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Friday, May 04, 2012

Michigan DHS Insists On Poisoning A Child

Michigan DHS Insists On Poisoning A Child
Jacob Stieler dances with a friend.

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Michigan DHS Insists On Poisoning A Child

May 4, 2012 by  : Personal Liberty Alerts

 A Michigan couple continues to be harassed by the Michigan Department of Human Resources because they’ve chosen to stop dosing their child with cancer-causing drugs prescribed by Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.
Hospital officials filed a complaint with the Department of Human Services against Kenneth and Erin Stieler after they decided to discontinue their son Jacob’s treatment for Ewing sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, after a PET scan showed no signs of cancer. The radiation and chemotherapy he was taking left him physically weak, nauseated and depressed, Erin Stieler told The Grand Rapids Press when the DHS first went after the couple in late 2011.
“Several times he told me he wanted to fall asleep and never wake up,” Erin Stieler said. “He said it would be easier if he were in heaven and didn’t have to deal with this.”
The Stielers researched the drugs 10-year-old Jacob was being given and determined that they were harmful. “Chemo is poison. I’m not going to subject my child to that, especially if there is no evidence of cancer,” Erin Stieler told the newspaper.
The chemotherapy chemicals mandated by the State include ifosfamide, etoposide and doxorubicin — carcinogenic drugs that the Food and Drug Administration has said have never been proven safe for children or been shown to be effective against the type of cancer Jacob has. But hospital doctors claim Jacob must continue taking the drugs or risk dying from cancer.
Even though lower courts have twice ruled in the Stielers’ favor and Jacob has been cancer-free for almost a year, DHS officials have continued to push the Michigan court system with appeals.
DHS claims in its appeals that Jacob’s health situation is urgent. Yet its actions seem more a form of harassment, because DHS waited 55 days after first being contacted by the hospital before it filed the initial complaint and twice waited the maximum number of days possible before filing appeals.
Apparently, health and government officials in Michigan do not believe that parents are qualified to make health decisions for their children. In Michigan last year, you may remember, a SWAT Team surrounded a Detroit home and kidnapped a 13-year-old girl because the girl’s mother stopped giving the child an antipsychotic drug — on the advice of a physician — that had been prescribed by another doctor at a health clinic. The girl was finally returned to the mother, but not until the child had been sexually assaulted while in State custody.
The medical mafia goon squad claims to want to help people, but its cures are worse than the disease. And the media mafia never tells you the true way to health is a proper diet of fresh organic fruits and vegetables and no processed foods.
It also doesn’t tell you that the pharmacists that mix the toxic poisons prescribed to “cure” cancer are dying from cancer caused by the poisons they handle.

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