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Friday, November 04, 2011

NASA telling the truth about YU 55?


So, why would FEMA have their Nationwide Emergency Preparedness Test on November 9th/10th; and why would the  Pacific-wide Tsunami Warning and Communication Exercise also on November 9th/10th, especially if YU 55 was due to hit us on November 8th/9th ?
Perhaps because NASA have not been telling the truth about the arrival date of YU 55. 
The Real Threat Asteroid 2005 YU55? | THE TRUTH BEHIND THE SCENES
I was once married to a man who used to say, if you are going to tell a lie (which he did often) you only have two choices.
(1) Make it such a whopper that people would say that it was so outlandish that it must be the truth because no one would exaggerate to that extent. 
(2) Alternatively, make it as close to the truth as possible so that no one can tell the difference.
On this occasion, I think that NASA could be very close to the truth, but just kept the date a couple of days out.
What if Asteroid YU 55 will be at its closest point to the Earth and Moon on either, November 10th/ 11th or November 11th/ 12th, and NOT November 8th/9th.
And how incredible that would be seeing as November 11th, 2011 is a very sacred date – 11: 11: 11.   The mystics predict that 11: 11: 11 will be a life changing date for many.  And it could well be. 
11: 11: 11 is said by many to be the “stargate” or date the “gateway portal will open”; the date we reach the null-zone or singularity point; the date on which something major could happen that will trigger the actual start of the new global spiritual consciousness of Higher-Order Thinking, Practical Spirituality, and Ethics-Based Love.  I intend to write an entire article on this concept in my “2012 Prophecies and Preparation” series.  So keep watching the list of new articles, or just RSS my blog.

No Change in Trajectory
A number of people have commented that they have been watching the NASA trajectory of YU 55 for some time and yet it hasn’t changed course.  Yet over the course of a few years, something like YU 55 would be subjected to all sorts of cosmic impacts, bumps in the night, and solar activities, that would (not could) have changed its trajectory, even if only a little.
So here we are folks.  In Australia it’s called being given the mushroom treatment.  Maybe other countries use the same expression.
What is the mushroom treatment?  That’s when you’re kept in the dark and fed B/S.


Comet Elenin 

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  1. very good points. Two problems. It would make sense,
    and fit the keep it real close to the truth scenario,
    for the impact possibility to be on the stated closest date. That way, being in the process of an exercise, they would be a lot more ready than normal to deal with the results.

    Second, there is nothing sacred about 11 on its own or duplicated, except in the demonically contaminated mindset of Aleister Crowley, who started the 11 as new beginnings thing, or horked it from a similarly dubious source.

    8 is the proper number of new beginnings. God created everything in 7 days, resting on the seventh, and the eighth day would be like a new beginning, and would be a Sunday so there is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the beginning of the new creation, the groundwork laid for it to be perfected much later.

    Revelation describes events right after the fourth horseman, that would fit a nibiru flyby and/or crustal displacement. This might not be THE episode at issue, because to be relevant everything must coincide at once, "that generation" that sees all these things happen, but the part that describes everyone crying to the rocks to hide them fits the present situation of military and civilian deep underground bunker building.

  2. NO ITS BARE FACE LIE.............


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