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Friday, November 26, 2004

Papua rocking - Alaska & Russia Shaky

A 7.2 quake shook Papua today following the TimeStar forecast posted in August indicating this area would heat up with resonant quakes and volcanoes in Alaska and Russia, possibly extending to Japan and Washington State.  See TimeStar email alert of November 24 and TimeStar forecast posted August 26, 2004. 
This 7.2 quake came in with the opening of a 13-day window of the October 27, 2004 lunar eclipse.  December 18, 2004 to January 19, 2005 looks like a period of very high geophysical activity, with Alaska, Russia, Japan, Washington State, Mexico and Central high on the list for quakes, volcanoes and storms.
The Papua area (New Guinea) is sinking and thousands have been evacuated to new homes in the last few years.  When the Papua (New Guinea) area sinks, new land masses will rise in the North Pacific.  An underwater volcano in the Aleutians was discovered in 2003 that is predicted to be the next new Aleutian island.  New land masses in the next few DECADES are not limited to the Aleutians and could include areas off the coast of Hawaii and Oregon, but, again, North Pacific locations for new land masses are not limited to these.  Hawaii and Oregon are just locations that look likely, with the coast of Alaska and Russia leading probable areas.
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What in the world is going on?

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  1. Anonymous2:30 PM

    The following message is for conscientious humans with interest in preservation of the most precious resources in the planet Earth, its people and their habitat. The message is prophetic in nature and contains essential truth to enlighten the consciousness of those that seek Peace and Prosperity; and Spiritual Freedom for all new generations for all created people. It is to meditate its contents and search for that truth among those that believe; the Chosen and Faithful, and to make awareness of that Evil Mind trying to control those resources by Fear and Destruction. The message is being stopped and returned by the delivery systems in many occasions with excuses of fatal address errors or no valid recipients, etcetera. Those holding this message are cursing themselves with dark ignorance. Ivor Manuel prays for you and Peace for the World, prophet of the Lord.

    January 13, 2005. Orlando. City of Lights. Dear Sirs

    It is remarkable to see and hear how many scientific and speculative theories are being exposed on the press, radio and television by the editing media about what some call the wrecked, creeping, wicked weather.
    In January 18, 2003; a letter with an “Apocalyptic Warning Message” was sent to the United Nations before the United States lunched its War against Iraq. Press release copies were also sent to some members of the media and clergy, among them “The Orlando Sentinel” main news paper in this city; The New York Times, Reverends Charles Stanly, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson among others; part of that message reads like the following words:
    “Then I saw the execution, the execution of hate and wickedness where hundreds of innocents humans at a time, and thousands a time, and hundreds of thousands to the end were killed, children, women and men, young and old, all innocents souls. Yes, I also saw poor innocent souls paid and trained to be mercilessly cruel. The armies of the Beast were drugged to encourage and enhance performance to kill. They dropped over the Earth thousands of what the prophet Isaiah called: “The weapons of his indignation to destroy the whole land.” I heard this King constant vocalization of “Human Rights,” but he does not have regard for innocent humans nor the Holy Spirit within or the Word of God or the testimony they held.”
    “ The great truth was given to me in a prophetic vision. Bombs were being dropped unrelentlessly from the sky, pulverizing buildings by the dozens in just minutes; where dozens of innocents were killed at a time, and sometimes dozens of dozens times dozens. The great slaughter, the Earth pounded along with its people and animals. Moreover the shaking and the trembling of the crust of the Earth by the power of these weapons cause braking and shifting underground of rocks, creating earthquakes around the planet. Volcanoes became active and lava started to erupt from cracks and pits of bombs explosions and earthquakes. The Earth was bleeding and the rivers were being flooded with blood running to the seas. Water and air contaminated with chemical dust and winds full of radiation killing thousands more by poison and asphyxia; heat melting flesh and people running crazily over each other trying to find a door to get out of Hell. Total chaos, the acceleration of “Global Warming” by these “Blasphemous Weapons” will melt the poles flooding parts of the Earth with fury.”
    Although I am not a scientist or a member of the clergy, nor a politician; but rather a prophet of GOD, I have received instructions to warn the people of America and the World, about how the first great earthquake that produce the “Tsunami”; was in deed the aftermath of the pounding of the crust of the Earth by the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” the United States has being dropping in Afghanistan and Iraq for over a year now. The continuous unreasonably violent striking and blasting of these “BLASPHEMOUS WEAPONS” has reverberate sound, heat vibratory waves along with toxic particles waves in and around the planet. Trembling and shifting underground rock causing earthquakes and atmospheric sudden catastrophic changes by warm toxic winds, rains and snow. The hurricanes that went through Orlando last year and the multiplication of tornados, mudslides, avalanches, floods, sinkholes, volcanoes activation and many other cataclysmic phenomena is also the result of the hateful amount of destructive energy being released by these WEAPONS which in a blasphemous and untruthful manner the United States went to seek in Iraq, but It rather use them there. The Word in the book of Revelation 6:14 says: “And the heavens departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their place.” This is the six seal: “A man made Earthquake-Tsunami has moved the Earth out of its axis and more devastation is coming as a result of the anti-CHRIST actions of War.”
    Before the 2004 national elections another warning vision was published at; it was e-mailed to the general media, and the end section reads like this words; again warning America: “And behold; the night vision was now like a great television screen showing the name: The King of MYSTERY BABYLON the GREAT; then there appeared:
    The President of the United States of America; dressed with a tricolor hooded cloak garment of stars. And he had in his head a crown of gold that was melting; and the precious metal was going into his eyes making him blind; and as he walked toward a ceremonial bowl filled with water to clean his eyes; he then tripped his foot against a Stone a tried Stone, a Precious Corner Stone set by the ceremonial bowl that was filled with water. [That STONE represents the Doctrine of JESUS CHRIST of LOVE and MERCY toward our enemies for the creation of PEACE]. The vision continuous…And as he stumbled and fell his right foot got caught into the ceremonial vessel and the water turned to blood. The President was trying desperately to get his foot out of the bowl while his back was against the floor; but his foot was caught in the vessel with his greed and egotistical pride; and he was shaking his foot with anger and the satisfaction of force while on his back; but the ritual kettle was boiling over with the sacrificial blood of multitudes of humans. Poor and innocent soldiers from many nations, poor and innocent civilians from Afghanistan and Iraq; the blood of poor and innocent children, women and elders from all over the World was overflowing along his side. [The last twenty words describe something like the TSUNAMI]. The vision ended… And the Cabinet along with his Republican and Democratic courts, and the Clergy were there by his side; standing on their knees inebriated with the wrath of his wine; as the American ceremonial vessel became a drowning river of blood. And there came on the screen the words: THE LAMENTATION of ABOMINABLE HIPOCRASY.”
    Today I read:
    “And He said unto me, you must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues and Kings.” Revelation 10:11. Ivor Manuel prays for you and Peace for the World, prophet of the LORD.


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