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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Strange Rumblings being reported around the world now..

Read comments in this forum - now several pages long!
These reports are coming up everywhere: San Diego, LA, West VA, Florida, New York/New Jersey, Canada, UK,,,the latest video with the sound is from theOhio River:

Debunkers, you've got to really do better on this one if you plan to pull this into the world of the mundane. It is simply not a weather event or anything ordinary. It is causing the ground to shake for as long as the sound is happening.

Anyone's opinion welcome...including debunkers...
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March 25th'ing
Reader wants to know if this has anything to do with what may (or may not) be coming in release language due later this week:
Hi George,
I was just watching a video of the strange sounds around the world in the earth  and I had a thought that Cliff said something about a wild child escapes the lab and so I looked up Cern and though hmmm I wonder if there is a sound, well, brace yourself… here is an article from the BBC with three audio clips. The second sounds strangely like the sounds on the videos from the above post. If so That means the wild child may have actually escaped the lab.
Yes - been meaning to get back to this pile of research.  The main thing about the LHC is - like HAARP - they don't exactly publish their transmission  or matter-smashing times ahead of events - which might be pretty curious.

Plus - I wonder if the atmospheric heater team at HAARP ever talks to the LHC staff, since both are dealing with way more than pea-shooters and interactions though wildly small as statistics go, could be pretty impressive.

I mean think about it:  What IF HAARP{ were to fire off when the LHC was peaking and it did something like a string-theory dimensional rip?

A little too "Philadelphia Experiment-ish" for you?  Perhaps.

But would that be a way-cool accidental outcome to see?  After all, maybe this god-particle just wants us to mind our own business and these sounds peoplke are heading may be more than Seneca guns.

Maybe its the Big Dog particles down at the quantum level trying to maintain their autonomy and getting ready to shake some fleas off to maintain it?

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