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Thursday, November 11, 2004

6.5 and 7.3 mag Quakes & magnetic storms 11-11-04

Three large quakes shook the Pacific today as the magnetic storms that began this week abated, even though one additional solar eruption is yet to arrive later today. 
These events coincide with the first 13-day window of the October 27 lunar eclipse with the quakes in the Pacific area the TimeStar forecast projected as the area that would be most affected with the lunar eclipse.
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The geomagnetic storms that have been persistent over the past 3 days have subsided.  However, there is one additional coronal mass ejection that has not yet intersected with Earth and could later today.
In the meantime, the increased geomagnetic energy seems to have spawned several large earthquakes today (see for details of those over 6.0).  Those over 6.0 today have been a 6.4 in Hokkaido, Japan, a 6.5 in the Solomon Islands, and the most recent one a 7.3 in the Kapalauan Alor Region of Indonesia.  There have been no reports of damage at this time.
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