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Monday, May 21, 2012

Record-breaking Growth Rate of Seafloor Volcano

A volcano on the seafloor north of New Zealand has grown at a record-breaking rate, says a new study.
THE MONOWAI CONE volcano, 1000km north of New Zealand, underwent an unprecedented period of growth and collapse in mid-2011, providing new insight into the behaviour of submarine volcanoes.
Over a period of just five days, the volcano spewed out about 8.5 million cubic metres of lava and debris. One portion of the summit grew by a whopping 79m - equivalent to a 26-storey building - while another collapsed by 19m.
The changes were measured by scientists aboard the German research vessel Sonne, with the study of the Monowai Cone aided by Dr Cornel de Ronde from GNS Science in New Zealand.
The findings of the three-week survey were published last week in the journal Nature Geoscience.

The Monowai Cone

The Kermadec Arc, between New Zealand and Tonga. (Credit: GNS Science)
"There are very few documented examples of volcanoes growing this fast, and they are all from on-land examples - this is the fastest known growing volcano on the bottom of the sea," Cornel told Australian Geographic.
The crew on the Sonne took bathymetric (underwater topographic) measurements of the volcano at two separate times during the survey, about three weeks apart, which is something rare in the study of submarine volcanoes, Cornel says. "Deep sea research is an expensive business, rarely can we go back and re-survey a volcano within a few weeks or during the same expedition."
The Monowai Cone lies at the intersection of the Pacific and Indo-Australian tectonic plates at the Tonga-Kermadec Arc - a 2500km-long chain of volcanoes stretching from New Zealand to Tonga.
According to Dr Richard Arculus from The Australian National University, it is among the most active arc volcanoes in the world.

Source: Australian Geographic

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Mar 21, 2012
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May 05, 2012
An earlier 6.4M quake occurred under the volcano on 15 March 2011. The report also mentions increased activity from a fumarole vent at 1500 m elevation and hot spring areas at the eastern flank observed since 2003.

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Apr 07, 2012
Recent activity in the vicinity of a dormant 'super volcano' in Germany has left experts worried about a possible eruption. Laacher See Lake near the German city Bonn is a caldera lake and a potentially active volcano.

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Apr 18, 2012
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