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Monday, November 08, 2004

Jim McCanney - emergency update

NOVEMBER 07, 2004 emergency update ... we are being hit tonight with a MAJOR solar storm and two more are on the way .. most of the satellite monitors are off scale ... there is no need to go into detail other than we are in for some serious x-ray activity as the plasma magnetic field has seriously reversed ... the Kp index is severely in the "red" and climbing off scale as i write this ... i would be surprised if we did not see serious damage to our satellite network including the military network .. this is not a solar minimum moment as the standard sources would have you think ... clearly the sun is out of normal patterns and as i stated a week ago when the sun went 3 days without any sun spots ... the sun is oscillating and it would possibly rebound to  do what we are now seeing ... the sun may be in a resonance mode with an external energy source and this may only become worse with time ... my advise is to become prepared ... jim mccanney 

the european space agency announced it is building a space platform telescope that is designed to search for "brown dwarfs" that would come into the solar system with potential of destroying all life on earth .. the telescope is unique in that it will try to look through "shrouds" surrounding the "comet nuclei" (GEEE all of a sudden comets have brown dwarfs as nuclei!!!) .... sounds like someone was listening to my radio broadcasts ... the creeping crud marches onward ... jim mccanney   

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What in the world is going on?

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