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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

RED ALERT:El Hierro Volcano(Canary Islands)NEW VENT

Update 23/11 – 11:07 – Birth of a new vent !
A lot of activity this morning in the Las Calmas sea just south of La Restinga. New vents are opening and we could record the image of the webcam and then speed it up. It allows us to see the start of a new vent!

Update 23/11 – 07:50 – La Restinga Webcam saga (continued) – is everybody sleeping ?

We are sorry to use such sarcastic words in this update title, but we are highly irritated by the amateurism of professional telecommunications operators and local authorities. Local authorities are simply NOT aware of the island promotion capabilities  of these webcams. A letter wrote to the president of the Cabildo, Mr. Alpidio Armas is still unanswered. The Cabildo, Telefonica and the El Pinar authority did us (and scientists from all over the world) a favor in installing them, but fail to operate them properly reducing the value to 25% of the capabilities.
Thousands of people are following El Hierro on a daily basis via The difference in between the pictures from Ian Carson and the Guardia Civil Helicopter overflights at one hand and what the webcams are showing on the other hand is striking. We know of course that it is impossible to obtain the same results with a webcam,  but it can be at least 4 times better than what we see now. Here are a few of our irritations and frustrations.
- The El Pinar Authority / ACN Press webcam shows the sea but nothing else.Nothing is done (not even on a daily basis) to direct the webcamera to the stain or activity areas. Sending somebody to the camera (at least on a daily basis) and positioning it with a cellphone in communication with somebody looking on a screen is enough to make the output a lot better.
- The Telefonica / Cabildo webcams are a story of initial good intentions stuck in … who knows ???
- The promised El Golfo webcams have NOT been installed yet.
- The La Restinga view webcam is unsharp since yesterday afternoon, which means that NOBODY looked at it since then !
- The eruption webcam, the most important one to give us a clue on what is going on, is operated on a  "when we have time" basis.  This morning the view was again completely out of the activity angle. It takes mostly several hours before somebody looks at a screen to see that the webcam has to be redirected. As Ian Carson made a picture from the mast and the webcam, we know that this webcam is operated from a distance, so it can be redirected to to exact angle almost continuously.
The webcams are definitely NOT HD and the material used is inferior to what the quality of such a high yield webcam should be.

We think that Telefonica / Movistar is to blame for the unsatisfied operations. Telefonica is a WORLD TELECOMMUNICATIONS GIANT and should behave like this, not like an amateur. In case of the poor island of El Hierro, we could eventually pardon the local authorities, but this does not goes up for Telefonica / Movistar.

Update 23/11 – 11:07
- Based on the webcam views, it is clear that many vents are emitting magmatic material at the moment. The bird's Eye View from the Guardia Civil helicopter will surely proof that later on.
- Also based on the webcam, it looks that the vents are closer to La Restinga but this is hard to say as we do not know the zoom aspect of the webcam.
Update 23/11 – 10:57
Joke is currently moving to a wifi cafe in La Restinga to send us the first stain pictures of the day. The coloring as seen on the webcam this morning will be probably very beautiful from Montaña Naos (Naos Mountain viewpoint). Ian does not want to miss one second from the beautiful activity and continues to make images from the Naos mountain viewpoint.
Joke has to move her belongings to another house but she is so excited about what is happening that she decided to cover today's events first.
Update 23/11 – 10:11
- Joke has just reported that what they see from the mountain is quiet spectacular. She met Ian Carson a little while ago and both are shooting pictures of the activity, which we will publish when they have the opportunity to upload them.
Joke Volta, Volunteer Correspondent/Artist and 25 year resident of El Hierro, is Interviewed by Radio Station
Data update 23/11 – 08:46
- Joke Volta told me a little while ago that the stain is clearly visible from El Pinar this morning
- IGN has listed 7 M+1.5 earthquakes since midnight UTC
- The depth varied from 15 to 20 km. We notice more earthquakes at a depth of 15 to 17 km. Nothing to implicate direct danger.
Yesterday, the day ended with 35 earthquakes, 2 being stronger than M 3
Harmonic tremor at medium strength with more occasional strong bursts
Air Quality at La Restinga : no unusual values
weather outlook : 15 – 17 knots winds and wave height 2.5 meter max. Partly cloudy.

23/11 – 13:48
- 2 readers Hans-Werner and Kasper + we guess a lot of others have seen the Guardia Civil helicopter above the stain.  This will deliver us hopefully beautiful pictures later today.
- at 11:22 , a 2.6 magnitude earthquake occurred at a depth of 13.3 km approx. 2 km to the south of Puerto Naos
- Joke reports that the local press is "absent" today. NO video on the Canary Island television.
Update 23/11 – 13:35
- Reader Martin Rey made an attempt to map the vents in relation top the La Restinga harbour.

Martin Rey made an attempt to map the vents in relation top the La Restinga harbour

Data update 22/11 – 23:50
- Stronger Harmonic tremor in between 19:00 and 20:00 
28 earthquakes M 1.5 or since midnight
- 2 Earthquakes measuring 3.3 - The 16:43 earthquake was felt by the islanders
Depth hypocenters : 12 to 23 km
Update 22/11 – 23:00
Ian Carson mentioned also that he was 1.5 miles from coast and the 'vent & stain' was one mile off shore also, there was a howling gale to vibrate the camera.. He said he was getting a bit worried at one stage as more spots were appearing. You never know….
The beauty of this island continues to unfold. If there is a God, he should spare this beautiful island and wonderful people from the power that nature can unfold
Update 22/11 – 19:49
Ian Carson was lucky today. He was most of the day in the North of the island and at his return to El Pinar he was able to take images from today's new activity. The activity is far more than we could see on the webcam. Ian's pictures are showing multiple emitting vents (as far as we could see on the picture mainly degassing (blue color)), although it would not surprise us that also magmatic material will have been ejected. As you will on the image series, a helicopter arrived also above the stain but unfortunately when most of the activity had subsided. 
Update 22/11 – 17:49
We have made a 6 seconds video from a few minutes eruptive action of the vent. Click here to watch the YouTube video.
Update 22/11 – 17:13
- IGN reports a magnitude 3.3 earthquake at a depth of 22 km in the El Golfo bay.
Update 22/11 – 16:10
New Jacuzzi and ejecting magmatic material (sometimes) visible on the Telefonica Eruption webcam at 16:10 UTC. We advise you to watch the webcam at least for 10 to 15 minutes. Please keep in mind that the distance from the present activity vent to the port of La Restinga is a approx. 3 km. Update 16:55 UTC : The good views only lasted for about 10 minutes.  To much backlight on the webcam at the moment. We expect better views within an hour
Update 22/11 – 15:26 – Proof of New degassing Vent yesterday (see also Ian Carson earlier comments)
Those people who have read the words of Ian Carson yesterday must have been surprised to read later on the IGN dismissed these findings and said "NO new vent" was found.
The Helicopter Unit of the Guardia Civil and Involcan detected a sudden release of gas south of the Restinga. The sudden release of volcanic gases were recorded at 11:40 hours on Monday November 21. Scientists of Involcan have informed PEVOLCA of the detection of a new sudden release of volcanic gases at 11:40 on Monday November 21. This visible emission of volcanic gases was located about 200 meters to the east of the main emission zone active from mid-October 2011. After the detection of the new vent by the Helicopter of the Guardia Civil, Involcan scientists returned to the new degassing vents to do some additional research (ie thermal imaging, etc) and had to find out that the intensity of the fumes disappeared, as it did during some previous occasions (November 4, 2011). These observations confirm the existence of sudden pulses of gas by submarine eruptive activity south of the Restinga. The geographic coordinates of this new sudden release of gases has been North 27º607547 / -17º991288  West.

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Source    El Hierro Volcano, Alerts  Corrected Source:

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