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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

During the broadcast, it was allluded to by Peter Kawaja that HAARP and chemtrails might be weapons against alien invasion, if not for protection against earthly invaders. Like we don't have enough trouble amongst us? Still, it's a possibility. Don't forget that Pres. Reagan mentioned that an alien invasion from outer space would unite us all. Now, Rosalind in the broadcast, was very careful not to refer to these anamolies as 'chemtrails' ... but..... she certainly had a lot of well researched material to present.
My note to her and to Peter:
From: Dee Rohe []
Sent: Monday, October 18, 2004 11:43 PM
Cc: Perter Kawaja
Subject: Just listened to you, Rosalind, on Highway2Health tonight - and thanks, Peter!

Dear Rosalind,

Right on! Excellent research and presentation. Wonderfully informative and well researched website!

I congratulate you, and thank Highway2Health for having you on the show.

I can certainly understand why you would not want to tangle with any entitity, government or otherwise, in regard to 'conspiracy theories'.. "Let those who have eyes to see and ears to hear". What is obvious to many is hidden in plain sight to others. I get incredulous looks from many when I explain what I have discovered or deduced, through personal experience, and research throughout the internet. Any mention of this to my brother in law who is a retired Captain in the US Navy, brings an almost violent verbal denial of any kind of conspiracy being possible. I'm sure he has his orders, and he has a large extended family to think of. As far back as 1997 I found a webpage which detailed experiments by the U.S. Navy in cooperation with several universities as to 'artificial contrails' and how different they would appear, under infra red photography, etc.

I began photographing and videoing chemtrails, er excuse me, contrails back in 1999 or earlier. One particular day, I spent the longest time early on doing this, and became immediately very ill, with symptoms as described on this webpage:

My husband (Roy) and I were in the Sonoma and Napa Valleys last month for a wine tasting tour and I fully expected to find many contrails in the sky, but perhaps it wasn't the week for them. I noticed the sky was a beautiful blue. However, the wineries were unaminous in telling us of the early harvests and how quickly the grapes were "raisining".

I have photographed these planes and the stripes, x's, loops, hazes, in Alaska, Canada, Washington State, Utah, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and throughout Florida. For quite a while, my daughter and grandson were taking pictures of them too. And I even posted pictures from my friends from across the country and locally. I stopped after awhile as it became just overwhelming, and no answers.

However, just lately, my husband and I have been experiencing violently increased 'cricket noises' and becoming suspicious, I went outside and -- there was a huge chemtrail. -- Sorry, I just have to call them chemtrails when they are so obviously not normal contrails. That evening the sky was beautifully red striped with the usual 'clouds' and haze which come on after heavy chemtrailing. I took several pictures both at noon time and at 7:00 p.m. Funny thing.. Pres. Bush was in town. Don't know if that's meaningful as to us being HAARPed and chemtrailed at the same time. Well, it was so remarkable that I sent the first chemtrail email in over a year to several group lists and interested correspondents. I will find it and forward it to you also. I received many responses, and one sent me to a website that had a 'HAARP Monitor" which said that the HAARP was 'ON'. (Thanks, Cherokee!) Also mentioned what the HAARP might be doing. It didn't mention this in connection with chemtrails, but in my estimation and others, it seems that in conjunction with the HAARP bombardment onto and into the chemtrail material which in my observations cause the dispersemnet of this material throughout and down into the local atmosphere, further cause weather modifications, and also populace symptoms of illness. One series of 'trails that I photo'd in Florida traveling through the state to Miami, had them lining up doubled on both sides of the turnpike, and making major X's over a large rest stop. These were being made by white planes pretty high up, from what I could see in my binoculars.

Again, thanks for your hard work and research.


Dee Rohe
Acupuncture Physician
Miami, Florida

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