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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Strange Humming Noise - New Zealand

Mysterious noise in New Zealand: low hum noise baffles Wellington residents

October 14, 2012 – WELLINGTON, NZ – News of the ‘Wellington hum’ has reverberated across the country with the local council inundated with calls on theories about the phenomenon. The Wellington City Council says calls have flooded in since the noise was first reported in parts of the city three days ago. The cause of the noise is still unknown but council spokesperson Clayton Anderson says there are several theories floating around. “We’ve had around 20 phone calls and got around a dozen emails from around New Zealand from people speculating what it is,” he says. 

The most bizarre theory was from a man convinced Daleks – fictional mutant aliens from the TV series Doctor Who – had surrounded the city. But Daleks or not, it appears the noise is spreading with the council receiving its first call from a resident in Berhampore last night. It takes the total to around 20 noise complaints from Mt Victoria, Mt Cook, Newtown, Berhampore and Karori. “We’ve put the word out to our business units about what could potentially be making that noise and they’ve all come back saying it’s not us,” says Mr Anderson. He says the council will continue to go out and monitor noise complaints. 

'Sinister' ship 

Blamed for Wellington Hum

A low-pitched humming sound has been troubling residents in the Mt Victoria, Newtown and Mt Cook area since Saturday.
Many are now pointing the finger at the Singapore navy frigate Stalwart which was berthed in Wellington Harbour for the past week, but a few complaints to council have continued since the boat's departure yesterday.
The constant hum has attracted up to 40 noise complaint calls since Saturday and about 30 emails theorising on the cause from around the country.
Wellington City Council spokesman Richard MacLean said the frigate left Wellington yesterday and though many on the waterfront had theorised the ship was to blame, there had been two more calls in the past 12 hours.
''A lot of people are saying they think it's the frigate. It's a plausible explanation because they usually have large diesel generators on board. It was a pretty large, grey, sinister-looking ship.''
MacLean said council would be watching the phone logs carefully to see if the number of calls died down now that the ship had left.

Wellington City Council has "no idea what might be causing the noise."
Wellington City Council has no idea what might be causing the noise. Photo / Mark Mitchell
Wellington City Council has no idea what might be causing the noise. Photo / Mark Mitchell
News of mysterious humming sounds in Wellington has prompted a nationwide response to determine its cause.
The Wellington City Council has received nearly 30 reports of the low pitched sound over the past few days, but say they have no idea what is causing it.
Council spokesman Richard Maclean says the council has been contacted by people from Mosgiel to Auckland advising them on what the noise might be.
"People saying that they have heard the humming in Wellington, they've shifted to Auckland, they can still hear humming in Auckland."
Mr Maclean says the council will continue to investigate the sound if it causes further concerns.

Early Comments:

Marybell says:
I am fascinated by the worldwide strange sounds. Sure wish this one was recorded. I’ve researched these since the Spring of 2011-Some sounds like trumpets. some are an extended hum.  Eeery

Linda says:
Reminds me of the Edmonton hum, they investigated that but never came out with what the cause was. I still haven’t forgotten the hum in my area last Jan for several days, was the most unpleasant thing to experience. It made sleep nearly impossible, and such a low barely audible tone it felt like it just disturbed the whole body’s balance not to mention the ear pain.

Contributing Sources:

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