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Friday, October 05, 2012

Mysterious loud earthquakes - Louisiana towns

Quakes 40 miles south of Louisiana sinkhole, 130 miles northwest of wrecked Macondo Prospect oil well in Gulf of Mexico

Reports of mysterious loud earthquakes flooding in to Louisiana towns — “Of course the sinkhole comes to mind” — Dozens of miles away — So rare, no seismic monitors in area

Local News: Reports of mysterious loud earthquakes flooding in to Louisiana towns — 

“Of course the sinkhole comes to mind” — Dozens of miles away — So rare, no seismic monitors in area

Title: Mysterious tremors raise questions
Source: Daily Comet
Author: Xerxes A. Wilson
Date: October 4, 2012 at 10:59p ET

h/t Anonymous tip

Nobody quite knows what caused the ground in some parts of Lafourche and Terrebonne parishes to shake, but it certainly has people talking.

Giant sinkhole is located in Assumption Parish
A little before 2 p.m. Wednesday, reports began flooding in to officials of tremors accompanied by a loud noise. The Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office and Office of Emergency Preparedness received reports, but nobody has been able to narrow down a cause. [...]

Some people reported hearing a loud noise similar to thunder accompanying the rumbling. [...]

Boudreaux also put a call into the U.S. Geological Survey, which monitors seismic activity. But it had nothing to report, though its closest monitors are in Assumption Parish and extreme west Terrebonne, Boudreaux said.

Paul Caruso, a geophysicist with the Geological Survey’s National Earthquake Center, said there are not many seismic monitors in south Louisiana because there is rarely any such activity in the area. [...]

Discussion of Sinkhole

“Of course the sinkhole comes to mind,” said Raceland resident Lauren Matherne, who was sitting in her home with [sic] she felt the jolt.

Residents of the Assumption Parish community of Bayou Corne felt light tremors in the months leading up to the emergence of the 400 foot-wide sinkhole [...]

Though Lafourche and Terrebonne have similar brine caverns (Emphasis Added), Boudreaux said there is no reason to believe there are any similarities to the Bayou Corne situation.

“It’s just strange. Of course, we are all concerned about what caused it,” Matherne said.
Oct 5, 2012


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1 comment:

  1. First off, ANYONE who has EVER been in the military or in a combat situation knows what the combination of " tremors accompanied by a loud noise " and " a loud noise similar to thunder accompanying the rumbling " means.

    I would humbly suggest checking around the Parish area for collateral effects such as deep cratering and significant structural torsion since garbage littered streets, overturned vehicles, rampaging mobs, vandalism damage, backed up sewers and other signs of advanced devastation may go otherwise unnoticed or be mistaken for what is considered normal for the area.


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