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Monday, May 15, 2017

Hannity's Headlines

China Prepares for War, Shows Off New Missile Just Miles from Korean Coast
China flexed its military muscle on Tuesday when authorities confirmed they have test-launched a new guided missile system in the Bohai Sea, mere miles from the Korean peninsula.

WATCH: Condoleezza Rice Defends President Trump on 'Hannity'
Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice stopped by 'Hannity' on Monday night to discuss her new book, "Democracy: Stories from the Long Road to Freedom," defending President Trump and saying all Americans should respect the "decision of our democracy."

WATCH: Horrifying Video of European Journalist Violently Attacked By Immigrants On-Air
An Italian newswoman and her crew were attacked on-air by African immigrants while reporting on Europe's ongoing refugee crisis. The attack occurred outside of Rome's main train station, where Matrix Channel 5 journalist Francesca Parisella was suddenly assaulted by the very immigrants she was reporting on.

Parisella was midway through her broadcast on the influx of African and Middle Eastern refugees, saying Italy has become a checkpoint as immigrants try and make their way to northern Europe.
BREAKING: White House Announces It Will Arm Kurdish Fighters In War Against ISIS
The Trump administration has approved the arming of Kurdish fighters in the war against ISIS, according to a statement from the Pentagon.

In a statement released on Tuesday, Chief Pentagon Spokesperson Dana W. White wrote:
TERROR THREAT: Government Releases Details Over ISIS Plots Against US Homeland
The Homeland Security Committee released an official "Terror Threat Snapshot" on Tuesday, illustrating the ongoing danger posed by ISIS and other terror organizations to the US homeland.

The report says there have been 39 instances of homegrown terrorism inside the United States over the previous 12 months.

The cases include plots to commit violence, overseas travel, financial support, lying or withholding information from law enforcement, and weapons charges.
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