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Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Cosmic Egg has Hatched. It'll be Interesting to Watch it Develop!

Yesterday we were "put on the spot" to have to give a little talk and demonstration at yoga class.
I demonstrated a Balance posture and explained about how in disciplining the body, we discipline our minds also.   Another talked about turning her face to a light and imagining the Source of Light, and having it
infuse her whole body, calming her many worrisome thoughts with adoration of our dear Lord Jesus.
This same dear young woman asked me about how balancing our bodies would help our minds, and I explained the connection of mind and body, one influences each other - as above, so below. 
A lesson in Balance I needed to be reminded of, especially in these unbalancing times!
Thanks to Janis for this:

"Personal Notes" Tracking update on : The Biggest Cosmic Wave ever has
arrived on Planet Earth!

The Cosmic Egg (New Earth) has Hatched!
May 24th 2007
The mental matrix hologram is being scrambled. The old program is
defunct. This is subtle but will become more and more apparent.
This Cosmic Wave is in pouring and likened unto what I would call a
white out.
The power of this Comic(sic) Wave of Light is being received, absorbed and
rippling as Ocean waves arriving upon the shores of consciousnesses.
It is infilling the Rivers of life (the new crystalline grids & all DNA).
The Power of this Source Wave begins the nullifying of the old mental
control patterns. The infilling is with the Heart flow the head will
follow as we catch up.
The illusions of separation on all levels begin to fade quickly into
this (photon) Light.
There is no veil all dimension merge and blend. There is a new spin.
No more fear is served as it is organically spun and transmutes to
higher frequency. there are no enemies or boundaries to protect against.
Our collective Diamond Hearts Unite. Our visions are forthcoming into
As all concepts of time (past, present, future) begin to fade into the
eternal "Now".
All is remembered. No more pain or sufferings to endure. No more
waiting for the rapture of so many distortions as these distortions
are erased forever thru Grace..
The Power of Light/Love of this "New/Now Galactic Day" contains the
only power of this change.
The Planet Earth Shifts as if the Light switch was just flipped on.
The rivers of our life essence begin to flow unimpeded . No more blood
to loose in sacraficaly modes..
Our life force is restored to its orginal idenity once more. The whole
Planet is being Resurrected of the cross of duality by the force and
power from this Cosmic Wave of Light.
No other power but exists here on Planet Earth.
No need to control as there is nothing but the need to Flow.
Free at last! The remaining chains disappear before our eyes. They
were only lies.
The Lion lies down with the Lamb of Peace.
All come home to rest in the arms of Source Creator.
We are the cradle.
The only Power there ever really was is remembered.
We are nothing but this Power called Love.
Nothing else is real.
Many are coming awake in a holy instant. All will become infused with
this Light!
In this scrambling of the mental matrix some are asleep who (think)
they are awake.
Some are awake and think they are asleep.
There will be no sleeping thru this Wave my friends this I know.
All will come to "BALANCE" in this Wave.
It is time to celebrate!!!!!
Many Blessings Kara Kincannon

In Service to the "Planetary Shift of the Ages". 5D realities and

Source Of Light Center> 16790 C.R. 46.0 Aguilar, Co. 81020
Phone:719-941-4129> Leave message
Building the Now Age>

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Uncalculated Consequences" of Human-Animal Creations

Bishop Decries "Uncalculated Consequences" Of Breaching Species Barrier With Human-Animal Creations

Added: May 20th, 2007 11:18 AM

Church Decries Plan for Human-Animal Hybrid

Bishop Sgreccia Says British Decision Offends Dignity

VATICAN CITY, MAY 18, 2007 ( A Vatican official lamented a British government decision to drop its opposition to forming hybrid animal-human embryos for stem cell research.

Bishop Elio Sgreccia, president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, said Thursday's decision to reject a proposed ban on the process is offensive to human dignity.

"The creation of a hybrid animal-human embryo has been banned by everyone in the biotechnology field, until now -- and not just by religious groups," Bishop Sgreccia said. "This is because human dignity is compromised and offended and monstrosities will be created from these inseminations.

"It is true that these embryos are suppressed and the cells taken out, but the creation of an animal-human being represents a natural border that has been violated, the most grave of violations."

In an interview with Vatican Radio, he called for a complete moral condemnation of the practice, "in the name of reason and in the name of justice and science, which must be maintained for the well being of the person and respect for human nature."

Uncalculated consequences

Bishop Sgreccia said he hopes that the international scientific community continues to hold the line, to defend "the conservation and respect of the species."

"The human individual has not been respected because embryos are destroyed and sacrificed in many ways, as in the case of these artificial inseminations," the 78-year-old bishop said. "But the line between the species had always been respected. Now, this barrier too has been broken and the consequences have not been calculated.

"The fact is that there was no reason to do this. If they are looking for stem cells in order to cure Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, there is no need to create a hybrid animal-human embryo, because there are adult stem cells, and stem cells in umbilical cords and those in the adult male to be able to battle these frontiers in faith."

"The scientist who is only worried about advancing his research does not take into consideration the anthropological and philosophical factors, like respect for nature and the natural order.

"There is a thirst for knowledge that must be maintained inside certain limits, a thirst to experiment that can upset the moral sense of the one carrying out the experiments, if he is not controlled by a sense of balance and human reason."

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You Can't Get There from Here

You Can't Get THERE … From HERE
  Please Stop Running FOR Cancer, Aids, MS, and Disease …  If You Want To Be Healthy
by Jeanine Just, Visionary Success Strategist ©2002
This article is dedicated to my friends and everyone who has sacrificed their life to dis-ease. In August of 2001, my research disclosed some very important information about how thoughts and feelings create reality. I am sharing these insights with anyone who wants to get greater control of their destiny. I know for a fact that there have been cures for cancer for over twenty five years, and I want to explain some things that hopefully will inspire you to transcend victim consciousness and live the life you were born to live. 
How Reality Is Created
Thoughts and feelings create! Thoughts and feelings are impulses of energy and information. They send out vibrational pictures, patterns, and colors (not words or language). This energy affects the atmosphere (energy field) around the person thinking the thought or feeling the feeling. Once they go out they can never be retracted. What we see in the outer world is a reflection of collectives humanity's thoughts and feelings. Much of our future is being created by radio and TV programming.  
It's simple to understand how reality is created when you understand the Science of Consciousness. But what is consciousness and how can you influence it? I define collective consciousness as the sum total of humanity's beliefs, thoughts, feelings and actions. Media, public relations firms, and advertising constantly send out thought-forms that program us for sickness, drugs, violence, fear, and materiality. These thoughts go into collective consciousness and create a huge cesspool of crap from which we draw our personal thoughts. Perception is carefully and precisely regulated. Most conventional wisdom is implanted into the public consciousness by a thousand contrived media clips per day.
Whose Thoughts Are You Thinking?
Where attention goes—reality is created. Have you ever wondered why most people in America generally think the same thing about most issues? These illusions are perpetrated and continuously reinforced by spin doctors. First comes the thought—then it manifests in everyday life. For example, constant awareness to medical problems, creates more drug customers. Constant awareness to being a victim—creates more people feeling victimized. Cancer was rare until someone told us about it and programmed fear thoughts into consciousness. People did not think about flu shots until the media promoted them. Have you ever wondered about the ethics of the CNN Allergy Reports being sponsored by a drug company? Do you really believe allergy medicine will cure allergies or is it just a sales pitch? What's true is that awareness to allergies–creates allergies. Remove those thoughts forms from your energy field—your allergies will be gone.  
Let's explore conventional thoughtstreams promoted in today's society which are creating public consciousness:  1) An education guarantees financial success, 2) war will create peace, 3) fluoride protects your teeth, 4) take out your gall bladder because it's not really needed, 5) HIV causes AIDS, 6) without vaccines infectious diseases will return, 7) the FDA thoroughly tests all drugs before marketing them, 8) if it's written in the newspaper or professional journal, it's true, 9) flu shots prevent flu, 10) menopause complications are something every woman can expect, 11) pharmaceutical drugs restore health, 12) pets need drugs, shots and surgery, 13) scientists are god-like, 14) be afraid of sun causing  cancer, 15) you must "own a piece of the rock", and 16) the purpose of life is shopping.
Dare To Think For Your Self
Most people are ignorant—not evil. But, as the saying goes ignorance of the law is no excuse. The result of ignorance however, is why I share Universal Laws. These laws transcend man-made laws and always hold true. For example, if you jump out of a 6th story window you will go down ... and if you plant tomato seeds, you will get tomatoes and not radishes.
Einstein said, " We cannot create solutions to problems with the same consciousness that created them." When you learn the truth about how reality is created, you will think beyond living in only a "physical world" and think in  terms of an "energy world."  To break free of collective programming you will need to upgrade your thought programming and then vigilantly select each thought and feeling. Upgrading your thought programming is much like installing an upgraded computer program onto your computer.  
"AGAINST" Energy Creates More Of What You Don't Want & Collapses Your Energy Field
For example, if you are in a relationship with someone and they are stuck in their doldrums, what you should do is observe what makes you feel good, or what brings you joy—and do it. Don't waste your energy fighting against what you don't want. This only creates more of what you don't want.
Another example is in today's business climate, many people are dissatisfied with management or the company they work for. Most of their energy is wasted trying to get away from the pain. It's more productive to decide what makes you fulfilled and feel good — then create it. Only invest in positive thoughts. Make the necessary changes to your preferred state of functioning.  Your energy, time and money will increase because you're not "fighting against something" or "trying to get rid of something."
It's impossible to get "far enough away" from anything or anyone, because separation is only an illusion. People or experiences are never more than a thought away. The Internet is helping people learn about being connected. Just as you can send e-mail via the Internet, we constantly send people "energy e-mail" messages. It doesn't matter whether the person is in the same room or across the globe. They instantly, consciously or unconsciously, get your "energy e-mail." To create the reality you prefer — you must be very selective with each thought you allow to enter your mind, and carefully monitor the thoughts and feelings you send to others.
"Hedging Against" and Trying To Protect Yourself
Most people have been programmed to hedge against inflation, to purchase insurance to protect against disability, fire, death, and illness, etc. The "save for a rainy day" mindset is also "hedging against." This attracts to you what you don't want in your life. The hidden motivation to save for retirement is usually driven by a desire to protect against old age. This whole mindset of against vs. for … profits huge industries. People buy vitamins, hair and beauty aids, their children's education, and get regular medical tests and checkups for the negative reasons of protecting themselves. All of the above scenarios are fear-based motivations that dis-empower you, collapse your energy field and create the opposite of  your real intention.
PR Firms Raise Lots Of Money For Organizations "Hedging Against"
I personally know several people who had a health crisis, after training for today's popular fund raising events. Well-intended participants are running, walking or biking, with the intent to avoid cancer or honor someone they knew who experienced cancer. What they have not understood, is that by putting these thoughts into their minds—disease gets created. What if people knew they get what they are thinking and feeling—not what they think they are thinking and feeling … AND that whatever they give attention to will expand. Would they still participate?
Words and feelings are powerful creators of reality. If you do not have the cancer thoughts in your consciousness (consciously or unconsciously)—you can't create cancer in your life. A magnet does not stick to wood—only to metal. Remove the thoughts from millions of people's consciousness (and even from your family genetic consciousness)—and the disease or conditions disappear.
Your brain can't hold two thoughts simultaneously. You can't simultaneously hold a happy and sad thought, or healthy and sick thought. It's impossible to think about the AVON BREAST CANCER 3-DAY event and simultaneously hold the thought of total health and vibrant aliveness. So what's happening? The answer is, the more attention the disease gets—the more people experience it. Health is our natural state—disease is abnormal and can't exist in a healthy body. Remove the thoughts of victim, fear, worry, war, disease, etc., and the thoughts are deleted from the collective thought cesspool. Your "search engine" will come up with nothing. Spell check makes sure words are spelled right. Empower yourself by using a "thought-check" system for the next 30 days and see how your life changes. Allow only thoughts of health, joy, peace, integrity, and harmony. Watch how everything changes.
Should the PR firms and businesses be held liable for the results of their actions? One PR firm claims they have netted more dollars FOR breast cancer and AIDS charities more quickly than any known private event enterprise in United States history. But the goals are not aligned to natural laws and universal principles. Dis-ease consciousness creates disease—and that is why there have been no solutions, no real cures for a variety of dis-eases. To quote the promotional brochures for this event, "3 Days Of Walking from Santa Barbara to Malibu to FIGHT breast cancer with 3,000 others like you. 3 Days Of Kindness, commitment and friendship. 3-Days of Meaning you'll remember for the rest of your life." Some good will come from these events.  There will be some heart-warming experiences, new friendships will be made, and money will be raised. But what will be deposited in the collective thought/feeling bank to prevent dis-ease in the future?  
I had a friend who was a zealot for long term care insurance. I watched her create her own death at a very young age. She constantly thought about how awful it is for people to get ill and lose their life savings and retirement money. Her real motivation was FEAR. From her fear, she manifested her greatest fear in her own life.
Has the campaign, "Say no to drugs" worked? If not, why not?  Because it can't. The brain only records the last word … drugs … drugs … drugs. The saying should have been, "Say no to drugs…Say yes to Life." Think about this, grocery stores are now "Food & Drug Stores." Where are we all headed? Unless you own stocks in pharmaceutical companies and don't care about the future world you, your children and grandchildren will live in … please take heed.
Now that you are more informed and aware about how thoughts/feelings create reality, how would you like to work for the Orange County Financial Abuse Specialist Team? They specialize in training financial abuse specialists in agencies and organizations that serve the elderly. Or are you willing to support the NATIONAL DRUG AND ALCOHOL AWARENESS WEEK where a PTA organization puts a "death toll poster car" on display at  the high school campus depicting people killed last year by drunk drivers in Orange County. Their stated objective "We hope to increase a greater awareness of substance abuse through this project."  How awful that our children have to suffer because of ignorant, uniformed adults.
OR the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society … FIGHTING Blood-Related Cancers. OR TV evangelists who play on people's emotions using starving children's pictures or pictures of the helpless and hopeless. OR a concert to "STOP THE ABUSE of Afghanistan women or children." OR "Help Stamp Out Hunger." OR America's Walk FOR Diabetes. OR run or walk the marathon in Honolulu for the Arthritis Foundation–Joints In Motion with a slogan, "Take it on!" OR, Race for the Cure—112 events nationwide and this organization is the leading catalyst in the FIGHT AGAINST this devastating disease...every woman is at risk—great perks, extra mammograms, T-shirts, and complementary refreshments. OR, you can create more awareness to arthritis by becoming a member of the Arthritis Foundation's Joints in Motion Training Team, take a vacation, and run the "I Love Paris In The Springtime Marathon."
What about, "Prevent CHILD ABUSE?" Again, the brain records child abuse. OR Alzheimer's Memory Walk—a fun way to join the FIGHT AGAINST Alzheimer's Disease, where participants are instructed to bring pictures of their loved ones to remind them of why they are walking. The brochure shows four generations with only two generations with Alzheimer's disease. OR Project Sister …sexual assault crisis services educating the communities we serve about the nature and causes of sexual violence. OR these internet sites: The Hunger site, The Kids AIDS site, The Landmine site, The Rainforest site, or The Child Survival site. What solutions do any of these examples provide? Is it any wonder why hospitals, doctors and drug companies have so many patients? In addition to all the previous information in this article,  many magazines use full front page headlines like, "The DIABETES EPIDEMIC...a killer disease. This creates conscious awareness to diabetes and creates patients for the medical profession.  
Now for a change of pace, consider this: A Walk For Peace in Celebration of the United Nations, OR walking the CAMINO for the purpose of a spiritual and physical challenge... and with the intention to find one's deepest "spiritual meaning." Can you hear the difference in the motivations and energetic vibration?  These examples are FOR health and FOR very different motivations than my previous examples.
Polarized Thinking  
Presenting information with polarized viewpoints is another way to increase negative results through creating apathy. The back and forth bantering does the same thing to your psyche as a cat that bats a mouse back and forth until it's lethargic. Many people today are confused and don't know who to believe or what to trust. This is the result of strategic spin doctors who practice the science of creating public opinion. They can put a particular product or concept in a desirable light. They know the best public relations happens when people are unaware that they are being manipulated. To create public opinion PR firms select specific radio, TV, magazines and news papers and use third party endorsements, institutes, foundations, celebrity endorsements, scientists for hire, attack strategies, and canned news and press releases. The sole purpose of news is to keep you in fear and uncertainty so you will watch again and be subjected to more advertising. Polarized talk show participants keep consciousness stuck in no-win situations.
Dowsing and Kinesiology Testing  
Dowsing has been used for eons to find water, oil and gold. I personally use both dowsing and kinesiology to determine the positive or negative effects of many things including promotional brochures, pink cancer ribbons, fund-raising letters, resumes, and brochures. What Dowsing proves to me is the impact on a person's energy field all  the information I've been sharing. If it's truth—the field expands. If it isn't —the field collapses. It's amazing to witness testing someone who doesn't even know what the "pink cancer ribbon" means, yet we get negative test results. September is CANCER AWARENESS Month. Having read this information, you have some new insights.  What do you think CANCER AWARENESS month will create? More health or dis-ease? Do you want to be part of the problem, or part of the solution?  Please think about the this and then determine what you will do.
Who You Are Makes A Difference
It's important that everyone contribute to the betterment of themselves, others and society—and there are many ways to make a difference. One of the greatest gifts each of us can give to the world is to monitor everything we think and feel—so we can get THERE from HERE. Stop reading magazines and newspapers…stop watching TV and listening to the radio…stop going to movies that manipulate your emotions to support someone's agenda—and you will be amazed at how different you think and feel. It takes great courage and commitment to pull out of the collective cesspool of crap ... and live your truth.
It's time, not just to wake-up—but to grow up and be more responsible. What you envision is what you will create. Ignorance of the Universal Law of Attraction does not change the effects that are created. Most of humanity is totally unaware of how their negative thought forms are contributing to the reality they see around them.
You get what you are thinking and feeling–not what you think you are thinking and feeling. Consider how different the world would be if TV and radio programming only broadcast information about what 99% of us do, instead of the 1% who are society deviants. Their negative thought forms are the major factor creating society today. Think about the world our children and grandchildren will live in. From now on, please honor your values, be discerning, selective—and only support people and empowering causes that truly make this world a better place to live.  
IF you read my article HOLDING THE VISION … you can upgrade your thought software.
This article is written by and the property of, Jeanine Just, founder and CEO of Visionaries University. You have permission to share it through any medium as long as proper credit lines are included.  
Jeanine Just empowers people to courageously reinvent their businesses, lives, and future. Jeanine is a visionary success strategist,  new paradigm builder, author, inspirational speaker, seminar facilitator  —and  highly acclaimed trance-formation agent
For interviews, radio/TV guest, seminars, consulting, or more information for getting control of your destiny, please contact Jeanine at 949-494-3811 or

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Expect a Disastrous Earthquake on December 26, 2007 ??

The Obituary of the World

Part of a continuing proof the our Earth will be dead by 2065, by Virgil Kret, the only audible mental telepath in human history, tortured and enslaved by the United States of America since 1972..
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Sunday, May 20, 2007
9:48:30 PM EDT
The $243 Billion Defeat

Jews Jaws Eight
Shark America Two  (Expect A God's Space War Attack on Shark America Zero)
Number of Earthquakes in the Past Seven Days:  176
Note:  Expect a Disastrous Earthquake on December 26, 2007
Looking for the Peru-Chile Event
Today:  Tactics of the Smallville Battle (Part 4--The Village Atheist)
The Battle of Smallville is shaping up; we know how it goes; we know how the dead die; we know how the village atheist comes to fear God.
It is as a movie we have seen before.
We can hear the drumbeat of it, we can pierce the mist of Time and see the big hit right smack in the middle of the psycho-fascist slime, those two cowardly neighboring American "men" who threatened to burn me alive in my home, and we can see the village atheist going from impervious to nervous to shocking understanding.
The fear the village atheist will experience, no, the terror, comes from the fact he supports my neighbors in their attacks on me, and to the hilt supports America's torture-enslavement of me; but that's another story.
We know how this battle is going to go; we have seen this battle before.  Time is my friend, My Friend; I have traveled through Time and walked this battlefield when the battle was over; and only because physics would permit it did I not bring back a cowardly psycho-fascist American "man's" head on my pitchfork as a trophy.
Dear Reader, are you ready to take a paranormal battle ride?  You can get off this tank now, you can go somewhere and hide; but if you see what is about to be seen you will never be the same again; you will have lost your God's Space War cherry.
Mark these addresses, 316 Second Street and 211 Juniper, Smallville, California.  God's Angel of Death will visit one of these households..
Not I, I will not visit, oh no, not I, no such luck, I am an Angel of a Different Duty, this will be a true holy killing of evil for all to see; and all I am commissioned to do is tell you how and why this Earth will be dead by 2065.
After I first came to Smallville a few months ago, in effect driven here by the constant persecution of me by America because I think too loud, I made a promise in this work I had never made before. I promised God would perform a miracle in Smallville; a beautiful miracle, a nice miracle; not lightning striking the preacher's ass, not the river turning blood-red.
After having come under such attack and hatred by the cowardly psycho-fascist American "men" at the above two addresses, I began to describe for you what I call the Battle of Smallville, my confrontation with them taking place on a nearly square piece of land of approximately five acres, the approximate center of which is occupied by my home; a confrontation I say will evolve into Armageddon.
Had this attack not occurred, had these two cowardly psycho-fascist American "men" not threatened to murder me, the Battle of Smallvile would not be taking place; instead, standing alone like a tall red flower in tall green grass, God's miracle would have simply suddenly appeared.
Therefore, as this story develops we are beginning to see two apparently contradictory promises; a miracle by God in Smallville that will be pleasurable to the citizens of Smallville, and the killing by God of one of the two psycho-fascist American "men" who in their glee of torture told me in the pitch black of night of their intent to burn my home down with me in it.
(It is not my house, I do not own it, but it is my home.)
Further, I said the umpire of this event would be the village atheist, who would say yes, it was an Act of God that killed the cowardly psycho-fascist American "man" or no, it was not; meaning the death would be so obviously an act of God that even the most smugly atheistic person west of Reno could see it to be just that.
And yet further, perhaps not yet fully explained, this Act of God will terrify the atheist.
So the dichotomy. what miracle or miracles could happen in Smallville, northern California, south and east of Mount Shasta, that would give the community a rosy glow, kill a wicked coward, and scare the willies out of the village atheist? 
Tall order, don't you think; but God gave me the code which in no uncertain terms covers this, and God has repeated this code at least twice in the past week.  "Two Birds With One Stone".
Unless I have bigger fish to fry I will continue this narration of the Battle of Smallville tomorrow, when I will further describe for you how you are about to lose your God's Space War cherry, and how the psycho-fascist American coward at 316 Second Street has already lost his.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


 HE is the only one that can save this country from the liberals that want him removed from the government.  Our great nation will not stand if we delete HIM from all aspects of our government as the atheists want.

Jesus Test
This is an easy test, you score 100 or zero. It's your choice. If you aren't ashamed to do this, please follow the directions.
Jesus said, "if you are ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of you before my Father."

Not ashamed Pass this on . . . only if you mean it.

Yes, I do Love God.
He is my sour ce of existence and Savior.
He keeps me functioning each and everyday.
Without Him, I will be nothing.

Without Him, I am nothing but with Him I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.

Phil 4:13

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Bird Flu still Huge Global Threat?


Chan: Bird flu huge global health threat

By ELIANE ENGELER, Associated Press Writer1 hour, 6 minutes ago
The U.N. health chief on Wednesday harshly criticized countries that do not share their H5N1 virus samples, accusing them of crippling the world in the fight against a possible flu pandemic.
"If you do not share the virus with us ... I would fail you," said Dr. Margaret Chan, Director-General of the World Health Organization, in a speech to the agency's 193 member countries. Without H5N1 samples from affected countries, Chan said that "you are tying my hands, you're muffling my ears, you're blinding my eyes."
Chan did not single out any country by name, but Indonesia and China have been the main holdouts. Indonesia in particular has been locked in a virus stand off with WHO since last year.
Though Indonesia's health minister Tuesday announced that the country had shared three viruses with a WHO-accredited laboratory in Japan, it is uncertain whether further viruses will be shared. Indonesia has complained that the viruses it shares would be used for vaccines that its population cannot afford.
China has also been less than forthcoming with bird flu samples. No H5N1 viruses have been received from China for nearly a year — during which time Beijing has reported several human bird flu cases. China is readying five virus samples to be shared with WHO, but it is unknown when they will actually be sent, WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl said.
Chan said that a flu pandemic would be the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century. Tracking H5N1's evolution is essential to determine when virus mutations might enable it to be more easily spread between people.
Without current bird flu samples, Chan warned that the global community's current stockpiles — numerous countries have bought anti-viral and pre-pandemic vaccine stockpiles — would be wasted. "I need the virus to track new resistance patterns so that your investment in antivirals does not go down the drain," Chan said.
Several experimental pre-pandemic vaccines based on H5N1 exist, but as the virus continues to mutate, scientists need to match the latest circulating strain to that in the vaccine, to ensure that the vaccines would work.
Three draft resolutions on the sharing of bird flu samples and access to a future pandemic vaccine are being scrutinized by an expert group at WHO's annual gathering.
Key to the WHO's disease surveillance system, including early warning of a flu pandemic, are the WHO's revised International Health Regulations on preventing and responding to infectious disease threats which will come into effect June 15.
Many countries — including the U.S. — have already adopted them, though they remain voluntary. The new health regulations oblige countries to report new disease threats with global public health significance, such as new flu subtypes. They also allow the WHO to act on credible information sources, rather than being reliant strictly on official government channels. The regulations are not legally binding.
Chan said she would do her best to help countries implement the regulations.
"We are not afraid of difficulties. What we're afraid of, is lack of commitment on your part to deliver," she told WHO member states.
AP Medical Writer Maria Cheng contributed to this report.

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Dead Birds Fall From Florida Skies - Smoke Inhalation

Well, it's been raining down here some, now for a couple of days.. and I hear birds singing in the morning.  Hooray!


Dead Birds Fall From Florida Skies

It sounds like a cross between a Hitchcock scene and the Les Nessman turkey episode on WKRP (you either know it or you don't). Birds are dropping dead from inhaling smoke from Florida wildfires, and others are flying blindly into windows.
"I hear them [hitting glass] all day long," a business owner said. "It is horrible."
(Oh, the humanity!")
I'm not sure if this avian disaster supports or refutes what I said last week about the news moving on to something besides all this strange stuff from Nature.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

We traveled through smoke.. fire..lightening.. in Florida . Pray rain!

We went from Cutler Bay, our home which is south of Miami, to Tarpon Springs on the west coast of Florida, Friday for a weekend visit with family, traveling across "Alligator Alley" (I-75) to the west coast of Florida.  There was thick smoke and haze over entire trip. We could hardly see the famous the Skyway Bridge.
On the way back today, Sunday, not only thick smoke, but on I-75, we saw several fires.. even the median strip on fire.. and one firetruck there.  We had to slow to a crawl for quite a distance, big cinders, choking smoke, our eyes burning. Several cars had their hazard lights on.  Finally we got through that. We stopped at the Miccosukee gas station oasis (over $3.00 a gal.) about half way through Alligator Alley.  It was cool and windy, dust blowing around. It's rarely cool there this time of year. Maybe the fires were sucking up the air causing a strong breeze?   Sometime later along way we actually had a little sunshine!  Then dark clouds to the east... and ... oh, no.. several bolts of lightening.
Where there's lightening and dry, dry Everglades.. there'll be more fire.  
Our beautiful Everglades.. going up in smoke. Pray rain! 

Wildfire smoke closes Florida highways

6 minutes ago
Authorities briefly reopened two highways crossing north Florida into Georgia on Sunday before dense wildfire smoke forced them to again halt traffic, while hundreds of Florida residents waited to return to their threatened homes.
Officials said Sunday that the wildfire that had raced through the Okefenokee Swamp in southeast Georgia and into Florida had charred more than 233,700 acres — or about 365 square miles — since it was started by lightning a week ago.
Authorities reopened 90 miles of Interstates 75 and 10 for a couple of hours Sunday morning after wind helped push the heavy smoke away from the highways. But they were later forced to close 35 miles of I-75 from the Florida-Georgia state line to Lake City, Fla., as well as a 40-mile stretch of I-10 in Florida, from Live Oak to Sanderson.
A 15-mile stretch of I-75 from Valdosta, Ga., to the Florida state line remained open Sunday.
About 570 residents were not being allowed to return to 150 homes evacuated between I-10 and the Florida-Georgia state line.
The fire started May 5 in the middle of the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. It took just six days to grow larger than another wildfire that has burned nearly 121,000 acres of Georgia forest and swampland over more than three weeks. The small fire was started by a tree falling on a power line.
The Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge and Georgia's Steven C. Foster State Park inside it remained closed. Haze from the fires had traveled as far south as the Miami area, about 340 miles away.
The smoky skies over South Florida have disoriented birds, causing many to fly into buildings, wildlife experts said. More than 100 warblers and other small birds found injured on the ground have been brought to the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station in Miami to recover, said Wendy Fox, the agency's executive director.
"The smoke's not good for anybody, but obviously, it's throwing something off for them," Fox said.
Elsewhere, a blaze feeding on drought-stricken forest in northern Minnesota was only 15 percent contained as of Sunday. The fire had burned a combined 93 square miles in Minnesota and nearby Canada. Meteorologists said there was a 60 percent of thunderstorms Sunday night. The storms weren't expected to bring enough rain to counterbalance the danger from high winds and lightning.
"We don't think the rain is going to help us a whole lot," said Mark Van Every, a spokesman for the firefighting effort.
The fire had closed about half of the 57-mile-long Gunflint Trail, a key route from Grand Marais into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area wilderness that is dotted with resorts and lake homes.
A fire jumped a defense line designed to keep it away from 20 or so homes on Loon Lake on Sunday, and helicopters dumped water on the flames to contain it. By Sunday evening, fire officials said, the lines were holding and there had been no new losses of buildings.
Officials said Sunday the fire had destroyed 133 buildings, including 61 residences. They estimated the value of buildings lost at $3.7 million.
Off the coast of Southern California, continued cool weather Sunday helped firefighters on Santa Catalina Island maintain control of a blaze that had threatened the resort community of Avalon.
The 4,200-acre or 6.5-square-mile fire was 69 percent contained Sunday and was expected to be encircled by Tuesday evening, Los Angeles County Fire Inspector Scott Ross said. One home and six businesses burned Thursday but no one was seriously injured.

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