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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pole Shift Warning - Horizon Project

Two Thirds of the Earth's Population Will Die, During the Pole Shift - Brent Miller, Horizon Project


Published on Mar 5, 2012 by 
Coast to Coast interviewed Brent Miller of the Horizon Project and I caught it, while looking for the term, 'Pole Shift', using Google's Advanced Search Engine. It was interesting and so I thought I'd bring some of what was said to you here, with my analysis, to add flavor to the stew. Hear everything! Believe nothing! Dismiss most and retain only what makes the most sense! That's my advocacy

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  • Why would the elite bother to accrue wealth and power, form massive armies, build hundreds of of F.E.M.A. camps , poison us with toxic food and water and a multitude of other things, if this scenario was on its way ? To fool us into a sense of false awareness , in order to distract us long enough to run for cover ?
    I feel their is something more sinister , more deceptive , more evil and dark , that the elite of this world have embraced and are being controlled by .
    Question everything!
    • Denial is the first step of the human brain will take for most and I would expect nothing more. However, ask yourself why is the government gearing up for something big??? Norwegian Seed Bank (built and completed in 1 year), US NASA space station program stopped after many years of work & money already involved, 100,000 Fema coffins made and stored around the U.S., weather pattern changes already showing signs of climate changes (NOT global warming as it was original called.
    • yeah the question is what world we will be reborn into... and some may have learned all there is to know here on this planet, but i'm not one of them :p so see you on the new earth :)
    • Unfortunately, we will all, be reborn. In my opinion, I won't to be reborn anymore if possible. But probbably not. :(
    • ...You know what .... the Human race is a tough , resilient , enterprising and stubborn species , and no matter what comes are way , we'll kick it's ass right the hell off our planet . This is our home , and it's gunna stay that way !!
    • Because the elite are building underground basis for a long long time now, in the USA alone there are over a hundred underground basis ready to be used.. with everything you need to survive for 6 months! They have control over everything, even the weather..

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