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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Trump meets with Black Leaders on Urban Renewal, Charlotte,NC

 Fox news TV just cut the feed so they can't hear what he is sayingšŸ˜²
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Dan August1:05:59 I'am a vet and can talk about KAHN
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Dan August1:11:41 See Ohio add from GOLDWATER days
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Dan August57:31 All share for some truth
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Dan August57:31 Shared with over 800
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Dan August1:05:56 Like to say things he can't
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Jeff Dane0:00 Hillary Clinton email saga continues as 33,000 erased emails may not be 'missing' after all ..................................
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Jeff Dane0:29 Funny how we never hear about voting machines changing a Clinton vote to Trump? Hummmmm?
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Angus MacIntyre0:00 I'm Canadian......for the love of God people get out and vote this man in for the sake of both our countries......Hilary is a war mongering no good lying thief......she needs to be in jail!!
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Yolanda FuesselI am Canadian too and wish we had a Trump instead of obamas boy, Justin! Turdeau is as corrupt as obama/clinton! Maybe Mr. Trump will put this little weasel in his place...his place being Syria!! Please win this election...for all of North America!
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Cassia Neill0:00 Join me boycott Megyn Kelly show after she was so disrespectful interviewing Mr Newt. Gingrich. We the people can do that!!#corrupted
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Alex Twiddler0:00 Hillary is so corrupt. What kind of a person can vote for her? She is a liar and a con artist and should be in prison. I hope America will do the right choice. It's over, Clinton, bye!
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Sam Cunningham0:00 "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of Deplorables and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."
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Pam Redmond0:00 I love my fellow Deplorable's, white trash(OH&;PA), Rednecks, needy Latino's, Catholics, blacks and whites, and taco bowls We are going to take back our country!
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Sonya Smith0:00 If Soros is convicted of conspiring with the Clinton foundation, then that means all his money should be confiscated because it is used for criminal activity...   

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