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Monday, May 14, 2012

Run on Banks Soon?

Has the Economic Collapse of 2012 Started?

Published on May 14, 2012 by 
Close to Edge/Collaspe of the World Banks.
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  • "Greece will circle the drain and be ungovernable in the next 30 to 60 days," said Bass, founder of Heyman Capital and famous for presciently shorting subprime mortgage bonds before the industry collapsed. "Japan is in the crosshairs of the market...I've never seen more mispriced optionality in my entire life."

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  • I don't fear the impratical. I do morn the lack of LOVE between people. I mean not to upset you, simply to show all things begin with thought and if we think that peace will win the day, the day will be won.
  • I think something really bad might come out of the G-8 Summit in Camp David this week. Interesting Putin of Russia pulled out from attending this event.
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  • were can i watch the video you have on the screen ? not saying i just can't take your word on what they say,,,,, but i do like to hear it for myself.
  • Weird dreams for past week or two. Headaches for the last month finally starting to subside. Something is going awry.
    Praying for the World everyday.
  • the real sad thing about that is, is that over the weekend on a newscast he answered losing the 2 billion is really no big thing, "We" as in JP-MORGAN-CHASE, will still MAKE THERE MONEY!! wtf is that!!! jus' another answer showing no matter what,they ALWAYS WIN... but the PONZI-SCHEME is Truly Falling apart...
  • It will happen next week.
  • Hate to disagree with your fluffy bunnies scenerio, but please explain to me how that works. Do you think the people of Japan wished for their huge EQ, Tsunami and nuclear fallout last year? No. I'm sure they were going about their daily routine, thinking about their grocery list when disaster struck. Ignoring that bad things could happen doesn't make them go away any more than anticipating and preparing for bad times makes it happen. Sorry but your new age cr*p theory has a few holes in it.
  • How convenient. Just in time for the Russian troops to begin their military "drills" here in America. If you couldn't tell, I have a very bad feeling about all of this. Thankfully, my hope is in Jesus Christ! May He come SOON!
  • you can download the internment camp military document in pdf format and shove it under his nose. Also tell him the history of nazi germany, the germ govt set the riechstadt on fire (their capitol I think), grabbed a cook and said that he did it (bin laden), beheaded him the next day, created (get this) a department of "homeland security" and it went downhill from there. Tell him to quit watching the kardashians and pull his head out, this is serious.
  • Wonder if the world's leaders have been anticipating this and THAT is why the fear of severe protests at Chicago's NATO Summit. I am expecting something HUGE to go down by next weekend's Summit (and from all appearance, so are they!). This could well be the "starting pistol".  Come quickly, Lord Jesus!




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