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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Jihadist Underground Passageway Into U.S. Found

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BREAKING: Underground Jihadist Passageway Into U.S. Found, All Of Them Found With 1 Alarming Item        
  • Underground Jihadist Passageway Into U.S. Found, All Of Them Found With 1 Alarming Item
An official report was released on Monday, stating that 6,342 “Special Interest Aliens” have been captured. This report shows just how bad it has gotten at the U.S.-Mexico border. The Immigrations and Customs Enforcements Agency recently endorsed Donald Trump, and now we know why.
Federal U.S. Agents working on the border in immigration facilities have detained over 6,000 Islamic aliens. Conservative Tribune confirmed this in a recent report on the state of our crumbling borders.

Adam Isacson, An analyst at the Washington Office in Latin America pointed out the specific location the jihadists where able to enter from. The Department of Homeland Security has acknowledged this glaringly weak area of Tapachula in the past, yet has failed to take any real action. It is an area that terrorist groups could easily use to funnel in weapons, ammunition, drugs, and sex slaves.
Even worse, security analysts have expressed large concerns that virtually all of the detained Muslims are members of Sharia cults in the Middle East.
They Kill In The Name Of Allah
All Of Them Were Found Carrying Fake Passports. They Used These To Enter From South America.
Furthermore, a report from Reuters added that the migrants were able to fly from Brazil using fake passports. The passports were smuggled in from Panama before the operation began, paving the way for unlimited amounts of entry in the future. Transcripts from 14 interviews conducted within the report confirm this.
An excerpt from the Reuters report is particularly troublesome:
“The fact that they possess forged identification papers makes it even more concerning that perhaps some of them haven’t been caught and are living among us, waiting for the right time to execute their plans.”
The Obama Administration has failed to act. It is clear that Islamic States are using the Tapachula weakness to arm ISIS within our borders. From the landing zone they are able to move quickly across the border with supplies and resources to continue their acts of terror.
Just look at a few of the terror attacks that have happened so far this year in America:
  1. 11 February 2016: Columbus Shooting
  2. 12 June 2016: Orlando Shooting
  3. 7 July 2016: Dallas Sniper Attack
  4. 17 July 2016: Baton Rouge Shooting
  5. 20 August 2016: Roanoke Shooting
  6. 17 September 2016: Seaside Park Bombing
  7. 17 September 2016: Saint Cloud Stabbing
  8. 17 September 2016: New York City Bombing
  9. 19 September 2016: Linden Shooting
  10. 11 October 2016: East Hartford Islamic Plane Suicide
This list includes only ten of the brutal attacks carried out this year in the name of terrorism. Click here for the full list.
Looking at the location of Tapachula, it is clear that ANY crossing points could have been compromised with the bare-bones border control force that Obama has allowed to wither to almost nothing.
  • San Diego, California
  • Cross Border Xpress, Otay Mesa, California
  • Otay Mesa, California
  • Tecate, California
  • Calexico, California
  • Andrade, California
  • San Luis, Arizona
  • Lukeville, Arizona
  • Sasabe, Arizona
  • Nogales, Arizona
  • Naco, Arizona
  • Douglas, Arizona
  • Antelope Wells, New Mexico
  • Columbus, New Mexico
  • Santa Teresa, New Mexico
  • El Paso, Texas
  • Fabens, Texas
Major Roadways Used To Smuggle Most Drugs And Weapons
Major Roadways Used To Smuggle Most Drugs And Weapons
  • Fort Hancock, Texas
  • Presidio, Texas
  • Heath Canyon, Texas
  • Del Rio, Texas
  • Eagle Pass, Texas
  • Laredo, Texas
  • Laredo, Texas
  • Falcon Heights, Texas
  • Roma, Texas
  • Rio Grande City, Texas
  • Los Ebanos, Texas
  • Mission, Texas
  • Hidalgo, Texas
  • Pharr, Texas
  • Donna, Texas
  • Progreso, Texas
  • Los Indios, Texas
  • Brownsville, Texas
If you know ANYONE within 500 miles of these areas, please warn them immediately.
Alex Cooper, CDP, Reports.

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