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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Aches and Quakes

Urban Survival dot Com slash Week Daily:
George Ure:  More Quakes & Pains
March 24, 2011
A few more to munch with your Wheaties:
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Two of my kids and I get symptoms before an earthquake too. My son and I had a burning headache that lasted three days before the Japan quake along with feelings of sadness. We both woke up on the day of and symptoms had disappeared completely, so somehow the release of the quake eases off whatever causes these symptoms.

My daughter and I are also sensitive to emotional waves and have been feeling very sad and tired for the last two days. That usually accompanies an event with high loss of life and/or emotional impact from the trauma of the event. We felt this before the New Zealand quake and acutely before Haiti, for example. Some before Japan but not as sharply as the headaches. I've wondered if that's because the Japanese are stoic people and emotional levels of reaction have not been as high as were in these other countries.

I hate to say it, but my intuition tells me this one's gonna be close to home and to the west. My daughter and I have learned to tune into these feelings and can get general input on location. Feels close. We're on the East coast, USA, by the way.

Today feels calm, like the world is holding its breath. That's exactly how it felt before Japan.
Interesting you mention the exhaustion in your Wednesday posting and the need to go back to sleep. I normally am up before dawn and go all day until about 11 pm, no problem. Same thing happened to me yesterday morning. I had to lay down and felt extremely sleepy and was wondering why? I live in northeast Florida.
And, although I personally tend to think SoCal is where the next Big One might be, just because there has been so doggone much foreplay in the area, that doesn't mean Portland, Oregon could be "it" either...especially with this highly credible note:
"Hi George,
I thought I should drop you a note about what my partner (Clif's nephew) saw two weeks ago in downtown Portland, Oregon. I would be making him write you but he is at work and we only made the connection to earthquake clouds as he was running out the door this afternoon to catch his bus. So I will try to paraphrase him as best I can. Anyway, he came home about two weeks ago (we are fuzzy on the date but will work on it) talking about a diamond shape rainbow in the sky unlike anything he has ever seen. He can't get over it he has never seen anything like it. Well, that is until after reading your post today. I googled earthquake clouds and he said the short list of images with rainbow bits matched what he saw. He had to run so he hasn't had time to sit in front of the computer and pour over this yet but I wanted to drop you a note since you specifically asked for it.
Yeah...earthquake clouds have a long history...long enough to show up in the Brihat Samhita.

A little reading on Corbyn's bio - and a review of some of his predictions - leads to inconclusive, but still...just one more little weight on the scales as we await whatever the pending "release language" should present - if anything.

Sometimes being wrong is the right thing to be.  Like on this stuff.

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Blogger:  Just this in:   

March 24, 2011 Thursday 6.8 Major Eearthquake
Location: 20.705N, 99.949E
55 Miles N from Chiang Rai, Thailand
104 Miles SSW from Yunjinghong, Yunnan, China
365 Miles NE from Rangoon, Myanmar
479 Miles N from Bangkok, Thailand
[6.2 Miles Deep]

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