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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Expanding earth message?

Hidden in Plain Sight?

From George Ure,

Coping:  Expando Planet Worries

March 25, 2011

By next Monday, or so, we ought to either have huge amounts of "release language" flying about surrounding something like a major West Coast earthquake, OR we'll have to confront the possibility that the lingusitics around the date were processing artifact.  My money is on events.

Well, much of my concern has to do with the plasma expansion model of how and why earth is growing.  The idea is - vastly simplified - that the earth via some unknown mechanism, but having something to do with being a big energy absorber of the Sun's output, may be growing over time.  As ingeologic timescales and that this is the cause (along with complex magma fluid dynamics, of all the earth changes.

As one geology grad told me a while back - the focus on the plate tectonic theory was a relatively new thing, having arisen in the 1950's which got me to thinking perhaps there's more to earthquakes than tectonics.

All of which just went onto the back burner to simmer, until this morning when I wasn't even going to mention having lots of food and water ready for this weekend - just in case - until a reader who's touring Europe with his wife who reads this column (here comes a very bad pun!) religiously and sent the following email:
This piece of artwork clearly shows that The Vatican understood the Expando Planet reality in 1990 when this was installed in their garden. Fun . . . huh?

After staring at it for a while two thoughts came to mind.  One was that the Vatican artwork above could have been a dire warning about abusing our bodies with too much of...whatever your favorite excess is.  There's a certain uncanny relationship to the look of my eyes, now and then, for instance.

On the other hand, we have noted with the PowersThatBe often warnings come hidden in plain sightbefore major events.

And example of this is the famous Simpsons episode which conspiracy investigators think was a "hidden in plain sight" hint of 9/11 being in the works.

I don't claim that a major West Coast earthquake will strike late this week or possibly over the weekend.  More likely:  Much language has been floating on the net about the big FEMA National Lever Exercise which willbe called the "Great Central US Shake Out"

Obviously, as we get closer to the event, scheduled for April 28th, the linguistics around this will begin to spin up dramatically - so maybe  (hopefully?) it will just be the language with descriptive imagery of the 1812 quake (and related language) popping into the public consciousness.

Still, we continue to be troubled with last fall's FEMA requests for proposals (RFP's)  for a) 7.2 million MRE's and b) an RFQ for something like 10-million bottles of water in the region.

If I really let monkeymind out of the box, I can find plenty of other reasons for worry.  Like this email, for example:
"Found this on Space Weather and am thinking about what Clif stated re 25/3:
"HERE COMES TROUBLE? A big sunspot is emerging over the sun's southeastern limb, and it is crackling with activity. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a surge of extreme ultraviolet radiation from the sunspot's magnetic canopy on March 21st"
Not much to do but wait, I suppose. I'm hoping, obviously, that this is just the linguistic scanning system pulling NLE chatter out...but it isn't that simple and the sophistication of the underlying code would likely trap that out.

Still, with three major (over 6.0) quakes off Japan this morning, here's hoping the linguistics are wrong.

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