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Saturday, May 26, 2012

TPTB Fooling with our Perceptions Prep Awareness-wise

5/26/2012 -- Intellicast bites the dust -- changes Storm Levels while

 Severe Weather IN PROGRESS!

Published on May 26, 2012 by 
They call this in the real world... "moving the goal posts mid-game" ...

Be sure to use ALL the links available to monitor severe weather --- since the primary source I've been recommending has now changed the general storm appearance.. they have LOWERED the actual returns to appear to be less severe than they ACTUALLY ARE IN REAL LIFE!

Either they lowered the returns... or conversely... they upped the severe threshold. Either way, its wrong to do this.

This, to me, seems DANGEROUS for them to do. Making hail appear as light rain on the RADAR feed for instance... not cool.... people could look at the RADAR on intellicast now and get the wrong idea .. think everything is ok .. when its not!

Pink and White on every other RADAR feed (.gov or privately owned) have NOW become yellow and orange on intellicast !!

People are depending on getting the real news.. the real true feeds showing the REAL STORMS ---- not a censored version to make them "feel better".... not a false feed which FALSELY shows things as being non-severe...

Weather is what it is ---- no need to skew the results.

ALL OTHER SYSTEMS -- including the .gov's --- show white centers and pink centers of each storm up in MN --- damaging winds REPORTED and detected -- hail detected as well..... however.... intellicast today only shows a slight yellow/orange return as if this storm was a "minor" summer shower.

Again, you must understand, Bright pink w/ white centers.. indicate the real life hail and damaging winds at the center of these storms.

...they changed the feed to look less severe.

here is a list of all the systems I use to monitor severe weather and weather across the world:




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