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Saturday, October 16, 2004

The HAARP monitor says the HAARP is 'ON'

Cherokee just sent this url to me.  Well, no wonder!
See the website for the Brother Jon HAARP monitor.
which says it is 'on' right now, Oct. 16, 2004
RE: Chemtrails today - being HAARPed?
Hi Chemtrail Tracking group.. I've never posted here until now -  but have been photo'ing them from 1997.  The sound of the HAARP is really bothering me these past couple of days here in Cutler Ridge (20 miles southeast of Miami, Florida)
Here's a copy of a note I sent to Global Rumblings, which I also have now added in reference to the HAARP Audio postings which I found in the ChemtrailTracking posts:
Subject: Chemtrails today - being HAARPed? | Worth Noting
Richmond Times-Dispatch Wed, 13 Oct 2004 3:21 PM PDT
look! up in the sky! COUNTING CONTRAILS: NASA and GLOBE , an international student Earth science program, are sponsoring a "Contrail Count-a-Thon" today and tomorrow.

Oh yeah!  Roy and I are having tremendous noisy 'crickets' in our ears and head today!  I got suspicious.. and went outside... and... sure enough a huge chemtrail.   I took some pictures which I will post soon. 

Not only that, but it had been somewhat windy all night, and for Miami, the weather is suddenly 'cold' now at noontime -- 74 degrees farenheit.    I went back inside and lay down.. crickets so noisy.. closed my eyes, and kept seeing lights.   

Yesterday our cats were acting strange.  Kinda spooked.  The 'crickets' were loud yesterday too, and I think they hear them too.  Maybe they're more used to them today, but we find the noise tiring.   

 I wonder if  we may be being HARRPed and can hear/feel it because we're close to water  (submarines)  and Pres. Bush is in town?  

Navy Intelligence?  Mind control?  Hyper-dimensional effects? 


Here it is now, 7:00 p.m. and still getting the 'crickets'.... Sky is all red clouds in lines.  Took some more pictures. 

I listened to the HAARP Audio's posted here (ChemtrailTrackingUSA) and the crickets are definitely that, but at a higher, more 'anxious' pitch... and they keep fluctuating.. it's really annoying.   The other night, I had a horrible nightmare, so bad it woke me up.   When I woke up  the crickets were extremely - I mean extremely - loud - really reverberating. 




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What in the world is going on?

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  1. Anonymous3:27 AM

    Link is finished. I can not see any page with HAARP Monitor, Why?


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