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Friday, November 04, 2011

Was Comet Elenin a Warning?

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By Kashonia

  • As someone commented the other day, seeing as Comet Elenin passed without a concern, yet it initially caused such a stir; perhaps Elenin was just a warning ET vessel as a prelude for the main event – Asteroid YU 55.   And perhaps this is true.

  • YU 55 is not very big – only about 400 meters or 1300 feet in diameter. That’s not an enormous size.  However, recent times reports have been circulating that Asteroid YU 55 is now only 200 meters in diameter.  Even so, as at October 28th, 2011, NASA are still reporting that it is still 400 meters.  Now there are several interesting aspects about the size debate:
                         o   As at October 28th NASA still says YU 55 is 400 meters in diameter.
                         o   On their list of Near Earth Objects website –   the size of every listed asteroid has been given as from x – y meters.  As an example 85 – 125 meters wide.  The only asteroid listed that has a very specific diameter is YU 55 at 400 meters.  That’s interesting.  It could be because it is the only asteroid in history to be totally spherical.  Which is even more interesting.  Obviously NASA knows what is going on – but perhaps the mushroom treatment continues.                      
                          o   The site that states it is 200 meters in diameter. and from which all of the alternative sites have taken their information with any further research,  is
o   Now is the site of Dr Tony Phillips who I’m sure is/was the NASA scientist who writes up a lot of the NASA news website information.  I’ve always found that everything he writes is interesting and seems as accurate as he is probably allowed to write.  But intuitively, I have felt very positive about his work.  I think that I made a similar comment about him back in June when I wrote my Comet Elenin article -
So has Tony just made a typo when he says that YU 55 is only 200 meters diameter on his personal website and yet the official NASA version is still 400 meters?  Or is he able to be ‘clearer’ on his personal site than on the NASA site? 
 I guess one of the things that I like about Dr Tony Phillips when he is writing on the NASA site is that he doesn’t talk down to people, he doesn’t mock people’s views, and make smart-alec comments, all of which are so prevalent on other NASA sites. He just tells it as it is and that’s that.
 Anyway, I’ve written to him about the size discrepancy and will let you know what he says as soon as I hear back from him. 
o   Seeing as the official NASA line is that YU 55 is still 400 meters; and yet Tony Phillips is saying that it is only 200 meters; who knows the thing could be any size at all.  Maybe it’s 4000 meters wide.  Once again nothing is clear.  So I am eagerly awaiting Tony Phillips reply to my email.

Again, in this article they say that it is 400 meters in diameter.  Whilst this article gets into who and where YU 55 will be tracked, otherwise the basic information is the same as in their article “Asteroid 2005 YU55 to Approach Earth on November 8, 2011” published on March 11th, 2011 at

From all of the above – What do we know for sure?
  • We know for sure that we can’t trust what NASA (Never A Straight Answer) tells us.  So that will include the NASA-given date; the NASA-given trajectory; or the NASA-give size.   Remember as Chris told us:  “NASA never releases precise information on the NEO’s [Near Earth Objects] observed. The general public IS left in the dark and the Federal Government HAS intervened.”

  • NASA assures us that it will “fly by”.  But if we can’t believe anything else NASA are telling us, why should we believe that?  All we know for sure is that we don’t know what it will do.

  • The only thing we do know for sure is that Asteroid, known as YU 55, is on its way. 

  • We know that the US Department of Defense has taken a keen interest in YU 55 since earlier this year.

  • That the US government has a track record of having major “exercises” the same date/time as a major disaster. 

  • And there is not one but two major exercises on November 9th /10th.

So where does that leave us?

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