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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Lame Cherry: The Liberal Majority Voting For Trump

There is a reality that every one of you has missed, because your brains have been so overloaded by Mockingbird that you missed it. Fortunately I am Inspired in Spirt and do not need a brain, so am not handicapped as are the rest of the primates.

Now to clear our your brain fuzz.

When you see Hillary Clinton campaigning or one of her many surrogates, because Hamrod is too sick and old to run for President, do you see myriads of local Democrats lining up in Governors, Senators, Representatives, Councilmen on stage with her?

Now that you are confused and beginning to think.....answer this.

When was the last time you saw any politician issueing a plea to Hillary Rodham Clinton to come campaign with them to save their seat?

Seriously, as you are now beginning to really think on this, if Hillary Clinton had this double digit lead, would she not be campaigning with EVERY Democrat running for Congress to sweep away the Republicans with her coattails, in order to have super majorities in the House and Senate to uphold the Obama agenda, keep impeachment hearings from happening and ensure that Tim Kaine, upon Hillary going toe tag would be like LBJ in passing anything he pleased?

Now why is none of that happening? 

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Lame Cherry: The Liberal Majority Voting For Trump:

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