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Monday, October 31, 2016

Bogus Rape Attack Accusation on Trump Coming Soon.

We've known about this for months. It's completely bogus. Totally being held back by the mainstream media to use as the ultimate dirty trick, probably to be dropped on us next Friday just before the election.

During the initial investigation of Epstein, it came out that the man repeatedly brought different young girls to Mar a Lago, saying he was their "uncle", trying to entice Trump. Trump finally barred him from the club. Whereas there are over two dozen documented flights showing Bill Clinton went to the orgy island in the Caribbean, FIVE of which he ditched his Secret Service. Trump isn't in any of them.

The upcoming court cases are filed under the names of "Jane, Joan, and Tiffany Doe", and are completely without merit. But that's not the point, the point is to derail Trump's campaign. The voters will see it for what it is, just as they did with the other "victims" who have magically come forward after 20-30 years.

The left is desperate.

Thanks to Ann Warren, Global Rumblings Key West correspondent.

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