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Friday, October 01, 2004

Letter to Jeb Bush - EVIDENCE supports Appeal of FL Supremes re: Terri Law

From: David Kirkland []
Sent: Friday, October 01, 2004 3:46 PM
To: (Long list removed for privacy)
Subject: Letter to Jeb Bush

Subj: EVIDENCE supports Appeal of FL Supremes re: Terri Law
Date: 10/1/2004 3:28:08 PM Eastern Standard Time

Dear Jeb Bush:              October 01, 2004           cc: Speaker Byrd

Please call me or reply for real Jeb, not just automatic.  Please.

Write an Executive Order placing Terri Schiavo in guarded protective custody of the Executive Branch and deliver her her 744.3215(1)(a-o) Retained and Civil Rights and her Constitutional Right to Life, that which cannot be given or taken away.
       Besides, the Petition to Starve in May 1998 should not have been received or heard due to FS825 protections and the fact that they had to delay the trial in order to wait for food and water to be made medical treatment that could be denied by guardian and phony oral advance directives by Senator King and merchants of death legislation in 1999.  This was because they could not go the first route of terminal, because no doctor would or could certify as terminal.

Per FS825 Crime Statute, NO Disabled or Elderly person can be denied food, nutrition, hydration, medicine, medical treatment or it is a life felony crime.

NO COURT or anyone can order a crime to be committed upon ANY CITIZEN of this State or of the USA.  That would be a Crime.  That is a Judicial HIT Order; Contract.

Therefore, there already exists law that says there can be no advance directive of a disabled or elderly person that directs or requires assistance in denying what FS825 prohibits as that is a contract to commit a crime then or at a later date.  Especially an advance directive that is created by "finding" after a person is not just disabled but also determined and labeled as Incapacitated, never having written advance directives at the time Incapacity determined at a time (1990) that the law did not allow oral directives.

Supremes' spin the Law

There exists evidence in the statements by, the justifications cited by and in the actions of the Supreme Court that the Supreme Court itself is and has done THAT which they accuse you and the Legislature of doing.

Breach of Separation of Powers.

Any reasonable person when reading the decision and especially having the benefit of watching or attending the August 31, 2004, oral arguments can see that the Judiciary is abusing its own authority, interfering with your authority and reversing legislation.

They cry about the legislature reversing a decision of the trial court.

The trial court ruled on Michael Schiavo's PETITION for PERMISSION to discontinue tube feeding.

It made an equity change to the petition [for permission] by ruling that Michael Schiavo SHALL remove the feeding tube.

Additionally, the trial court DID NOT rule that she was to be MADE DEAD or CAUSED TO DIE.   That would be illegal and commission of Life Felony Crime.

Trial Courts Order to Remove Feeding Tube Satisfied

The fact remains that the Trial Judges Order to remove feeding tube was DONE on October 15, 2003.    THAT CASE WAS CLOSED. [period]

The Supreme court has erred in even thinking that anything that has happened to help and protect pursuant to constitution and statutory law [415,744,825,ADA,NPA,Federal] and to provide that which is prohibited from commission pursuant to Crime Law 825 Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of a Disabled Person affects the ORDER of the TRIAL COURT to remove the feeding tube.


It will take a new petition and effort by the Guardian or anyone else to remove the feeding tube yet again.  Those who know and rule on law, know this fact, but Criminally Hide this fact by not bringing its weight forward.  They instead resolve themselves to a game of whether or not anyone can bring this forward for pleading at the same time prevent the advancement of this fact. 

Just like the police know crimes being committed but are intentionally abated from bringing the violation of law forward by those running the "game" that plays with Terri's Rights, Protections and Life.

The reason they try to hang on to this NOTION and Pipe Dream Fantasy that the other case is still in play is because this time around, any petition to discontinue food, nutrition, etc., will be met with HUGE opposition, backed by FS825 that says it is a Life Felony Crime to deny these things from a Disabled Person.

The possibility that Advance Directives cannot include acts or omissions that will lead to the CAUSED death of the person, is just what the merchants of death, the Hemlock Society with many cloaked names of compassion and the Hospice through the "legacy of EZ Made Death" so touted by Senator King, who are all better known and Florida Statute defined as a Subversive(s) per the FS876.31 SA Act, DO NOT WANT TO Happen.  All this activity to preserve the EZ Make You Dead Machine will be shattered if they cannot make Terri Schiavo DEAD through the actions of the Courts.

Separation of Powers is being breached every day by this Racketeering which has the goal of once again changing laws from the Judicial Bench, which is not the power of the Judiciary.  It is the power of the Legislature.   The Trial Courts, DCA and Supreme Court did this another time WITH GEORGE J. FELOS in 1990 as a result of the Estelle Browning Case.  "Law of the Case" once again.   They just did not do it  completely enough to fully by the back door turn Florida into a State that has Legal Civil Murder of anyone that can be labeled as "Certified for Extermination".

To measure a person against a "quality of life chart" to determine if they will get help, be allowed to live, or allowed (caused) to be made dead, IS DISCRIMINATION and a violation of Constitutional Rights and Laws that protect, or are supposed to protect each and every PERSON no matter their condition as a person who is ALIVE.  No matter how Alive.  Alive is Alive and Dead is Dead.

APPEAL and WIN !!!!

David Kirkland
461 - 30th Avenue North
St. Petersburg,  Florida  33704

P.S.  You Jeb, and you know this having sworn to uphold Constitution and Laws of Florida, have the authority to take Terri Schiavo into protective custody and restrain the pursuers of her Homicide BY FORCE.  Read it, thousands have.  We expect you to do this as we have all asked you back in 2002 and 2003 and continuously by every method at our disposal.  Even against the continued efforts of public officials, agencies, facilities, personnel, health care providers, judges, and the Merchants of Death to see that you do not receive what we send you.  Probably this letter too.

Stop this now even more obvious intentional effort to KILL Terri Schiavo.  Their motive and intent is now clear.  They did not JUST want feeding tube removed.  
Links - Save Terri's Life!
What in the world is going on?

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