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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Are you too old for long hair?

Age and Hair Length: The Great Debate 
    Style Goes Strong:


There are certain guarantees in life: Death. Taxes. A 'Real Housewives' season premiere.
And there is a final guarantee, which is in the form of a question you will ask yourself at some point after you celebrate your 45thbirthday.
Deep breath. Are you too old for long hair?

Are you too old for long hair? Try Jennifer Aniston's long bob
Should I get my post shoulder length hair chopped? Should I let it grow longer? 

Can it grow longer? Should I even try? Should I pull a Jennifer Aniston and get that adorable bob?  Should I have a salad for lunch or a burger? Wait….. I digress.
Jeff Wescott, the man who saved my hair from the ravages of too many highlights (hello, straw hair in 2010), is the lead color director at the Aria. He's also one of the best hair advisors of celebs and non-celebs alike.
So I asked him: Am I too old for long hair?
Deep breath. Little prayer. Please say no. Please say no.
"This idea that as you get older that you should cut your hair is an old wives tale," Jeff insists.
"I believe if you look good in short hair and feel pretty then get it chopped. If you look good in long hair at any age and feel pretty then do it.
"The very worst thing to do," he cautions, "is to believe that when you get older that you must have short hair or that you're required to even go a little shorter."
It's what this column likes to call Beauty BS.

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous7:53 PM

    I love having long hair and its naturally blonde and in good condition. But people have been telling me to get it cut since my mid 20's and im only 35 now!! I tried going short and i didnt like it at all.


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