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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Part 2 Mayan Calendar Explained - Heartfelt Intuition

Life is speeding up!
But not our thinking..not our thoughts..our intuition is speeding up.

Uploaded by  on May 2, 2011
While everything is going faster, the one thing that hasn't changed is the speed of our thinking. However, intuition works at incredible speed and can easily keep up with the accelerating speed of events

When events are faster than our minds can process, it results in stress - which has been growing significantly since 1999.
Research by HeartMath® has shown that the heartbeat of a person feeling frustration or anger is erratic and sends a discordant signal to the brain and creates a stressful mood,
whereas heartbeats of a person feeling peace and gratitude sends a smooth harmonious signal to the brain and a mood of wellbeing.

Peaceful states invite intuition which can enable us to keep up with the speed of events and help us take more supportive action in the face of turmoil.

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  1. Is there any scientific proof that mayan calendar is real???

  2. the world wont end in 2012,every one be happy.please visit my siteThe Mayan Calendar


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