientistsÂ? claptrap Â?scientificÂ? pollsters go astray in examining the level of Â?anti-AmericanismÂ?, anecdotal attempts by our intrepid media adventurers is even more ludicrous. It brings to mind adventures in the mid-1950s. I was investigating economic development prospects as Prime Minister Nehru and his trusty band borrowed foreign Communist apparatchiks set India on the Soviet planning path. I grabbed a taxi, a Hindi-Urdu interpreter, and went for a spin on one of the few highways leading out of the capital. At an unpredetermined spot, we descended, walked several miles into a village where we were, typical of most villagers around the world, welcomed. For several hours we discussed local problems. I didnÂ?t learn much. But I did discover no one could identify Mohandas Gandhi, the leader of the greatest mass reform movement in the 20th century, and although they said they recognized the name; they had never heard of Nehru.

An intrepid young [I give her the benefit of the doubt] lady at The Los Angeles Times reports her interviews with America-returned young people in Lahore. Her piece recounts how, after their marvelous U.S. academic experience, they are now upset with what they see as a changed America. I have no doubt these scion of one of the most corrupt feudal elite in the Afro-Asian world do resent our support of a military dictatorship. But whatever else it is doing, is helping to drain the swamp of terrorists, internal and external. Her reference to a former politician who was a Â?friend of the U.S.Â? is idiotic were it not so damaging to any concept of what is going on in the country. Nor does she seem to know the lady, a frequent guest in Georgetown salons with the same sort of ignorance, triple face-lifts and all, comes from a family notorious as the worst landlords in the Sindh and who as prime minister presided over the swap of Pakistani nuclear technology for North Korean missiles.

In fact, it is a jungle out there. The Bush Administration, after 9/11 took the only option it had: to defend the U.S. against a wily group of nihilistic adventurers using Islamicist fanaticism to inflict as much hurt as they could on Americans everywhere. The fact pursuit of that goal takes forthright military options will not be approved in the hypocritical quarters of a UN which has Muammar QadaffiÂ?s Libya as chairman of its human rights commission, and gets billions in payoffs from a jerry-built attempt to sanction weapons sales to a monster like Sadaam Hussein. The use of American power to destroy a corrupt status quo which for more than half a century has bred such monsters will not win phony public opinion polls conducted by interested parties.

Sol W. Sanders, (, is an Asian specialist with more than 25 years in the region, and a former correspondent for Business Week, U.S. News & World Report and United Press International. He writes weekly for World

November 11, 2004
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What in the world is going on?

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