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Thursday, October 04, 2012


 Paul McGuire: What is about to happen in Israel and Iran?  WARNING: This is not a game!
Moon Into Blood, Israel, Iran, Armageddon by Paul McGuire
Moon Into Blood, Israel, Iran, Armageddon by Paul McGuire


By Paul McGuire

 We have now reached one of the most critical points in the history of mankind and it revolves around Israel, Iran and the Middle East. This crisis point was predicted over 2,500 years ago, by the ancient Biblical prophets. In addition, the general nature and date of this crisis was predicted by the Mayan Calendar, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and the Fatima prophecies. Although, 2012 is the general time period predicted by some of these prophets, 2012 is basically is a convergence point for many apocalyptic events.

Some people are quick to say that the world thought the apocalypse was at hand during the Black Plague, World War I and World War II. That may be true, but there are a number of reasons why this crisis is different than any other crisis in human history. The primary reason is advanced technology. For example, the crisis between Israel and Iran, could involve nuclear weapons, which could be used in a conflict that would set off a regional thermonuclear war. Strategic military analysis tells us that a regional thermonuclear war can become a global thermonuclear war in about one hour and a half. At this point, you are talking about the potential loss of hundreds of millions of lives. Using today's technology, one single U.S. Or Russian nuclear submarine has the nuclear fire power to destroy the entire world!

Secondly, unlike previous conflicts with nations like Nazi, Germany and the former Soviet Union, we are dealing with an apocalyptic sect known as the "Twelvers," a radical Shiite Muslim sect that believes an Islamic new world order will come with the return of their Messiah, the Mahdi. This Islamic new world order would be ushered in by the destruction of Israel and a global apocalypse ignited by Iran. Iranian analysts believe that, Ahmadinejab is building up its nuclear-weapon capabilities in order to attack Israel, which will be the key apocalyptic event that will cause the Mahdi to return. The key factor here is that Iran will soon have the nuclear weapons to cause an apocalypse.

Ahmadinejab is a "Twelver," and at his recent speech at the United Nations, on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, Ahmadinejab gave a fiery apocalyptic speech in which he reiterated his total commitment to this apocalyptic belief system. Ahmadinejab believes he is on a mission from God to destroy Israel and start a global apocalypse that will bring in the Mahdi.

Also speaking at the United Nations General Assembly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for a "clear red line" to be drawn on Iran's development of nuclear weapons. Netanyahu, also explained that Iran's belief in destroying Israel and starting an apocalypse was their ultimate game plan. This is an entirely different enemy than the former Soviet Union and Nazi, Germany, who at the end of the day wanted to live and enjoy their lives.

Never before in the history of mankind have we had the technology to destroy the population of Earth in a matter of hours or weeks with nuclear and biological weapons.In the U.S. Alone there could be nuclear strikes in many U.S. Cities which would include military installations and all areas of economic, political and military importance.

The sophistication of computer guided nuclear missiles is so accurate, that our enemies have pre-programmed nuclear missiles capable of hitting specific highway intersections in major cities. This will block the citizen's from exiting a targeted city. Just looking at Google Earth Search will give you a minor hint of how accurately a nuclear missile strike could be. In fact, a missile can be launched from outer space to detonate a specific house! Through biological warfare, the CDC is preparing for a "Zombie Apocalypse" which could involve a biological agent that attacks the central nervous system and turns people into flesh eating zombies, like in the movies, "I Am Legend," and "28 Days Later." This is not science fiction; this is cutting edge of biological warfare. This also fits in with the prediction of the, "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse," predicted in the book of Revelation.

The fact of the matter is that the human race has now entered the time that many prophets have predicted. It is not an accident that word Revelation, in the Book of Revelation, is from the Greek word, apokaplypsis, which is an unveiling or disclosing of reality that has not been previously perceived, especially events in the future.

Never before has mankind had to face the prospect of an Extinction Level Event with the push of a button. In addition to global thermonuclear and biological war, mankind must now face the potential of cataclysmic events like an asteroid, or comet hitting the earth. Many military experts speculate that one of the secondary reasons that the Mars rover, "Curiosity," is on Mars, is to be able to give us a better view of comets and asteroids that may be moving dangerously close to earth. Added to that, large numbers of people have heard strange groaning coming from under the earth and huge piles of dead fish are washing onto the shore in places like Finland.

Source: Paul Mcguire

Are You Ready?

4.0 out of 5 stars Where is the World Going?February 19, 2011
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This is a series of short article-type chapters on a whole range of political global issues. It looks at Israel, Al Qaeda, Global Government, mergers of Canada, USA, and Mexico. It relates all that is happening to Ancient Biblical prophecies. It looks at the policies and response of US and UN. It is a book that makes you think, even if you do not agree with some its conclusions.

Moon Into Blood

America and the world are racing to what the Bible calls “the End of the Age.” Mankind is quickly approaching what the ancient prophets called “The time of Jacob’s trouble” or “The Tribulation Period.”  A seven year time period where God pours out the most horrific judgments described as, “the wrath of God.”
At the beginning of this Tribulation Period a world charismatic leader called the First Beast or the Antichrist rules a kingdom that the prophet Daniel interpreted in a dream for the King of Babylon as consisting of ten toes composed of iron and clay.  This is the Fourth Beast, or Revived Roman Empire, that consists of a fragile alliance of ten regional global governments.
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  1. "Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, (saying, I am Christ) and shall deceive many" (verses 4-5, King James Version).

    A fork in the road offers limited choices, a forked tongue contains a myriad of possibilities, each more tempting than the last.

    Do not be deceived by those who seek to profit from the hardships and fears of fellow men in these lean and brutal times. While these certainly are difficult times, they are by NO means the "end times" or the beginning thereof. For those who might argue this point I must insist upon a re-reading of the book of Revelation; interpretations notwithstanding, NONE of the pre-apocalyptic requisites have yet occurred with the stunning magnitude or frequency predicted therein. Additionally ( even though certain Democrats would heartily disagree) we have as of this writing no indication of the second coming of Christ or with due respect to other religions, the coming of ANY messiah. Philosophically this leads to the logical conclusion that things (in the biblical sense) are sure to get a Hell of a lot worse before they get better.

    We need only peer into a looking glass to find salvation, for God shines through the eyes of anyone who would but see. Joe S.

  2. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Pull your head from your ass. Bible prophecy is NOT coming true as alleged. Anybody who has half a brain can quickly identify how incredibly wrong these so-called "prophecies" are, and why every single time a modern interpretation of "Bible prophecy is coming true" is always, 100% dead wrong.

    Your article is full of conjecture, so much so that it actually makes no sense at all.

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