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Monday, October 31, 2016

WikiLeaks-UFO's and Pardons in one Email

End Times News 2016 (World Events October 26-30) Shocking Video! HD

Fraction Magic - Detail Version

Hillary Thinks She can Think

tammy leibelt 
So because Hillary is a mental case it made everyone around her lie cheat and steal. Disgusting watching these people huff and puff trying to drag this lying hag over the finish line

tammy leibelt 
+Becky Smith Lol
Fluffy Bunny 
Dr. Noel, thanks for your videos, I look forward to your analysis.
She's not fit to run our country physically or mentally.

Wet Lettuce 
She's not fit to run some tiny island nation with less then a thousand people yet alone 300 million.
Lee Grove 
She's not fit to dress herself.
James Fenimore 
Hillary makes Nixon look like a Saint
Christine Cortese 
Thanks again for another exceptionally clear video delineation of Hillary's symptoms. I wish you were my doctor! (Of course as an anesthesiologist that implies I'd be having surgery - well I'd like to have the benefit of your clear perception of symptoms and their trajectory).
tammy leibelt 
That reset button fiasco was so embarrassing
Thank-you for doing these. Clear, sound reasoning is always preferable to shouts of "conspiracy theories".
Please SHARE -SHARE - SHARE Dr.Noel´s video on Hillarys Parkinson´s
Shanté Joy 
Thank you for your educational video's. Great job & nice voice.👏
Bad judgment is synonymous with Hillary.
One of the four sent to Benghazi to die was a computer expert. His mother wants to know why a computer expert would be assigned to Benghazi anyway. Why do you think?
Angie Cordeiro 
MercuryAudioVideoArt See my comment above.
Dr. Ted has a red face, a classic sign of a recent orgasm or maybe just the friggin' sun. He also flattens his A sounds in his words, which is a major symptom of being from the Upper Midwest (there but for the grace of God...). Finally, there's word about town that he uses the restroom after drinking coffee. Wow, this is just alarming. Symptom after symptom, a veritable Murderer's Row of evidence that something is up!
Barb T. 
We appreciate all your hard work! Hope to see you continue these videos if/when there is more to analyze. Hopefully she will be in a different kind of OFF STATE than the levadopa has her in
Virginia O'Connor 
I look forward to your videos as well. I knew nothing about Parkinson's disease before this. I feel sorry for Hillary but not as sorry as for our country were she ever to be elected. Tim Kaine - as president? Noooooooooo
Thank you again for your incredibly informative analysis.
Thanks Dr Noel, your videos make perfect sense and I think they're right on.
James Surber 
Hillary's terrible judgment was a trait before she got sick. Whitewater, Rose Law firm billing, cattle futures, bimbo eruption unit, attempted national health care, and more recently; Egypt, Libya, Syria, Russia, China, Korea, and of course; Iran. Never any good judgement in her entire career. There is the right way, and the Hillary way.
Marylynn Caldwell 
Just the person to give the nuclear codes to.
Nonmi Hiseddeo 
Dr. Ted, did you play in the Arnold Palmer Invitational? Or dd you know someone who attended, and all you got was a shirt?

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