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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sun Waking Up-Flare Filament Eruption Blocked

Published on May 24, 2012 by 
Finally! The sun wakes up! Entrancing filament release off of the west limb plus multiple tornadoes.

Published on May 26, 2012 by 
Looped playback of the Sphere that blocks the filament eruption on May 25, 2012 Image data obtained from solar dynamics observatory




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  • That could easily be a gas bubble. We do not know enough about what is happening to say that a "sphere" blocked a blast from the sun.
    Come on people, you have to stop being alarmists. Critical thought is our friend.
    Great video, I just do not think it is a sphere...
  • We should understand that these aliens and their ships are putting on a display of intervention to full the unaware. Their true intention will be revealed soon. They are not benevolent. They must earn our trust before their evil plan is hatched.
  • What could that sphere be? seems strange it's so close to the sun.
  • What site did you watch that from...I was curious as the sun turned did the anomaly continue to come around with the sun, or just disappear.

I use jhelioviewer software to query the image data from the solar dynamics observatory spacecraft that can be layered in different angstrom levels with video adjustments for each level. The coronal cavity appears faint after the event and it is difficult to see.

Uploader Comments ( SunsFlare )

  • funny, i just watched the SDO and all of the may 25 bottom half of the sun is blacked out.... weird... we covering something up or i's this coincidence
  • Yes, I would like that have included the 304 angstrom layer in this video because it was the most impressive view of the filament eruption. However the data had blacked out moments in the playback so I did the best with the layers that were not corrupted. It is interesting. :)

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