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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

About the second coming of Christ

"For just as lightning comes from the east and is seen as far as the west, so will the coming of the Son of Man"(St. Matthew 24:27).

The second advent of our Lord Jesus will be a coming in glory. Our Lord repeated this many times. Here He tells us in more detail as to what this, His coming, will resemble. He says it will resemble lightning. Through this He reveals the five characteristics of His glorious advent.

First: His second coming will be unexpected, like lightning. That is why He reminded us, "Therefore, stay awake! For you know neither the day nor the hour"(St. Matthew 25:13).

Second: His second coming will be as bright as lightning. The sun and the stars will be darkened. The entire universe will lose the glow of its face when He shines. He, who sins, will have less light and brightness. How much darker will the sinner be under this heavenly flame. That is why He reminded us to hold the lamps of our souls filled with oil and readiness. O my brethren, let us not find ourselves in the darkness in that terrible hour!

Third: His advent will be as powerful as lightning. For He, alone, spoke to
others saying that He will come "with great power and glory(St. Matthew 13:26).

Fourth: His coming will be all encompassing and public to everyone and all, from east to west. That is, He will not appear as the first time to be seen only by His disciples or only one people or one nation or one country or one state but He will appear like lightning which all nations and all peoples on earth will see at once.

Fifth: Just as the lightning precedes rain and hail, so shall His second coming precede the dreadful judgment which will be for the righteous and faithful like the desired rain; and for the unrighteous and unfaithful, like hail.
Let us make preparation, my brethren, for the clouds are gathering and the divine lightning may descend from them at any time.

O Lord, Great and Awesome, give oil to the lamps of our souls so that we will not find ourselves in eternal darkness when Your eternal light appears.


Email sent by Pavel of Yugoslavia, Global Rumblings correspondent:

Subject: Time...

Thank you,
Varied are the ways upon which God leads those who desire to please Him and to fulfill His Law.. Isn't so ???
  On given link 
are the pages of 'Prolog', which explain that in a better way... It is advisable, to be read slow and carefully, like eating an 'angelic bread'...
  The memory of St. Alexis The Man of God, who stepped into eternity, 1,600 years ago is an extraordinary example, for all, particularly for the 'Western' civilization....
To such silence, meekness and humility - isn't an extreme 'opposition', nowadays insolence, - declaring human beings - a "collateral damage" ????!!!!!!
  Laodicea is mentioned....Aren't there, many thinking  today "I need nothing", like those from The Revelation, 3.17 ???
  However, isn't wisdom better than jewels (Prov. 8.11) ???
BTW,  which 'version' accepts your "study group"  from the Rev. 10.6 :...." that there should be no more delay,", or "that there should be time no longer ," ..... ???
   BTW, that: "later" or "tomorrow", aren't the wiliest tricks of devil ???
Amazing, Japan is closer to my place, than Oregon...
 And, "Soma" (near Fukushima) meaning "horses" ? Like those from  Rev. 6 ???
  Thinking about the "Einstein's relativity" / known millennia ago.. see: Ps. 90.4,(89.4) ; 2 Peter 3.8; 1Co 13, etc../... Time slowing down when nearing the Almightiness - to the absolute and - eternity ?
 And, time to sink (to founder) into the Eternity ?

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