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Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Pole Shift in 2012 per Patrick Geryl

Author Patrick Geryl came to the staggering conclusion that the Earth will soon be subjected to an immense disaster.

The cause: upheavals in the sun's magnetic fields will generate gigantic solar flares that will affect the polarity of the entire Earth.

The result: our magnetic field will reverse all at once, with catastrophic consequences for humanity.
Massive earthquakes will demolish all buildings on the planet, and instigate colossal tsunamis and intense volcanic activity. In fact, the Earth's crust will shift, sweeping continents thousands of miles away from their present positions.

Patrick Geryl (author and researcher)
and Gino Ratinckx (archeo-astronomer)
There is ample evidence in the literature of ancient civilizations that such disasters have occured in the past and also clues that they knew when another such calamity would occur. The Dresden Codex of the Maya for instance, contains the secrets of the sunspot cycle, about which our modern astronomers know almost nothing!

In his books, Patrick Geryl continues his scientific analysis of the millennia-old codes of the Maya and Egyptians that refer to the coming super-disaster. He determines that both cultures arose from an antediluvian civilization which was able to calculate the previous polar shifts and that we should take very seriously their calculations that place the next reversal in 2012!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THE WORLD CATACLYSM IN 2012 is the title of a book written by Belgian author Patrick Geryl in 2005 - and the title tells it just like he sees it. Patrick's opinion is so cut-and-dried - and quite devoid of hope! - that he was interviewed (not by us) in conjunction with the very alarming SONY PICTURES disaster movie, 2012.

This is the first video we've published which includes our disclaimer that while the interview presents interesting information, and that we have nothing against Patrick personally, we firmly believe that his conclusions are incorrect.

We actually debated whether to release it at all - though the video shows a civilized and intelligent conversation, and Patrick Geryl is a well-meaning and intellectually honest researcher. For someone certain that the world as we know it will end, Patrick is astonishingly cheerful, friendly and matter-of-fact.

We opted to release the video, with the disclaimer, so that his logic could be made accessible to others. In brief, Patrick is convinced that the sun will undergo a pole reversal in 2012, and that this will induce a similar reversal on Earth. At that point, says Patrick, all hell will break loose.

The idea of a cataclysm in 2012 is not just Patrick's. Roland Emmerich (the director of the movie 2012) did not get his ideas from him. The notion of a pole shift (or some other civilization-stopper) round about then has become a kind of modern myth.

What makes this interesting territory to explore is that, as many visitors to PROJECT CAMELOT will know, governments of the US and other countries have spent trillions of dollars building hundreds (if not thousands) of deep underground bases, some the size of small cities with a subterranean transport system connecting them, and most black project researchers now support the idea of a secret space program that might be far more advanced than would be easily believable.

The question is WHY. Is this preparation for a cataclysmic event that had been foreseen using classified technology - or one about which we were warned by friendly time-traveling ETs? Or is the reality more subtle: that there was reason to take precautions against a possible event of this nature, but that while the military were doing what they do best - digging in defensively - the best minds on and off the planet were working to eliminate the threat?

Based on insider testimony from our own multiple sources, PROJECT CAMELOT firmly believes the latter. For more on this, read our major article 2009: A TALE OF TWO TIMELINES [ ] which cites strong evidence that the future is changeable (and NOT fixed) - and that the way things turn out for us all is influenced not only by high technology, but also by the power of consciousness itself.

This is, in our view, the flaw in Patrick Geryl's analysis. He omits to consider the power of consciousness to shape events (which is why the 2012 movie is dangerous: it might scare millions of people into manifesting the very thing that is least wanted).

We believe that the many hundreds of thousands of Indigo and Crystal Children, preceded by more mature warriors like ourselves (and there are MANY of us: we are only two people among a very large worldwide team that spans every culture), would NOT be here if the future was all wrapped up. Speaking personally, we would have incarnated on another planet. Why land on Planet Earth just to jump off the cliff edge? It makes no sense to us unless there was a game to be played.

Here, the use of the word 'game' does not imply anything trivial. Seen from an Earthly level, it couldn't be more serious - although a spiritually light touch adds substantially to the power one has at one's disposal to catalyze change. The notion of a 'game' is that the outcome is uncertain - and that the desired outcome is worth striving for, against opposition in the form of the counter-intentions of others, and other practical challenges.

This is what we're certain is going on: the stakes are high, the outcome is not fixed, and there are players in this game - seen and unseen, on either side - which have significant power and ability.

This is the shortest written summary we can offer of what is a huge subject. It's not everything that Project Camelot is about, but is quite a large part: and those of you who have accompanied us on this journey will be aware of much of what has been written above. We ask you to support the process, each in your own way, of ensuring that the outcome for the human race is a desirable one, and that the planet will be one which our children will enjoy - and where we ourselves will be pleased to return in our next lifetime, should we choose.




The description of Herodotus

His statue in Bodrum, ancient Halicarnassus. He has been called "The Fatherof History" (first conferred by Cicero) and "The Father of Lies".[12] As these epithets imply, there has long been a debate—at least from the time of Cicero's On the Laws (Book 1, paragraph 5)—concerning the veracity of his tales and, more importantly, the extent to which he knew himself to be creating fabrications.His statue in Bodrum, ancient Halicarnassus. He has been called "The Fatherof History" (first conferred by Cicero) and "The Father of Lies".[12] As these epithets imply, there has long been a debate—at least from the time of Cicero's On the Laws (Book 1, paragraph 5)—concerning the veracity of his tales and, more importantly, the extent to which he knew himself to be creating fabrications.

"...Herodotus is my name, I am from Halikarnassos and am now telling the world about the research I did to keep the memory of the past alive and to immortalize the great, impressive works of the Greeks and other people."

"...As a token of their unanimity they decided to leave a memorial and that led to the building of the labyrinth, which is situated not far from the southern bank of the Moiris lake, in the neighborhood of a place called crocodilopolis. I have been there and it is beyond all description. If you would make a survey of all city walls and public buildings in Greece, you will see that all together they did not ask so much effort nor money as this labyrinth. And the temples in Efesse and Samos aren't exactly nothing either! It is true, the pyramids make you speechless and each and everyone of them equals many of our Greek buildings, but they cannot stand comparison with the labyrinth."

"...To start, it has a dozen indoor gardens of which six on a row at the northern side and six at the southern side. They are built in such a manner that their portals are face to face. An exterior wall without openings surrounds the entire complex. The building itself is a two-storied one and has three-thousand chambers of which half of these are underground and the other fifteen-hundred are on the ground floor."

I had to stop reading. Three-thousand rooms with indoor gardens and one single ring wall encircling the building. More gigantic than this is not possible! Half of the rooms are above and the other half under ground. Imagine rooms with a length of only two meters, then the total length would be three kilometers! That gave me dizzy-spells. This had to be the largest building ever! No doubt about it. Why wasn't it known better? Could it be vanished from the earth? It was still there in 448 BC. Has it been taken apart since then and used for other buildings?

"... I visited and looked at the fifteen-hundred ground-floor chambers myself, so I speak from personal experience, but for the underground chambers I have to rely on the authority of others, because the Egyptians refused to let me in. There, the tombs can be found of the kings that originally built the labyrinth, and of the holy crocodiles. So I have not been there and everything I know about it, I know from hearsay.

The rooms on top of them have indeed been shown to me. You would not believe they were built by human hands. The passages interconnecting the chambers and the winding paths from court to court were breathtaking in their colorful variety, as I walked in full admiration from the courtyard to the chambers, from the chambers to the colonnades, from the colonnades to again other chambers and from there into still more courtyards. The ceiling of all these places where made of stone, just as the walls which are covered with relief-figures. Each courtyard is surrounded with a row of white marble, seamless columns."

Good God, I groaned. What luxury! And nowhere is mentioned that it had been plundered or demolished! But then where was this monumental labyrinth, with the tombs of the twelve kings? Undoubtedly, there must be the biggest treasures ever to be found in Egypt! Tutankhamen's treasury is nothing compared to this.

With burning head, I read on:
"...Right by the corner where the labyrinth stops, stands a pyramid of at least seventy-five meters high and decorated with a relief of large animal figures.

It can be reached through an underground passage.
But, however spectacular this labyrinth is, the lake Moiris, right next to it, makes one really gasp.

Its perimeter is 3600 stadiums or sixty schoinoi - 666 kilometers - as long as the entire Egyptian coastline. This long-drawn-out lake has a north-south orientation and its depth is more than ninety meters at its deepest. It is probably man-made because in the middle are two pyramids, each reaching ninety meters above the water, while their base is equally far under water.

The lake is not getting water from natural sources, that would be impossible because the surrounding country is bone-dry; no, a canal is its connection to the Nile. Through the canal the water flows into the lake during half a year and the other six months it flows back into the river again. The profit for the royal treasury during this period is at least one silver talent per day because of the fish that are caught there."

Books by Patrick Geryl

The Orion Prophecy
Will the world be destroyed in 2012?
Prophecies from the Maya and the Old Egyptians
In the year 2012 the Earth awaits a super catastrophe: its magnetic field will completely reverse in one go. Phenomenal earthquakes and tidal waves will destroy our civilization. Europe and North-America will shift thousands of kilometers northward and end up in a polar clime. Nearly the whole Earth's population will perish in the apocalyptic events.
These predictions stem from the Maya and Egyptians. They are descendants of the legendary Atlantis, which is currently buried under the South-Pole.
The Atlanteans had highly evolved astronomical knowledge and were able to exactly predict the previous world-wide flood in 9792 BC. They built tens of thousands of boats and escaped to South-America and Egypt.
The authors launch this world-shattering message after having cracked several ancient star codes (that are over 10,000 years old) of crucial importance to civilization as we approach the year 2012. In that year Venus, Orion and several other stars will take the same 'code-positions' as in 9792 BC, the year of the previous cataclysm! 
But there is more. For thousands of years historical sources have told of a forgotten time-capsule of ancient wisdom located in a massive labyrinth. They speak of secret chambers filled with artifacts and documents from the previous flood. This 'Hall of Records' was created by this antediluvian race and the Old Egyptians, who held strong apocalyptic beliefs and wanted to preserve their accomplishments and wisdom for posterity.
Geryl & Ratinckx have established to locate this famous labyrinth. The authors prove their points with extensive scientific and archeological research. The excavation of this time-capsule will have enormous implications, archeologists and scientists will see it as an invaluable insight into the technologies of a hitherto undiscovered race... if they proceed in time!

The World Cataclysm in 2012
In my previous book, "The Orion Prophecy", I came to the staggering conclusion that the earth will be subjected to a huge disaster. The cause: the magnetic field of the earth will reverse in one go, resulting in catastrophic consequences for humanity. Immense earthquakes will sweep away all buildings on earth; while continents will shift thousands of kilometers and an all-demolishing tidal wave will leave billions of dead people behind.

In this book I scientifically reveal the millennia-old codes of the Maya and the Old Egyptians, which refer to this super-disaster. The reader gets carried away in an astonishing series of discoveries about the secrets of a long lost past -- of an antediluvian civilization, which was able to calculate the previous polar shift, and its late descendants, who have calculated the next reversal for 2012. What I discovered is incredibly shocking and of such crucial importance, that it concerns everybody without any exception.

The Dresden Codex of the Maya, for instance, contains the secrets of the sunspot cycle, about which our modern astronomers know nothing yet! The conclusions that follow, are even more staggering.

At a certain moment, when the sun's magnetism reaches a crucial point, the sun's surface will be subjected to immense storms. They will cause a super-catastrophe on earth, without equal. The astronomical Zodiac of the Egyptians described the exact dates of the previous disasters and their consequences for our planet.

When you combine the facts of these phenomena, you are able to prove the source of the number 666, known from the Bible as the number of the Apocalypse. It is taken from the Egyptian civilization and indicates an aberration in the sunspot cycle, which lays the foundation for the forthcoming world cataclysm.

Furthermore, both cultures had made incredibly precise calculations for the orbit of the earth around the sun. They are so accurate, that they exceed our present values! Completely astonished by this discoveries, I could do nothing but acknowledge these ancient particulars as exact, and with that, concede that our end is imminent.

How to Survive 2012 by Patrick Geryl
In 2012 the next polar reversal will take place on earth. This means that the North Pole will be changed into the South Pole. Scientifically this can only be explained by the fact that the earth will start rotating in the opposite direction, together with a huge disaster of unknown proportions.
Immense earthquakes and kilometers-high tidal waves will torment the surface of the earth. At the same time a pole shift will occur. In just a couple of hours the earth's crust will shift thousands of kilometers. In this short period the United States and Europe will be completely destroyed.

Billions of casualties will occur worldwide; only a few human beings will have a chance to survive.
These are the horrible facts. But how do you survive this "Armageddon", this ultimate "End of Times" scenario?
Everybody will ask this question. This shocking book will give you the answers, and they are not very encouraging: those who do not prepare themselves will die in a terrible way. When you do prepare yourself, your survival chances will quickly rise. The problems we will have to overcome are immense, but not insurmountable.
I wrote this book because I want to be one of the survivors. It is a blueprint for all of you who want to re-live the story of Noah. I explain thoroughly all the problems we are going to encounter and which precautions we need to take. I expect to inspire enough people so that together we can resume life on earth in a new civilization.

About the Author

Patrick was on a diet of fruit and vegetables, believing this would make him live long, very long. Ironically enough, his own discoveries about the "End of Times in 2012" shocked him so deeply that it put him on a worldwide quest.

Patrick Geryl is the author of 9 books, written in Dutch of which one was published in Germany, called "Topfit mit Sonnenkost". All of them became bestsellers.

Since his childhood Patrick was also very interested in astronomy and up to now he studied hundreds of publications and books on this subject.
In his first published book on astronomy ("A new Space-Time Dimension", 1979),
he launched an attack on the world famous relativity theory: he predicted several spectacular things that were connected to the universe. His predictions were confirmed in the last ten years, getting a lot of publicity in the Belgium press and television.

Within three years time he hopes to present his book in the USA, but first he has more important things to do. Through his astronomical knowledge, he discovered a trace leading to a high-developed civilization that was destroyed by a polar reversal. The descendants of this civilization, the Maya and Old Egyptians, predict a similar disaster for the year 2012. Noticing the urgency of this warning, Patrick started an intensive research and wrote three books on this subject.

The first book, "The Orion Prophecy", was published in 1998 in Belgium and Holland. It was translated and published at the end of 2001 in the USA. After this, translations followed in Polish (Edit. Amber), Spanish (Kier), Bulgarian and Portugese (Pensamento). In the meantime the book became a bestseller in Poland. "The World Cataclysm in 2012" was published in 2005 in the USA. It also became a bestseller in Poland. "How to survive 2012" was published at the end of 2006.

After these publications, Patrick will mainly spend his time on forming a survival group.

©2007 Patrick Geryl
All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with Permission

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