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Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Sign Will Come From the Depths, a "Massive Volcano will Erupt"

Saudi Arabia/Energy! (Mark Taylor/Kim Clement Prophecy Unfolds) 
By Send Rain  
Send Rain
Published on May 20, 2017
Prophecies still unfolding! This is amazing! God really is at work and His agenda can not fail! Saudi Arabia is humbled and I saw it on their faces on the news. Fox News even said it on air that Saudi Arabia is concerned about their oil wells and know that they will soon run dry. Now they will need America's help. I have a feeling they will be modernizing their laws and treating their women more equal. Wouldn't that be something!?

Also by Send Rain:
No Veil and a Hand Shake (The Restoration of Respect To America!)
Published on May 21, 2017
This means so much to me because it was something I was upset about for quite some time! I really never understood why America was suppose to bow down and respect the Middle East but we didn't expect the same respect in return. So happy to have our American pride restored! God bless America!

Correction in the old video, when I said they "expect", even though they don't expect visitors to wear a veil, the way I see it is if they "ask" people to wear the veil, then that means they EXPECT respect. But moving on, I'm just grateful that America is getting the respect we deserve from now on. Thanks to our great new leader!

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