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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Illuminati UFO Invasion

Are You Ready For A UFO Invasion
 Of The Illuminati Kind?
The phenomenal coverage of UFOs by the mainstream media indicates that something ridiculous is taking place.  A UFO invasion, would give the Illuminati a reason to nuke everywhere killing up to 4 billion people at one time.

Two crazy ideas rarely turn into one sensible notion. Yet, depopulation via a UFO invasion is well within the reach of the Illuminati. A UFO invasion would go a long way to complete their plan to unite the world through fear. While giving them the vehicle to push forward for a one world government and one religion of the antichrist kind.

Achieving a One World Government and depopulation at the same time would be like killing two birds with one stone.  As Spock would say "Its' logical."

Think about the amazing projection system that makes watching a movie at a theater possible. The system design of the projector, is similar to how our brain transfers the beams of light (rays) of information in to our consciousness.

With only 5 major corporations controlling all the mainstream media in Canada and the U.S. you might say, they have their fingers, on our projector's on and off switch. This makes it easy for the Illuminati to control what we see and our thought process but not our consciousness.  Our minds are still free to explore all possibilities.

At least, if enough people are made aware of this hypothesis of a man-made UFO invasion and check out the facts, maybe they won't try it. After all, we out number them.
They do appear to have put a lot of thought and years of planning behind this UFO phenomena.  I call it "The Mother Of All Evil Plans." Like I have said before, I have been to places in God's realm you could never dream of.  The effects of multi-nuclear explosions would cause severe problems in other dimensions of God's realms of existence.  The message to mankind is clear:  "THE COSMIC MASTERS WILL DESTROY OUR WAVE OF EXISTENCE BEFORE THEY LET THAT HAPPEN! "

On earth we have six billion souls inhabiting two-hundred and sixty plus nations, with over seven thousand distinct dialects.  How are you going to control them?  If the truth be known by all,  that there is life after have death, than we as humans would certainly find a way to value life more than money. Even those who are called the 'World's Most Powerful Elite' would smarten up. The New World Order philosophy is to subdue passively in the beginning, but aggressively near the end.

In the article The 'Chosen Ones' Are Coming these are listed as the top 10 ways the Illuminati control world populations.

1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy
2. Create a gulag
3. Develop a thug caste
4. Set up an internal surveillance system
5. Harass citizens' groups
6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release
7. Target key individuals
8. Control the press
9. Dissent equals treason
10. Suspend the rule of law

UFOs, alien conspiracies are standard media buzzwords these days.  Even Larry King is now getting into the act of exposing UFO's.  The sightings are reported  everywhere in the world.  Everyday somewhere they are reported by mainstream media.  You just cannot seem to go a  week or two without hearing of a massive number of sightings.  Yet, where is their proof?

The concept that our physical being (human body) is only the vehicle for our soul and consciousness, while in this dimension of God's realm, is easy to understand, if you have the right information.  Our soul and consciousness are not part of the human body. At least there is no physical or scientific evidence  to prove otherwise.

If people really knew this and understood the truth about life after death, there would be no way to control people through religion and a one world government with a one world religion of the antichrist kind. (see: Maurice Strong and the "Agenda") The technology  exists to pull this off (phony UFO invasion) is right in front of our eyes, yet not many seem to notice.

Hidden  technology about life after death - reason for depopulation?
The 2012 Enigma by David Wilcock (video 1hr. 35min.) did not come out until March 10th, 2008 on google video.  The timing of the release is amazing from the synchronicity point.  I am always looking for things to prove to myself I am not nuts.  If you take the time to view it and you have followed my story, then you would think I had produced it.  Yet, I had never heard of David Wilcock until someone forwarded me the link to the video.
It goes into detail about the wave particle duality of life theory, hidden time machines and their history. Which even links to the Vatican. I urge everyone to take a look at Wilcock's video.  It will open your minds to the possibility that they are hiding the technology about life after death.

Is there a light 10 billion times brighter than the sun?  (full article)
By the numbers, the Diamond synchrotron facility in Oxfordshire, England, is a massive undertaking. The particle accelerator cost more than $500 million to build and is housed in a circular building equal in size to fivesoccer fields. It also produces a highly focused beam of light "10 billion times brighter than the Sun" [source: BBC News]. This incredibly powerful light source and the technology that might be behind it could have many potential scientific applications. But, it may surprise you that the Diamond synchrotron could produce its most important discoveries in the field of theology. Or could it be used with other technology for the phony UFO invasion?

The Vatican's Time Machine
According to a new book by a French Jesuit priest, the Vatican is hiding more than the records of priests who have abused children. It is also hiding plans for a time machine.
In Le Nouveau Mystère du VaticanThe Vatican’s New Mystery—published February, 2002, by Éditions Aubin Michel, Paris, author Father François Brune tells the story of Father Pellegrino Ernetti, an Italian Benedictine monk who claimed to have invented and operated sometime in the 1950s a time machine he called the "chronovisor."

The author of several books on religion and paranormal phenomena, including the bestselling Les Morts Nous Parlent [The Dead Speak to Us] (1988), Brune knew Ernetti personally and had numerous conversations with him up until the time of the Benedictine’s death. more

Important Note:
Priests, either by law or practice, are exempt from the income tax.  Priests because they have taken a vow of poverty and have no property, traps them for easy control.  How could they leave even if they wanted too?  If they decide to leave the Church, they must do so without even with the clothes on their backs.
Also, see the short CNN video interview 2003 Vatican Secrets which acknowledges the discoveries of hidden documents covering up the history of the Vatican.  These documents etc. could also disclose the time machine technology.  At least the interview proves a cover up of some kind.

In my article The Big Picture I refer to the possibility of a man-made UFO Invasion.'  If that is the case, then the next step for mind control would be, to try and get Government disclosure of UFO findings.  Now, when the governments of the world state there are UFO's and their records must show some things out of the normal, then what will most people think if their Governments tell them there are UFOs?



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