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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

During the broadcast, it was allluded to by Peter Kawaja that HAARP and chemtrails might be weapons against alien invasion, if not for protection against earthly invaders. Like we don't have enough trouble amongst us? Still, it's a possibility. Don't forget that Pres. Reagan mentioned that an alien invasion from outer space would unite us all. Now, Rosalind in the broadcast, was very careful not to refer to these anamolies as 'chemtrails' ... but..... she certainly had a lot of well researched material to present.
My note to her and to Peter:
From: Dee Rohe []
Sent: Monday, October 18, 2004 11:43 PM
Cc: Perter Kawaja
Subject: Just listened to you, Rosalind, on Highway2Health tonight - and thanks, Peter!

Dear Rosalind,

Right on! Excellent research and presentation. Wonderfully informative and well researched website!

I congratulate you, and thank Highway2Health for having you on the show.

I can certainly understand why you would not want to tangle with any entitity, government or otherwise, in regard to 'conspiracy theories'.. "Let those who have eyes to see and ears to hear". What is obvious to many is hidden in plain sight to others. I get incredulous looks from many when I explain what I have discovered or deduced, through personal experience, and research throughout the internet. Any mention of this to my brother in law who is a retired Captain in the US Navy, brings an almost violent verbal denial of any kind of conspiracy being possible. I'm sure he has his orders, and he has a large extended family to think of. As far back as 1997 I found a webpage which detailed experiments by the U.S. Navy in cooperation with several universities as to 'artificial contrails' and how different they would appear, under infra red photography, etc.

I began photographing and videoing chemtrails, er excuse me, contrails back in 1999 or earlier. One particular day, I spent the longest time early on doing this, and became immediately very ill, with symptoms as described on this webpage:

My husband (Roy) and I were in the Sonoma and Napa Valleys last month for a wine tasting tour and I fully expected to find many contrails in the sky, but perhaps it wasn't the week for them. I noticed the sky was a beautiful blue. However, the wineries were unaminous in telling us of the early harvests and how quickly the grapes were "raisining".

I have photographed these planes and the stripes, x's, loops, hazes, in Alaska, Canada, Washington State, Utah, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and throughout Florida. For quite a while, my daughter and grandson were taking pictures of them too. And I even posted pictures from my friends from across the country and locally. I stopped after awhile as it became just overwhelming, and no answers.

However, just lately, my husband and I have been experiencing violently increased 'cricket noises' and becoming suspicious, I went outside and -- there was a huge chemtrail. -- Sorry, I just have to call them chemtrails when they are so obviously not normal contrails. That evening the sky was beautifully red striped with the usual 'clouds' and haze which come on after heavy chemtrailing. I took several pictures both at noon time and at 7:00 p.m. Funny thing.. Pres. Bush was in town. Don't know if that's meaningful as to us being HAARPed and chemtrailed at the same time. Well, it was so remarkable that I sent the first chemtrail email in over a year to several group lists and interested correspondents. I will find it and forward it to you also. I received many responses, and one sent me to a website that had a 'HAARP Monitor" which said that the HAARP was 'ON'. (Thanks, Cherokee!) Also mentioned what the HAARP might be doing. It didn't mention this in connection with chemtrails, but in my estimation and others, it seems that in conjunction with the HAARP bombardment onto and into the chemtrail material which in my observations cause the dispersemnet of this material throughout and down into the local atmosphere, further cause weather modifications, and also populace symptoms of illness. One series of 'trails that I photo'd in Florida traveling through the state to Miami, had them lining up doubled on both sides of the turnpike, and making major X's over a large rest stop. These were being made by white planes pretty high up, from what I could see in my binoculars.

Again, thanks for your hard work and research.


Dee Rohe
Acupuncture Physician
Miami, Florida

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What in the world is going on?


Saturday, October 16, 2004

The HAARP monitor says the HAARP is 'ON'

Cherokee just sent this url to me.  Well, no wonder!
See the website for the Brother Jon HAARP monitor.
which says it is 'on' right now, Oct. 16, 2004
RE: Chemtrails today - being HAARPed?
Hi Chemtrail Tracking group.. I've never posted here until now -  but have been photo'ing them from 1997.  The sound of the HAARP is really bothering me these past couple of days here in Cutler Ridge (20 miles southeast of Miami, Florida)
Here's a copy of a note I sent to Global Rumblings, which I also have now added in reference to the HAARP Audio postings which I found in the ChemtrailTracking posts:
Subject: Chemtrails today - being HAARPed? | Worth Noting
Richmond Times-Dispatch Wed, 13 Oct 2004 3:21 PM PDT
look! up in the sky! COUNTING CONTRAILS: NASA and GLOBE , an international student Earth science program, are sponsoring a "Contrail Count-a-Thon" today and tomorrow.

Oh yeah!  Roy and I are having tremendous noisy 'crickets' in our ears and head today!  I got suspicious.. and went outside... and... sure enough a huge chemtrail.   I took some pictures which I will post soon. 

Not only that, but it had been somewhat windy all night, and for Miami, the weather is suddenly 'cold' now at noontime -- 74 degrees farenheit.    I went back inside and lay down.. crickets so noisy.. closed my eyes, and kept seeing lights.   

Yesterday our cats were acting strange.  Kinda spooked.  The 'crickets' were loud yesterday too, and I think they hear them too.  Maybe they're more used to them today, but we find the noise tiring.   

 I wonder if  we may be being HARRPed and can hear/feel it because we're close to water  (submarines)  and Pres. Bush is in town?  

Navy Intelligence?  Mind control?  Hyper-dimensional effects? 


Here it is now, 7:00 p.m. and still getting the 'crickets'.... Sky is all red clouds in lines.  Took some more pictures. 

I listened to the HAARP Audio's posted here (ChemtrailTrackingUSA) and the crickets are definitely that, but at a higher, more 'anxious' pitch... and they keep fluctuating.. it's really annoying.   The other night, I had a horrible nightmare, so bad it woke me up.   When I woke up  the crickets were extremely - I mean extremely - loud - really reverberating. 




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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Glaciers in Antarctica Melting Fast (October 1, 2004)

Also see:
Planet Diary header

Earth's Journal

Atmosphere icon

Atmosphere Journal Entry

Glaciers in Antarctica Melting Fast (October 1, 2004)


Series of photos shows changes to Hektoria Glacier in Antarctica. The top photo was taken a year after the breakup of the Larsen B ice shelf. The middle one is how it looked just after the breakup, and the top one shows it a year after. NASA and NSIDC.

Antarctica's glaciers are melting at a faster and faster rate. Until two years ago, the glaciers were held back by a huge ice shelf called Larsen B. But early in 2002, the northern part of the ice shelf shattered. When it did, thousands of icebergs tumbled into the Weddell Sea. Since then, the glaciers it held back have speeded up their steady flow to the sea.

Ice shelves are thick sheets of glacier ice that spill out over a coastline and float on the ocean. Researchers say the Larsen shelf broke up because of warming temperatures in Antarctica, where it has warmed about 2.5 degrees Celsius (4.5 degrees Fahrenheit) since the 1940s.

After the ice shelf broke up, researchers studied the effects on nearby glaciers. The photos of one of these, the Hektoria Glacier, tell an alarming story. The ice shelf acted like a brake holding the glacier back and slowing its flow. After its collapse, the glacier flowed up to eight times faster than before.

The melting of glaciers is reshaping Antarctica's coastline along its northern tip just below South America. Over the past thirty years, the ice shelves shrunk by more than 5,000 square miles (13,000 sq. kilometers).

When an ice shelf breaks it doesn't affect sea level, since its ice is already floating in the sea. But glaciers sit on land, so their melting can have a big impact on sea level. If all the glaciers on the massive West Antarctic Ice Sheet melted completely, they could raise global sea level by as much as 16 feet (5 meters). This in turn could trigger huge disasters in low-lying areas along coasts around the world.

Prentice Hall logo

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Well, if you want to know.... about your hurricane chances.. etc.


Saturday, October 09, 2004

Oct. 13 - Great and Terrible Day of the Lord?

WE WILL RETURN YOU TO OUR REGULARLY SCHEDULED PROGRAM AFTER A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT... LISTEN to an authorized Replay (or the WebTV compatible version) of the David Booth interview with James Arthur Jancik on Feet to the Fire, 9-10PM October 6, 2004. Booth, who not long ago visited Sister Lucia, the last surviving of the three "Fatima Prophecy" children. Upon Lucia's insistence, he agreed to not release this information until October 6, 2004. Booth stated during this interview that October 13, 2004 will begin the "Great and Terrible Day of the Lord"

David Booth

This is referring, no doubt, to the long prophesied 7 years "Tribulation Period" and/or Three Days of Darkness (which is the focus of The Prophecy Keepers Trilogy. Read reviews here) David Booth has had only two visions in his life , the first of which was actually documented by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration as the ONLY successful prediction of an Airline crash - even up to this date. Booth is the only "Prophet" proven by the US Government. This interview on "Feet To The Fire" Radio outlines the contents of his "second vision."

David Booth's statement:

"Next week on October 13th will be the 87th year since the Holy Mother last warned this world about these times and the events that must occur shortly.

The Church has not heeded this warning nor have the people of this world obeyed their God.

The Holy Mother had stated that if her requests were granted there would be peace....they have not been and now there will be war, plagues and pestilence as the punishment for mankind that She has foretold.

From this moment forward the Lord will punish this earth and its people so they will know that he is their God and that we are his children.

Turn away now from all men and the buildings of men and I will teach you and lead you , commands God to the world of men today.

The Lord commands his people to turn away now from all graven images and to not put faith in objects of stone, silver or gold, because in God alone lies ones true treasure.

Listen to no man or group of men who say they speak for God for they are all liars and thieves and have forsaken the Church for their own gain. And likewise to give your gold and silver to any man who claims they speak for God is to partake of the wrath God has reserved for these false prophets.

This wicked generation of men have become lovers of death, adultery and gold and have created their own gods and even believe they are gods themselves.

This wicked generation of men have been led into the pens for slaughter by men who seek glory for themselves, and they will have their reward, the fires of Hell.

Our Lord has asked, can we not see the signs of the times? And has it not been written: "And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:"

This is for understanding.

I will no longer be mocked by this generation and will visit upon them my full and utter wrath until every man bows down before me and knows that I am their God and they are my people.

God alone is now the Shepard for his flock and will lead them, for in the valley of decision the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord is at hand!"

-end of David Booth's statement-.

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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Mt St Helens Cam - Connection failure!

Weds. evening I tried to view it and the picture is overlaid with the message:
"There is an apparent connection failure outside of the Forest Service Network. 
Until the source of the problem is identified and repaired, the Volcano Cam is unable to transmit images. 
We apologize for the inconvenience. "
hmmmnnn.... Hope it's not serious! 
Maybe by the time you check it, it will be repaired.
Dee xxoo
Thanks to Bev for the url. 

This is very interesting to view throughout the day.


Beverly Root Coordinator

Assessment & Data Analysis

Division of Data Quality Management

Subject: Mt St Helens Cam -


Awakening Giants - 2 more volcanoes waking up!

Thanks to Jess for this.

While people are watching Mt. St. Helens expecting an eruption...someone
else woke up this morning. Mt. Ranier and Mt. Fremont. There was significant
tremor activity on these long dormant volcanoes this morning, Wednesday,
Oct. 6. What is causing this is magma (liquid rock) pressure bubbles being
pushed to the surface...from the ridge plate south, most notably the San
Andres fault...pushing north in it's natural movement. It is very
interesting that something big appears starting in the northwest with Ranier
and Fremont now moving. If Shasta comes to life too....well coincidences
just do not happen in God's world.

Tui infrimitas Deus vis


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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dee and Roy

Tuesday, October 05, 2004





NSSL Image - nssl0108How much can we read into events? How do we know when something is sent from above, or when it's just happenstance?

These are always difficult questions. Here, we tend here to err on the side of the supernatural. Right now in Texas is extraordinary interest in a statue of Jesus that appeared in the Rio Grande River, with no one claiming it and near a spot where immigrants have recently drowned.

We know there are always questionable claims (from weeping pictures to natural formations that resemble holy figures) -- but we also know that throughout history God has spoken through precisely such signatures.

It was phenomena occurring with statues that led to the foundation of countless churches in the early days of Christianity [see The Last Secret  for a 2,000-year history].

What about signs?

Here we speak literally. You may have seen the photo of one of the few remaining billboards near Orlando [above left]. As so many were, the current advertisement had been shredded by Charley or Frances or Jeanne (as so many were), leaving exposed a previous one that said, "'We need to talk' -- God."

It had been part of a religious billboard campaign that has brought various "messages" to spots around the nation; now there it was near a meteorological "ground zero."  The eyes of three of the recent hurricanes have crossed directly over Polk County near that Orlando sign -- mystifying even the secular press.

"Forget the infamous Bermuda Triangle," noted the Daytona Beach News-Journal. "The bigger mystery in Florida this summer is the amazing paths the eyes of three hurricanes took across the state -- within about twenty miles of each other in just six weeks. A sea of blue tarpaulin across the region's rolling hills, countless blue tarpaulins doing duty as temporary roofs... Call it fate, bad luck, call it punishment from God," the newspaper said.

We took a trip over the weekend to view the damage and along the highway it was all about billboards. There was some injury to trees near places like Cape Canaveral and Daytona but nature held up and the most obvious damage -- often the only noticeable damage -- was to billboards that had advertised offshore casinos, hot motorcycles, sexy surf shops, and luxurious condominiums right there on the ocean where condominiums were never meant to be built and where hotels have ruined vistas that God had intended for everyone.

The storm was especially tough on honky-tonk stretches of bars, strip joints, and tattoo parlors.

Incredibly, virtually every billboard had been blown down on a long stretch of Interstate 95 down Florida's central east coast except one that said, "God loves you. Jesus is Lord."

Maybe there were a couple of others. It didn't seem like it.

Billboard after unsightly commercialistic billboard had been ripped to shreds or pummeled to the earth and along Route A1A in Daytona Beach at a spot that suffered severe beach erosion was a hotel with a sign that said, "Having an affair? Do it here."

The sign had survived but the beach in front of the hotel -- its lifeblood -- had not, the erosion threatening the area's very tourist industry.

Don't get us wrong: the good also suffered (as always during a purification) but peculiar it was how the hurricanes, unprecedented in the state's history (where many long-term residents have never seen one, let alone four), seemed to be pushing away both the sleaze and the commercialism.

Over-hyped? Yes. To a degree the media overplayed the storms, perhaps causing more deaths from high-blood pressure than from the meteorology itself. How merciful God has been. The death toll from Jeanne: six! There were cases of that many or nearly that many dying in severe car accidents.

But there were certainly parts of the state that had been severely affected (thousands of damaged homes), and it was the immediate vicinity of the ocean that incurred the vast majority of that injury (while in many cases a few blocks away there was nearly nothing but downed branches).

How God works is a mystery. On Pensacola Beach a correspondent reports that two churches were the only buildings left standing in one hard-hit stretch, along with a cross erected by the Knights of Columbus. Other churches in the state were damaged. "There was an area of about five miles that was natural with sea oats and huge sand dunes that was so beautiful there," wrote the resident. "It was wiped out. Every year there at the end of May or early June, thousands of homosexuals came to romp on this secluded beach and hold a convention of sorts. I believe God does get angry, very angry as when He was slapped in the face like at Sodom and Gomorrah."

From Donaldsonville, Louisiana, we hear from Susan Jumonvville:

"I don't know if you know that we have at least 13 Adoration chapels going in fifty air miles in the south Louisiana. I really think that is why we are being protected against these storms.  I know that we will have our turn -- but you have to agree that it looks like something is protecting us."

Meantime, out in the Gulf of Mexico, dozens of oil rigs, hundreds, have been put out of operation and the most visible destruction of trees has occurred at luxurious country clubs. They are no longer quite so luxurious. They are no longer so "exclusive."

Is anyone listening?

In the Caymans, Hurricane Ivan caused postponement of a major fashion show, while the most damage, a true catastrophe, occurred in Haiti -- home to many good poor people (who suffered as victim souls) but also the place, the incredible place, where voodoo -- where demon worship -- is the official religion.

Without God's mercy, anyone anywhere can find himself in danger.

"My parents used to go to Key West for two months in the winter and my father told me about this," notes reader June Klins from Upstate New York. "On the grounds of the Catholic Church (Mary Star of the Sea), the people built a Lourdes grotto around 1930 and prayed that Our Lady would protect them from hurricanes. My father said that since the grotto was built Key West has never had any major damage from hurricanes. By the way, there is a Perpetual Adoration chapel there, too," she added. 


[see also: book foresaw storms]

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A cloud of steam bursts out of Mt. St. Helens. - Tue., October 5, 2004

A cloud of steam bursts out of Mt. St. Helens.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Volcano news.. a lot of eruptions!

Volcano news.. a lot of eruptions in Ring of Fire..
Site by Australian Volcanologist John Seach
Dee xxii
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Pacific Coast Seems to be "Ramping Up"...

Pacific Coast Seems to be "Ramping Up"...


Mount St. Helens Blows




Mount Saint Helens erupted Friday for the first time in 18 years amid a sudden flurry of geological activity up and the western coast of the entire western hemisphere. Earthquake and volcanic activity reports have begun to multiply. We begin our coverage with the small eruption that some scientists suspect may be a precursor to a bigger explosion in the near future. AP Newsire Details hereCNN video here

Mount Hood Comes To Life


Mexican Volcano Erupts

The Volcano of Fire known in Spanish as "Volcan del Fuego" near Colimo, Mexico erupted Friday on the same day as Mount Saint Helens erupted. Details here.


Map showing surge of earthquake activity in Mammoth Lakes, California area.

click here


Map of Recent California Quake Sites



Mount Etna Eruptions Continue

Live Webcam Pictures Here


Partial list of signficant geological activity

Click here

National Earthquake Information Center

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Friday, October 01, 2004

Letter to Jeb Bush - EVIDENCE supports Appeal of FL Supremes re: Terri Law

From: David Kirkland []
Sent: Friday, October 01, 2004 3:46 PM
To: (Long list removed for privacy)
Subject: Letter to Jeb Bush

Subj: EVIDENCE supports Appeal of FL Supremes re: Terri Law
Date: 10/1/2004 3:28:08 PM Eastern Standard Time

Dear Jeb Bush:              October 01, 2004           cc: Speaker Byrd

Please call me or reply for real Jeb, not just automatic.  Please.

Write an Executive Order placing Terri Schiavo in guarded protective custody of the Executive Branch and deliver her her 744.3215(1)(a-o) Retained and Civil Rights and her Constitutional Right to Life, that which cannot be given or taken away.
       Besides, the Petition to Starve in May 1998 should not have been received or heard due to FS825 protections and the fact that they had to delay the trial in order to wait for food and water to be made medical treatment that could be denied by guardian and phony oral advance directives by Senator King and merchants of death legislation in 1999.  This was because they could not go the first route of terminal, because no doctor would or could certify as terminal.

Per FS825 Crime Statute, NO Disabled or Elderly person can be denied food, nutrition, hydration, medicine, medical treatment or it is a life felony crime.

NO COURT or anyone can order a crime to be committed upon ANY CITIZEN of this State or of the USA.  That would be a Crime.  That is a Judicial HIT Order; Contract.

Therefore, there already exists law that says there can be no advance directive of a disabled or elderly person that directs or requires assistance in denying what FS825 prohibits as that is a contract to commit a crime then or at a later date.  Especially an advance directive that is created by "finding" after a person is not just disabled but also determined and labeled as Incapacitated, never having written advance directives at the time Incapacity determined at a time (1990) that the law did not allow oral directives.

Supremes' spin the Law

There exists evidence in the statements by, the justifications cited by and in the actions of the Supreme Court that the Supreme Court itself is and has done THAT which they accuse you and the Legislature of doing.

Breach of Separation of Powers.

Any reasonable person when reading the decision and especially having the benefit of watching or attending the August 31, 2004, oral arguments can see that the Judiciary is abusing its own authority, interfering with your authority and reversing legislation.

They cry about the legislature reversing a decision of the trial court.

The trial court ruled on Michael Schiavo's PETITION for PERMISSION to discontinue tube feeding.

It made an equity change to the petition [for permission] by ruling that Michael Schiavo SHALL remove the feeding tube.

Additionally, the trial court DID NOT rule that she was to be MADE DEAD or CAUSED TO DIE.   That would be illegal and commission of Life Felony Crime.

Trial Courts Order to Remove Feeding Tube Satisfied

The fact remains that the Trial Judges Order to remove feeding tube was DONE on October 15, 2003.    THAT CASE WAS CLOSED. [period]

The Supreme court has erred in even thinking that anything that has happened to help and protect pursuant to constitution and statutory law [415,744,825,ADA,NPA,Federal] and to provide that which is prohibited from commission pursuant to Crime Law 825 Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of a Disabled Person affects the ORDER of the TRIAL COURT to remove the feeding tube.


It will take a new petition and effort by the Guardian or anyone else to remove the feeding tube yet again.  Those who know and rule on law, know this fact, but Criminally Hide this fact by not bringing its weight forward.  They instead resolve themselves to a game of whether or not anyone can bring this forward for pleading at the same time prevent the advancement of this fact. 

Just like the police know crimes being committed but are intentionally abated from bringing the violation of law forward by those running the "game" that plays with Terri's Rights, Protections and Life.

The reason they try to hang on to this NOTION and Pipe Dream Fantasy that the other case is still in play is because this time around, any petition to discontinue food, nutrition, etc., will be met with HUGE opposition, backed by FS825 that says it is a Life Felony Crime to deny these things from a Disabled Person.

The possibility that Advance Directives cannot include acts or omissions that will lead to the CAUSED death of the person, is just what the merchants of death, the Hemlock Society with many cloaked names of compassion and the Hospice through the "legacy of EZ Made Death" so touted by Senator King, who are all better known and Florida Statute defined as a Subversive(s) per the FS876.31 SA Act, DO NOT WANT TO Happen.  All this activity to preserve the EZ Make You Dead Machine will be shattered if they cannot make Terri Schiavo DEAD through the actions of the Courts.

Separation of Powers is being breached every day by this Racketeering which has the goal of once again changing laws from the Judicial Bench, which is not the power of the Judiciary.  It is the power of the Legislature.   The Trial Courts, DCA and Supreme Court did this another time WITH GEORGE J. FELOS in 1990 as a result of the Estelle Browning Case.  "Law of the Case" once again.   They just did not do it  completely enough to fully by the back door turn Florida into a State that has Legal Civil Murder of anyone that can be labeled as "Certified for Extermination".

To measure a person against a "quality of life chart" to determine if they will get help, be allowed to live, or allowed (caused) to be made dead, IS DISCRIMINATION and a violation of Constitutional Rights and Laws that protect, or are supposed to protect each and every PERSON no matter their condition as a person who is ALIVE.  No matter how Alive.  Alive is Alive and Dead is Dead.

APPEAL and WIN !!!!

David Kirkland
461 - 30th Avenue North
St. Petersburg,  Florida  33704

P.S.  You Jeb, and you know this having sworn to uphold Constitution and Laws of Florida, have the authority to take Terri Schiavo into protective custody and restrain the pursuers of her Homicide BY FORCE.  Read it, thousands have.  We expect you to do this as we have all asked you back in 2002 and 2003 and continuously by every method at our disposal.  Even against the continued efforts of public officials, agencies, facilities, personnel, health care providers, judges, and the Merchants of Death to see that you do not receive what we send you.  Probably this letter too.

Stop this now even more obvious intentional effort to KILL Terri Schiavo.  Their motive and intent is now clear.  They did not JUST want feeding tube removed.  
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What in the world is going on?

Check out re Terri

 Sent: Friday, October 01, 2004 3:44 PM
 Subject: Check out


Where: Tallahassee, Florida
When: October 15, 2004
Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Place: Florida Supreme Court

This rally is to call attention to the Courts decision to strike down Terri's
Law thereby clearing the way once more for the legal killing of a
disabled person by the state of Florida.

This rally is also to call attention to the fact, that without laws in
place that protect the right to life of the every American, regardless of mental
or physical disabilities,every disabled Americans' life is at risk......
For more information, contact:

Janice Sanford
1160 SE 94th St
Starke, Florida 32091
(352) 473-8665 
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What in the world is going on?

Mt. St. Helens

From: Diane POPE
Sent: Friday, October 01, 2004 7:41 PM
To: Pinpoint; Dee Rohe
Subject: Mt. St. Helens

Mt. St. Helens erupted during the lunch hour for 24 minutes according to San Diego Radio news.  Take a look at what I think is a live cam of the mountain.  Remember the verse in the Bible which says the islands will disappear and the mountains will flatten?  Think this is how it's done.
Barking Bone began barking again yesterday.  Barked a lot between 1:30 and 3:00.  It's located on my north wall and I am south of Mt. St. Helens.  Humm...could be this is what all the barking has been about?
I, also, take note.  This mountain decided to erupt at noon the day after the first Presidential Debate! 
Diane POPE
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What in the world is going on?



**Watch FOX News Channel or go to for more


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What in the world is going on?


Mt.Etna - AND - Mt.St. Helen's active now

From: Dee Rohe []
Sent: Friday, October 01, 2004 7:51 PM
To: Global Rumblings
Subject: Mt.Etna - AND - Mt.St. Helen's active now

Live Web Cam of Mt. Etna in Italy
Dee xxoo
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What in the world is going on?

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