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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Earthtimes: Japan appears to be sinking


From Timestar:

"When you see Japan sinking you will know the great earth changes have started."  That's what Korton said at Joshua Tree, California, the night in 1981 I learned that UFOs had made large displays for UFO conventions at Giant Rock, that Bob Short frequented in the '50s.  On the same night I discovered that ETs channeled through human contactees, like Bob Short of the Blue Rose Ministry.  I had never heard of anything like it before I unexpectedly met Korton in 1981.

Now that Japan appears to be sinking -- slowly or rapidly, but it is sinking -- Korton's message is more relevant than I dared to imagine in 1981. The mind-bending story deserves some detail.


An acquaintance casually mentioned that his wife talked to an ET at Joshua Tree, near Giant Rock, California.  The stunning revelation virtually took away my breath.  I had had several UFO encounters at the time but couldn't imagine an ET visiting in person and talking to people, and asked for directions.  He promised to let his wife know I was interested.  True to his word, he looked me up a few weeks later to say his wife was planning to visit Joshua Tree and said she would be glad to take me along.  The adventure was about to begin.

Although I'd had several dramatic UFO sightings I'd never met devoted UFO aficionados.  All of my UFO sightings had apparently been happenstance.  A group of four acquaintances plus my seven-year-old son drove to Joshua Tree in the decrepit car his wife, Penny, owned. On the 90 mile drive Penny explained that the ET's name was Korton, and he didn't appear in his own body.  He used Bob Short's body as a speaker. My happy anticipation melted into apprehension.

"Don't worry," Penny said.  "Bob is a channel and a really nice guy, and the ships are always nearby when he channels.  Can't you feel the field already?"  I'd never heard of a channel and seriously questioned "the field" Penny seemed to sense.  We were already half-way to Joshua Tree when Penny explained the rules with channels, and there was not turning back.

At Bob Short's home I first met his wife, Shirley, a personable elementary school teacher.  Bob was in the adjoining room lit by a blue light bulb where who knew what might happen.  Shirley said she planned to spend the evening in the living room and would watch my son, when I considered waiting in the car.  Lord knew what might happen in the blue room with Bob, and I didn't want to expose my young son to anything too spooky.

A group of about 20 people sat in the circle on the floor in the darkened room, when Penny's retinue of four joined the circle.  Bob sat on a chair with a blue light in the background.  He seemed to have been waiting for us, and started his channeling as soon as we were seated.  My mind was blown but not irretrievably.  The irretrievable part started after the channeling.

"Earth, are you ready to receive?"  The words came out of Bob's mouth.

"Jupiter on standby.  Proceed."  Bob spoke again.

After a brief roll call of the solar system, Bob's voiced boomed with Korton's presence.  "We've talked about taking some of you with us.  Who has decided to join us?"  Several people raised their hands and Korton discussed arrangements for meeting his ship.  Korton asked a man wearing a turban if he was certain he wanted to join them.  "Yes," the man said.  I could see his white turban nodding across the circle as he spoke.

My reality vectors were beginning to wobble.  Leave on a space ship with an ET?  Who would want to go?  I couldn't imagine.  I was far too busy with my life to do anything like that.

With arrangements for the pick-up of volunteers made, Korton turned to the larger circle and said each person would be allowed one question. I listened carefully to questions and answers, many of which were surprisingly mundane after the startling enlistment of volunteers. Somebody asked about earth changes.

"When you see Japan sink you will know the time of the great changes has come," Korton explained.  How could Japan sink?  It was a preposterous supposition, beyond my wildest imaginings.  But, it might be a good idea to find out what an event like that could mean in my world.

When my turn to ask a question, I asked Korton if I would have time to finish the projects I was currently working on before large earthquakes made Los Angeles inhabitable.  It seemed a good question.  Instead of answering my question Korton launched into a discourse on Moses.

"The people of my world have long assisted those of your world, such as your prophet Moses."  I desperately tried to follow Korton's discourse on Moses and the burning bush Abraham saw before him, but the words slipped farther away the harder I listened.
"If you listen we will speak to you in the early morning hours," Korton concluded his message to me.  I wasn't sure I wanted an ET speaking to me any time of day, much less the early morning hours.  It was a conundrum.  I didn't understand what Moses and Abraham had to do with any of it.  But I had not yet seen what would happen in the early morning hours on the drive back to Los Angeles.   As I wrote this account it came clear that I had started entering an altered state while listening to Korton talk about Moses and Abraham.

It finally dawned on me, 30 years later that the reason it was so hard to follow Korton's words was because I had started to enter an altered state that would save our lives later that night.  Fortunately, another woman with us had a tape recorder and recorded Korton's entire message. She reminded me what Korton's had said several days later, because I had not been able to remember most of it.

We started the drive back to Los Angeles about 11:00 p.m.  A remarkably clear night sky twinkling with stars hung over the desert.  Finally... we were going home.  It had been a long night.  But the mental workings of devoted UFO aficionados was still to be revealed.

About 45 minutes into the drive to Los Angeles we drove into the thickest fog I have ever seen.  Behind the wheel Penny cautiously slowed down then began to wonder if this meant a UFO had finally arrived to meet her.  "UFOs use fog for disguise," Penny said.  My son had laid his head on my lap and fallen asleep.  The three adults were mute with stunned silence as Penny explained the ways of UFOs to us.

Penny brought the car to a full stop and announced she was going to see if a UFO was waiting for her.  She opened the door and fled into the fog.  "What should we do?" Ron asked.  No answer was forthcoming.  We sat waiting in the car in stunned silence.

"You are parked on the freeway and must move your vehicle immediately."

 A voice spoke in my head as clear as a bell.  I jumped out of the car to see if it was, in fact, true that Penny had parked on the freeway.  The fog was so thick I couldn't see any markings on the road.  I couldn't even see the road.  That's how thick the fog was.  But I was able to pace the width of the paved road by following keeping a hand on the car's hood as a reference point.  The fog was really that thick.  I couldn't find an edge to the freeway with me feet.

Penny had parked on the freeway then disappeared into the fog to find a UFO!!!

I shouted at Penny to come back and move the car.  She responded from somewhere deep in the fog that she was waiting for the UFO.

"You parked on the freeway, Penny.  You must move the car.  Then you can go back and wait for the UFO."  I desperately shouted with as stern a tone as I could muster.  Panic was rising in my throat.

Hesitantly, Penny agreed to return to the car.  But, she said, she didn't know where to drive because the fog was so thick.  I volunteered to walk beside the car and shout directions to her.  I would be able to feel the edge of the freeway with my feet.  We managed to steer the car away from the center of the freeway.

No sooner had Penny parked the car again, literally within two minutes, than the car shook with a ferocity I had never felt in a vehicle.  A semi had driven past us so close that it literally shook the entire car.

Had we not moved the car as the voice had instructed we would have been parked in front of the semi.  It was almost hard to breathe through the pall of shock as the semi passed by us, leaving the car shaking.

We silently waited for Penny to continue the drive back to Los Angeles.  She assured us she had made the drive many times and would get us home safely.  We arrived home about 2:00 a.m., and probably spent an hour parked on the freeway.

After the taped recording was transcribed, my friends anxiously asked if anyone had talked to me in the early morning hours.  No way, I said.  I wasn't waiting for anyone to talk to me like that.  After thoroughly digesting events of the night I realized the voice had spoken to me in the early morning hours, telling me the vehicle was parked on the freeway and had to be moved immediately.

That's how I met Korton and learned that Japan would sink.  Now in March 2011, the month I forecast earthquakes and volcanoes would peak, Japan's coastline has moved 8 feet and appears to be sinking.

P.S.  Since the introduction in 1981, those who speak with me in the early morning hours have provided much valuable information.  Coming to terms with them has been among the greatest of adventures.


Comment from J.S.:

 I believe Edgar Cayce said that as well in the book "The Sleeping Prophet" before he died in 1945. That when you see Japan sink.....

You Tube video producer  Dutchsinse makes very interesting use of free software and tools on the net to get a real clear picture of what is happening in the shaking, haarp and volcano world. This latest upload talks about Japan sinking at the very end.

 It is the same link you sent I think....

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  1. The more I hear about ET's, close encounters, contactee's and channeling, the more demonic this whole scenario seems.These are NOT cute little alien's from another planet in our spacetime....they are SPIRITUAL and should be treated with EXTREME caution, not casualy engaged with.

  2. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Matt is correct
    ET's; aliens; ghosts; spirits;
    other religions are led By lucifer and fallen angels
    ask Yahushua
    to wash you in the blood of the cross
    you and I deserve death
    Jesus will save you repent

  3. Anonymous11:28 PM

    ok let me help you all out your not dealing with "aliens" your dealing with demonic spirits, you can prove this to your self next time you encounter this "bieng" simply say to it "in the name of Jesus Crist evil is defeated" and see what happens,
    as for the whole moses and Abraham lies, this is the devils end game his ploy is deception, dont be taken a fool,
    i too have medeled in the "wrong stuff" and once you open the door to the spirit relm there's no closing it, trust me, i fed into the whole "teachings of Abraham", "law of attraction" lie witch gets the reader to "channel other beings" turns out i went to i went to a church one day to find out about Abraham and every night after was demonicly attacked (not cool) symptoms were awake yet paralised, unexplainable fear and breaking out in sweats in winter all in the morning hours mostly at 3:33 or 1:11 or 0:11.
    now when i close my eyes at night i see what looks like an alien/ serpint face.
    call on the holy spirit,
    declare in the name of christ evil is defeated,
    and quote psalm 23

    Funny thing is, evil knows its time's short in fact i recomend you read "revelations" and "luke 21;1" of your bible for a best description of whats to come and for your salvation read john (first) then Mathew, luke and then the rest of the new testiment.

    i kid you not the battle of good and evil for your very soul is very real, prepare and good luck,
    i prey God bless you all


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