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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

El Hierro Earthquake 7.5 miles deep...Gilbert Eriksen's comments..

Update - Red Alert

El Hierro Volcano (Canary Islands) : Red alert – Images of a beautiful colored stain in the Las Calmas sea

Last update: November 23, 2011 at 10:14 pm by By 

This is the most recent El Hierro Volcano eruption report

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With the collaboration of Joke Volta, an El Hierro resident.
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Update 23/11 – 22:00 UTC 
Ian Carson returned tonight from an exciting action day at the Las Calmas sea. He could take a lot ofcolorful pictures. Click on the thumbnails below to watch them in full size.
Ian also reported the following :
An interesting day. Started at 0830 with my morning run but it was damp and 12 degrees in El Pinar so went10 km to La Restinga where it was 19 degrees and Sunny - I could run in the warm and watch the sea.Nothing visible at normal vantage points on way down but after run (on way back to Hotel for shower/breakfast) it was clear there was activity. Checked phone and seems harmonic burst at 0930. From9.30 onwards Jacuzzi seemed to invigorate and turned the whole sea blue/green with the stain. At one point, as far as the eye could see when I was joined by Joke. The stain came right into the coast and there was a thought that two vents were in action as these were seemingly two independent stains, however, it seems the stain was moving both right and left and swirling around the bay. I stayed there in La Restinga up and down the vantage points all day until 1700 ! At around 16.30 there seemed to be a lot of dark brown material at the vent of yesterday, I can't say for certain there was ejected material but you can judge. I walked up the Naos volcano cone (160 m) and took more picturesthe beauty still amazes me.
At times there was a feeling today that something was going to happen, sitting on rock it felt like ground trembling but the wind was gale force making it a bit difficult to confirm. This must be playing havoc with the webcam !

From: "Gilbert Eriksen" <>


Interesting website…  It looks like the kind of monitoring that needs to be done out at the Canary Islands.  Fortunately it is not erupting under La Palma Island (la Cumbre Vieja formation) but El Hierro not that far away.  So the situation is not good.  The problem with the deeper quake activity is that the old cracks and stress lines that trace up to the surface under La Palma Island are more vulnerable than if the quake activity is more shallow.  In any case, oozing magma or quake activity anywhere in the vicinity of the Canary Islands is not a good thing to have happening.

Gill Eriksen

From: [mailto: ]
Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 4:11 PM
Subject: El Hierro Earthquake 7.5 miles deep...

Data update 22/11 – 23:50
- Stronger Harmonic tremor in between 19:00 and 20:00
- 28 earthquakes M 1.5 or since midnight
- 2 Earthquakes measuring 3.3 - The 16:43 earthquake was felt by the islanders
- Depth hypocenters : 12 to 23 km

MOSTLY staying deeper, but I DID NOTICE this somewhat "shallow" quake today.. I'm monitoring a few times a day to look for trends and patterns with the Canary situation.... I'm also noticing 1-3 quakes per day are being felt by the islanders on a DAILY basis now...

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