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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crop circle Quake map


This map better shows the relationships of the Yogyakarta crop circle and large quakes in Myanmar and Japan.  Volcanic mud flow from an eruption on March 20 stopped at Yogyakarta, the site of the crop circle.  Krsanna
I spoke with Nancy Talbot of BLT on the phone about the 3 crop circles.  She said she had close-up photos of the crop in the 3 formations, and they were all anomalous.  Rice is grown in standing water and there is no way to plank rice (pushing it into the water) without getting mud on the top of the crop. No mud was on the tops of the rice crop in the photos.  The crop was pristine and had not been planked and stomped in the water.  Nancy said she will publish on these formations.

Thank you real circle makers for the gift of the Indonesia formations.

A fairly large quake (6.8 magnitude) shook Myanmar within 1 degree of longitude of the crop circle following the 9.0 quake that rocked Japan on March 11, 2011.  The Myanmar quake was virtually on the same longitude but was close to 30 degrees of latitude north of the formation.  That amounts to approximately 2,100 miles north of the formation but virtually on the same longitude.  A loop of steadily repeating quakes shook Indonesia throughout the 2 weeks after the 9.0 megaquake near Japan.

The pattern of quakes traced a loop from Japan through Indonesia then culminated in a 6.8 magnitude quake on the same longitude as the crop circle.  I've been watching longitudinal patterns for years.  I cannot explain how events will circle an area then coincide within 1 degree of the same longitude, but it works like that.  This happened with the Kennewick, WA, crop circle and the Northridge, CA, earthquake in 1993.


 [TimeStar] Volcano erupts in region of crop circle at
Sleman Yogyakarta

When a crop circle at Selman Yogyakarta was discovered in proximity of
several very hot volcanoes in Indonesia on January 23, I considered
its authenticity as an anomalous formation at length. In June 2010
TimeStar had forecast that Indonesia would be a focus of geophysical
activity through March 2011. The design was similar to the root
chakra in Hindu tantra, the muladhara chakra. The crop circles' lines
were clean and residents heard a roar for about 30 minutes the night
it was formed, but thought it might be a helicopter and didn't give it
much attention. On January 24, the next day, another cruder and
smaller crop circles with imprecise lines was discovered about 1 meter
away from the first. Students claimed they made "the" crop cicle to
show off their math skills, but didn't specify which crop circle. My
guess is that it was the second cruder formation.
Bromo volcano east of the Yogyakarta crop circle erupted January 28
(UTC), 5 days after the crop circle was discovered. The crop circle
was made in proximity of several very hot volcanoes.
Approximate site of Sleman Yogyakarta: 7o09' South latitude - 110.24'
East longitude.
Bromo volcano: 7o56' South latitude - 112o57' East longitude.
GPS for crop circle is not known. The greatest possible distance
between crop circle and volcano is 183 miles.

Best regards,

An Indonesian crop circle is garnering a lot of attention and speculation Tuesday, Jan 25, after the 70-yard-wide patterned circle was found in a rice paddy in central Java Island. Police had to block off the area after too many people, believing the crop circle was made by a UFO, were traveling to the Sleman district in order to view the peculiar sight.

The Indonesian Space and Aeronautics Agency told news agencies that they believe the crop circle was made by humans, but residents are holding firm to their belief that the circle was made by extraterrestrial beings, saying that they heard a strange, 30-minute noise on Saturday night - the night before the circle was discovered. The circle includes an intricate flower design, along with other, smaller circles.

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