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Friday, November 04, 2011


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On the one hand we can believe:
  • what NASA says is 100% true.  And that is that YU 55 will fly-by and be no more than an interesting spectacle for astronomers to look at.

  • That the FEMA “test’ is just that – a test to test all their equipment and systems and make sure it is working properly in case of a future emergency.

  • And that the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission have timed their exercise to be held at the same time as the FEMA exercise so that they can co-ordinate emergency systems.  That would actually make a lot of sense seeing as the West coast of America is on the Pacific.

  • As a result, we need not think about YU 55 again.
You see there can be logical answers to all that is going on.

On the other hand, I could put my conspiratorial Criminal Minds profiler hat on and suggest the following:
  • that YU 55 will be closest to us on any date from 9th November to November 11th.  But most likely 10th/11th or 11th /12th

  • Seeing as we can’t trust the trajectory given, I feel that the powers-that-be could be quite nervous about the possibility that YU 55 will indeed hit the Earth.   No matter how many times we are told that it will just “fly by” and make for an interesting object to observe, I do feel that these could be preparations for the possibility of an Earth impact.     
But remember that also leaves the equal possibility that it won’t hit the Earth either.
I contend that NO ONE knows for sure – not even NASA

  • Seeing as they had no idea where that satellite was going to crash, a few weeks ago, until after the event; I suggest that they have no real idea where on the planet YU 55 might hit, if it did hit us.  As a result, they are saying well the biggest surface is the Pacific Ocean – so we better get that on alert, via the Pacific-wide Tsunami exercise.  And of course we want to take care of the USA so we’d better have them prepared too with the FEMA exercise.

  • I have no doubt that nothing about YU 55 will be mentioned in the FEMA “test” exercises on the 9th/10th .  Far better that we are unprepared rather than be panicked.   An exception here might be if YU 55 is only hours away.  Then they might say here is the emergency preparedness information – oh and by the way head for the hills because YU 55 is about to hit.

  • Depending on where it hit – IF IT HITS – it is also possible that the force of YU 55 hitting the Earth could trigger many of the overdue major tectonic plate movements leading to some massive Earthquakes as well as Tsunamis.  Based on the NASA-given trajectory they say: “The gravitational influence of the asteroid will have no detectable effect on anything here on Earth, including our planet’s tides or tectonic plates” – .  This is perfectly true.  The gravitational influence of a 400 meter asteroid would be negligible.  I am more concerned about the gravitational influence that the Earth or the Moon might have on the asteroid – if indeed it is an asteroid. 

  • Common sense tells us that if it hits the ocean, depending on the depth of water it hits, it will definitely cause a decent-sized Tsunami.  If it falls on a city such as New York – Manhattan Island – it would probably destroy a large part of the island.  Even though Manhattan Island is 21.5 kilometers (km) long, it’s only 1.3 km at the narrowest point and with YU 55 allegedly being 400 meters across, it would leave a hole that would be many times larger than its actual size.  But then, of course, we don’t really know its actual size.  As I said earlier it could be 4000 meters instead of 400 meters.

  • And for it to arrive on 11: 11: 11 is such an incredible “coincidence” that perhaps Hoagland is right and it is an ET controlled vehicle and not a true asteroid at all.  And the ETs are sending it to us on the most sacred date of all for some very sacred purpose.

  • On the other hand, if it fell in the centre of Australia, God forbid that it hit Ayres Rock – aka Uluru – but other than that it would probably kill a whole mob of kangaroos and other desert creatures.  And after the dust cleared, we’d have another wonderful tourist attraction.  Like America’s Meteor Crater in the Arizona desert.

  • Yes, if it does hit the ground it could raise sufficient dust to fulfill the Hopi prophecy of 3 days of darkness.  Although, intuitively, I believe we have something else in store for that.  The Hopi prophecy says that we’d be afraid because we would not know what the darkness was all about. But if YU 55 hit we’d know all about it.

  • In my next couple of “2012 Prophecies and Preparation” articles, which I’ll get back to when I have finished this article; I will explain how a major rogue planet or asteroid could reverse the rotation of the Earth around its axis, just like it’s alleged to have done for Venus.  Alternatively,  it could turn the ball that is planet Earth upside down.  But no matter how inaccurate the 400 meter diameter figure for YU 55 is, it is nowhere big enough for such catastrophic damage.  So if someone tries to put that one to you – just forget it.

It’s now entirely up to you to decide which scenario A or B you want to go with – both are logical.
The bottom line is that if we are all here on November 14th/15th, YU 55 will have passed without a problem.
If that is not the case, there is nothing any of us can do about it.

Immediate Preparation
In my article,  “2012 Prophecies and Preparation – #1 – Climate Change”
I included an extensive section on how to physically prepare for any geophysical catastrophes that have been prophesized for this time.
I strongly recommend that you read and follow that section.  As I say in the article, I live in a cyclone region.  Therefore, everyone up here follows the recommended preparations before each wet season arrives.  It’s nothing special for us to do.  It’s just what we DO each year.
In February this year, we were hit by Cyclone Yasi and were without power for about 2 weeks.  It’s just what we prepare for.  Most years however, absolutely nothing happens.  But this year it did.
The same goes for Asteroid YU 55.  Be prepared for an emergency, and all being well absolutely nothing will happen.
The NUMBER ONE suggestion that I must make, however; is do not be afraid of anything thatMIGHT happen.
If you have made preparations, as per my article, that’s all you can do.   All fear will do is attract to you what you do not want to attract.  
How many times have you seen a disaster on television and someone is found alive after a week or more, when so many others have died?  Or a plane will crash, and yet there are one or two survivors.  Why does that happen to those specific people? 
I don’t know – but perhaps they were the people with the positive loving thoughts.

For me, this is a very exciting time.  But I’ll talk more about that too in a future article.

Thank You
Finally, I really want to thank everyone who is contributing to my articles.   
You’ve all been wonderful and the information and insights that you’ve added are invaluable and I do so hope that you will continue to share whatever comes your way. 
We all need your help!
A blog like this, where everyone can share their thoughts, nuggets of information, and ask their questions is like an Internet version of the Occupy Movement, in that it is only “the other 99%” who can be trusted to openly share what you know without a hidden agenda.
I will keep you up to date with whatever I find out between now and mid-November, by which time we should know what is going to happen, or what has happened – if anything happens at all. 
Again remember, it is just as likely that nothing will happen.
As I have explained before, and will explain again in my “2012 Prophecies and Preparation” series of articles – I have never been concerned about the date of December 21st, 2012.
In my future article I’ll explain why. 

The only time I have been concerned about, is this time now through to the middle/end of November and maybe even through until Christmas. 
And that’s why I’ve put all of my specific plans on hold until early 2012.  I see 2012 as being a beautiful year for us all. 
Well perhaps not all of us – but certainly “the other 99%”.
Until the beginning of 2012, however; I am excitedly apprehensive.  I have no real idea of what WILL happen, but even if it has short-term hardship or pain, I know that the long-term benefits will be very special indeed.    
In the meantime, please continue to comment in the comment box at the bottom of each article.  
I am not affected by ego in the least, and so I am just as happy for you to disagree with my perspective as I am for you to add to it, or just agree. 
However, if you do have a different opinion it would be great to say why you believe what you are saying, or to add a source for your comment that I can follow up.
What we all need now, is to work together and help each other as you’ve been doing so far.


PS:  This is probably one of the most believable statements NASA has made.
Of  PHAs (Potentially Hazardous Asteroids) of which Asteroid YU 55 is one they say:  “This “potential”  to make close Earth approaches does not mean a PHA will impact the Earth.  It only means there is a possibility for such a threat” (Emphasis in original text)  -

Following are some of the previously unanswered questions and comments from my original YU 55 article –
I will answer the questions from my perspective.   But I do so hope you will also add your ideas to these questions too.
The greater the pool of thoughts, the better the thoughts and the better the answers become.

Q: Does anyone know if a 9.0 earthquake [this is the example on which the Pacific Tsunami exercise is based] is the same magnitude of force as YU55?s impact would be after some of its mass burns up in the atmosphere?
A:  Great question and the answer would have many variables such as, it would depend on whether it hit the water or the land.  And if it hit the water how deep is the water?  How close to land is the impact site?  I have also given some thoughts about the potential damage above.
Other than that, I have no specific scientific answer but I’d love someone to comment who has a better idea.

Q:   Could someone let me know please which place is the best to watch this AS if it passes us? Northern OR Southern HM ? Which Country?
A:  Originally, an indication from NASA was that the asteroid would approach from the west after dark on the Eastern Atlantic, West African coastal region. See –   But the validity of that is unknown.

Q:  There were a number of questions about Elenin and the effect that Elenin might have on YU 55 or vice versa. 
A:  In their article “NASA Says Comet Elenin Gone and Should Be Forgotten” dated October, 25th, 2011 –  – NASA has said that “indications are” that Comet Elenin has broken up into small pieces, but that those pieces will continue on the same trajectory.
If it is true that Elenin is in small bits and pieces, then there will be no interaction between Elenin and YU 55.
HOWEVER – there’s always a “but” – before Elenin allegedly broke up, it was due to align with the Earth, Venus, and Mars, on – surprise, surprise – November 11th.  And as there had been so many “coincidental” earthquakes on previous alignments, the question was always what will happen on November 11th, with the Earth, Elenin, Mercury, Venus alignment.
Based on all the science I could find, there was no scientific reason whatsoever that a comet, like Elenin could have caused those earthquakes – see my article .  Nevertheless, those earthquakes did indeed inexplicably happen.  “Weird or What?”
So could the alignment of Elenin’s bits and pieces, with the Earth, Mercury, and Venus, also cause an equally inexplicable event on November 11th ?   Only time will tell.

Q:  When ELEnin….NASA’s code for Extinction Level Event Nibiru In November passes between the sun and earth on 26/27/28 that will be the three days of darkness”
A:  The dates of November 26th  – 28th have never been mentioned to the best of my knowledge.  And I addressed the idea of the 3 days of darkness above, in this article.

Q:   from Sam on October 24, 2011
“I also heard that for 3 1/2 mins the entire power grid in the country (most likely the communications) is going to be shut down on 11/9/11 and when it comes back online that is when the test is going to be done.  I also have a hunch that even if yu55 doesn’t hit the Earth that the government will have control of most communications if not all (big brother is watching).   Love your article and keep us informed, Peace to all and happy thoughts 
A:  Hi Sam, I have not heard about the 3 ½ minutes when the entire power grid will be shut down.  If you have a source for that I’d love to follow it up. 
What the FEMA notice actually says – see    –  is that” “The nationwide test will occur on Wednesday, November 9 at 2 p.m. eastern standard time and may last up to three and a half minutes”. 
I think this is where the confusion is.  They are not going to shut down the entire power or communication grid.  What they said is that: “the nationwide test will involve broadcast radio and television stations, cable television, satellite radio and television services and wireline video service providers across all states and the territories of Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and American Samoa”; and that the test could last for 3 ½ minutes. 
If they wanted to, the government could take control of all our communications at any time  they dared to.  Even the uncontrollable internet can be shut down, as happened in Egypt, I think it was, or censored as happens in China.  But for a western country to do that would really be the end of them.
I do recommend that everyone reads through the FEMA notice which you can see at

Q: Another great question from Psi Delta:
“Does anyone have any real-time updates on YU55?s trajectory NOT from NASA or a government agency?
Are there any telescopes on the planet that are not owned by any government agency that can track this accurately, that can at least verify NASA’s calculations?  I am not making any predictions; I am just trying to gather all the facts.”

A:  Yes Psi Delta, I certainly go along with your request for any amateur astronomers to please tell us if you are able to get an accurate trust-worthy trajectory on YU 55.

These are some of the very beautiful and very important comments from for us to all reflect upon.
15 – Bernadette – September 21, 2011
“We are all infinite consciousness, pure energy, and energy cannot be destroyed only transformed. Have no fear, we will continue to exist.”

34 – Jenny – October 23, 2011
Live life the best you can, be a good person and treat others including animals… with kindness and understanding. Hope for a good future, but live for today as no one can change yesterday, and we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.  But we are here now.  So be the best you can and do what you are able to do…  We can’t change anything if this YU55 hits…
So why worry about it and stress… What will it change?

45 – Kyle – October 26, 2011
I suppose my comment is simply… be good, it’s been good. And this applies even if nothing HAPPENS.

1 comment:

  1. what Hopi prophecy of three days of darkness? that
    is from Roman Catholic saints who had visions, more
    than one of them. (I am Eastern Orthodox, RC went into schism and minor heresy, in AD 1054, but God
    clearly still works in it. so unfortunately do some other, ah, THINGS.)


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