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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

G8 Beast Worship Service ?

It appears to me that the G8 is backed by the same dark forces that are backing the passage of Codex (which will take away our health choice freedoms, causing increasing deaths and illnesses among poor and elderly) and the same dark forces behind the push for Terri Schiavo's death. 
Well, we need to spread the Light! 
Even if the World appears to 'win'.. we have made our allegiance to Good obvious, thus being Chosen - by our choices.
Dee xxoo
article sent me by Kato Mivule of Africa...........
Larry Taylor

From: Kato Mivule <kmivule7@...>
Date: Tue Jul 5, 2005  12:34 am
Subject: Bob Geldof Live 8 Concert, A Worship Service For The G8 666 System...
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Bob Geldof and his Lying Noisy Live 8 G8 Beast Worship Service...
My Take on the so-called Live 8 concert...
>>Since I come from Uganda, Africa, I watched with horror the manipulation of the suffering in Africa by the Illuminati. Sir Bob Geldof and his Live 8 Worldwide Concert was a worship service, a practice of what will actually happen when the G8 and UN takeover the world. This was pure G8 PR with both Thesis and Anti-Thesis...the Synthesis will be reached soon when all the peoples in the "Rich" Countries see it fit to rally alongside "Making Poverty History" and give all their powers to the G8-UN Beast Economic System. Their Spirit was "Man can Solve his own Problems", there is no need for God and His True Word.. The Live 8 was just another Hegelian Dialectic Process making the masses ready for the Anti-Christ and his "End All Poverty" 666 System...
What Africa needs is Jesus Christ, He alone can Do Away with poverty forever in His everlasting Kingdom...Bod Geldof is just a NWO distraction and a worshiper of the anti-Christ...that includes his fellow musicians who care less much about Africa but in an old age were their careers are almost over, these guys are now being used by G8 to rally the world and get them ready for the Anti Christ 666 System, using African Poverty as a launching Pad...
Bob Geldof, keep your music and pleas for Help...we in Africa need Jesus Christ...we have seen enough of the always give with strings attached...Jesus Christ truly can feed and cloth us, we refuse your mambo jumbo gobbledygook so-called Live 8 shows...The People who created the illegal economic market system that is affecting Africa were the British and of course the G8, they have not helped in the past and will not in the future...
Please Africa, don't waste time with the noisy Bob Geldof and his Live 8 Concerts in hopes to get relief...they last performed one in 1985 and ever since then, Africa has suffered from AIDS, Tyrannical Regimes, Rwanda Genocide and all mayhem while the West watched...The G8 will Do Nothing As Usual...The Live 8 Concert was nothing but a worship Service for the Anti Christ and Beast Systems Headed By the G8 who meet this week...

Kato Mivule

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