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Monday, November 14, 2011

Alert: Increased chance of El Hierro Eruption

Saturday, November 12, 2011

COMING CRISIS ALERT -- November 12, 2011


El Hierro, Canary Islands, until November 15, 2011, midnight EST.


There is now an increased chance of eruption in the North of El Hierro.

Co2 has reached 1481 + / - 37 tonnes per day, an amount equivalent to 4.35 times the normal average value considered for the diffuse emission of CO2 for the island.

The 4.6 magnitude quake was the largest earthquake to hit El Hierro since the swarm of earthquakes started, a swarm which has now reached over 11,500 earthquake since July 2011.

National Geographic Institute researchers have discovered that the increased ground deformation during the past 4 days has been accompanied by an increased magnitude in the seismic activity, which could be an indication of a new influx of magma in the North and could possibly lead to a new Eruption.

Alert for La Restinga remains on Red.

Alert for the rest of the Island remains on Yellow,

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EMERGENCY INSTRUCTIONS (as issued by the government through colour categorization):

Red alert level instructions in case of evacuation:

1) Stay calm, avoiding situations of fear and panic.
2) Call 1-1-2 Emergency
3) In case of evacuation, the authorities shall establish the most appropriate evacuation routes and the optimal venue for the population. This will be announced via Media. In any case it is better to know in advance and know the emergency plan.
4) Institutions, buildings and schools should have in their self-protection plan recommendations concerning volcanic risk.
5) Before leaving home be sure to take your luggage with personal items and above all, essential medication and personal documents and housing
6) Disconnect electricity, water and gas.
7) Listen to the radio the official reports on volcanic activity.
8) Avoid approaching areas considered at risk, can be toxic gases, ash is abrasive, the wind can blow hot slag at any time the volcano may change their behavior.

Actions to be taken in case of a scenario of ash:

1) When the ashes are falling close doors, windows and all ventilation in the house (chimney, heating, air conditioners, etc..) To prevent ash from entering the home.
2) Do not stay in open areas, keep children from playing outside and avoid exercise.
3) Take special care for people with respiratory problems or elderly.
4) Avoid going out and if you do to prevent respiratory problems use dust masks can also use towel or tissue moistened with water, and vision with glasses pretƩjase type swimmer, use long sleeves will reduce contact with the skin.
5) If a great amount of ash falls, do not drive to avoid accidents due to poor visibility.If you are caught by the rain of ash on the car. Stay in it with the windows closed.
6) Wash your eyes, nose and face with homemade saline solution by adding a teaspoon of salt in a liter of boiled water.
7) Keep covered water tanks and cisterns.
8) Keep the ashes in contact with food. Wash fruits and vegetables. Do not eat outdoors.

If you live on the Canary Islands, please keep close tabs on governmental emergency instructions that may be issued on short notice. Stay close to a TV or radio.

Should an tsunami alert be issued, head immediately for higher ground. Do not pack. Do not wait. Do not ponder over whether it’s necessary to evacuate; just move.

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