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Friday, November 04, 2011

What do we know about Asteroid YU55?

By Kashonia

The Evidence at Hand
What do we know so far, or think we know?
  •   We know that an Asteroid – YU55 is on its way to see us.

  •  It is allegedly travelling at 13.72 kilometers per second – which seems like a pretty average sort of speed for a Near Earth Asteroid –

  • We also know that NASA doesn’t tell us the truth so we don’t really know the specific date and time YU 55 will be here.  But it will most likely be around November 9th – 11th.  Even though NASA keeps saying it will be the night of November 8th in the USA.

  • We also know that TWO MAJOR Emergency Preparedness Exercises are being carried out in two different parts of the world on the exact same day – November 9th/10th.

  • We also know that on the exact same day and roughly the same time that the Twin Tower fell to the ground in New York City – 9/11/01, or as it’s written in countries like Australia and UK – 11/9, that the US government had a major military exercise going on with the exact same scenario of planes crashing into the Twin Towers.  And what happened at the same time as the military exercise on 9/11 – planes did indeed crash into the Twin Towers.  See my article –
So why wouldn’t there be a legitimate reason to think that the pattern might just be repeated?

  • We know that the NASA trajectory for YU 55 hasn’t changed in years.  This is extremely unlikely for a space object the size of YU 55. 

  • However, we also know from our wonderful friend Chris:
                  o   That he was actually working at NASA the night that YU 55 was reported, back on December 29th, 2005:
                  o   That NASA are far too busy to track every reported object:
                  o   That it took a couple of years before NASA got around to following YU 55 and then they only did that for a relatively short period of time. This could be another reason why the trajectory stayed the same – because NASA stopped tracking it.
                   o   We also know that “Earlier this year we had several government officials from Department of Defense start retrieving data from NASA servers in that observatory sector” – to do with YU 55.

                  o   And finally that the government are not averse to influencing NASA.

  • As Psi Delta pointed out in my earlier YU 55 post, “we have an emergency test going on in the US during peak working hours [2pm, Eastern Standard Time], when a real “test” is issued in technology matters, it usually happens in the middle of the night, because it is a test”.  Great point.

  • We also know that the name given for the Pacific-wide Tsunami test is Pacific Wave 11.  Now I could really go all conspiratorial and ask is it being called Pacific Wave 11 because the bigPacific Wave is expected on the 11th

But no.  They have been running these Pacific-wide Tsunami test since May 2006.  That first one was called Pacific Wave 06.  So Pacific Wave 11, just indicates the year – 2011.

ELENIN IS A DISTRACTION, 2005 YU55 11/9/11 | Ancient Aliens Guy

This is extremely unusual.  A normal asteroid is very roughly shaped and can be any sort of shapes, primarily because of all the times it is hit with space objects.  However, YU55 is very smooth and spherical. 

Researcher, astronomer, and former Apollo Project advisor, Richard Hoagland 
said in all his years of astronomical research he’s never come across an asteroid that is so perfectly shaped.  This in itself is very curious.  As a result, Hoagland said that he believes that it could even be some form of extra-terrestrially controlled object and not an asteroid at all. 

Now wouldn’t that be exciting!  And as a strong believer in ETs – see –   
I’m as open to that as I am to anything else. 

By Kashonia

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